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Like-it® Large Desktop Station

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Office Organizer Turned Makeup Organizer
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I combined my loves of organization and makeup when I purchased the large desktop station. A true makeup organizer can run up to $300, which I was absolutely unwilling to spend. Instead I purchased the large desktop station and other related components and turned it into the greatest makeup organizer I have ever seen! I can easily see and find...

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Best Desktop Storage for Kids too I was looking for a desktop storage container that wouldn't take up much space for my young child's living room desk. This container has space for crayons, markers, pencils, stamps, tape and a small stapler. I store drawing paper, stickers and a small coloring book in the back.. It makes clean up easy because there is a space for everything. And I'm no longer interrupted while I'm trying to make dinner with requests for supplies. Friends and relatives ask me where I found such a clever piece. July 27, 2014
Good organizer It worked really well for me. I like the options too add or remove the inserts. March 24, 2014
Simple & handy My desk was always a mess with papers for procedures on this and that and sticky note pads and mess strewn all over..yea im not messy ;) I needed to tidy up and put everything in one place that is accessable. I went into the container store for a dog container and saw this item on sale..it was in impulse buy but it was a positve one. I'm able to fit a 1/2" binder in the large section sideways along with over 100 more piece of papers. I love how the second larger opening has the option to use the dividers to section off cubby holders. I can fit about 15 writing insturments (pens, pencils, highlighters) even a ruler, book marker and scissors between the two holders on the left and right. March 12, 2014
Great for organization! I've been looking for products to help organize some of the clutter on my desk space and love how this has helped me do that! It has places for pens, papers, and paper clips, and even comes with little slits that let you make your own sections (probably the most unique feature of this). It's also designed to fit very neatly on top of the stacking containers of the same brand. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to organize their desk! March 25, 2013
Office Organizer Turned Makeup Organizer I combined my loves of organization and makeup when I purchased the large desktop station. A true makeup organizer can run up to $300, which I was absolutely unwilling to spend. Instead I purchased the large desktop station and other related components and turned it into the greatest makeup organizer I have ever seen! I can easily see and find anything and everything I need. I would highly recommend this item for anyone looking for a great, cost-effective way to organize their makeup. March 24, 2013
Super product This is a great product. It definitely helped me to organize my home office. And I chose the clear version so I could see through it. March 19, 2013
adaptable desktop organizer I bought this to stack on top of two paper drawers and a paper tray. Together, the system is the final word in desktop organizing. I have had it a few years now, and this large desktop station has a compartment for everything you could think to throw in it. March 18, 2013
Large Desktop by Like-it Brand is Awesome ! All the products of the "Like-it" brand is so awesome ! This product has so many options to create a fantastic work area. It allows you to be so organized to way you like it. Use the dividers provided to create compartments with the Large desktop organizer. Then add a tray and a drawer then everything is all organized. February 22, 2013
Really useful product - love it! I really love the desktop station! I've had it for a couple of years and it sits on one side of my desk and holds all of the important things I need to get my hands on immediately. I love that I can put current project file folders in the back compartment, and all of my pens, pencils, post it notes, etc - everything I might need when I'm on a call, leaving for a meeting or brainstorming session. This is one of my favorite Container Store purchases - and that's saying a lot! February 14, 2013
Great desktop organizer This is a great desktop organizer! There's a place for everything, and the small sections are remove-able, which makes it flexible, depending on what you're using it for. It's very sturdy, too. I love it. January 17, 2013
Great solution for file cabinet drawer. I have a small file cabinet by my desk. The bottom drawer is used for hanging files. The top drawer was a catch-all and was complete chaos. I put two of these in the top drawer back to back and the space is now completely organized. I love it. October 14, 2012
Perfect system The first time I went into The Container Store I saw this product and for some reason dismissed it as a product I wanted to own. Fast forward 2 years and a spontaneous visit to the store turned out to be life changing. They were having an office organizing demonstration and I had 20 minutes to spare. This was one of the products they had out and I took a closer look and had a completely different opinion from before. After the employees recommendation I decided to purchase the large station, one drawer, and a paper tray. I can say that I have never been happier with an office product purchase. The pieces are solid construction, look great, and offer an amazing amount of storage. I have pretty much everything I had in my desk drawer before in the station. That alleviates having to open the drawer ever time I need something (which is constantly becasue I love using my office supplies) which saves me a ton of time. I use the tray as a "working file" holder and have the drawer filled with various notebooks. I would recommend this to anyone that wants to be more efficient while at the desk and have a perfect organization method for their tools. I have attached a picture that shows how much I have stored and it still is well organized and not cluttered looking. I love this so much that I am going to buy the smallest system with a small drawer for my bill paying desk top (I actually want all 3 sizes but I might just be crazy my wife tells me). May 16, 2012
Awesome product Definitely helped me organize both files/papers as well as assorted necessities...didn't take up too much space either! Favorite part is the bottom where you can put messy papers and they don't look messy! April 22, 2012
Great product for the organista in us all! Completely took care of all the odds and ends in my mini office. Love! April 4, 2012
Great This is a great organizer. It is not too big, but holds a lot and all the compartments keep things neat. March 20, 2012
Love it! This is a great piece to have on or near a desk. I love how well it works with the other pieces in this set. March 19, 2012
Great product and great to have! This product is awesome and I am so glad that I purchased it for my desk. March 19, 2012
One of the best organizers ever! I bought the large desktop station to organize bills, the kids' field trip notices, pens, scissors, paperclips, etc... Before getting this, I had papers everywhere, 2-3 pencil cups, individual trays for paperclips. This station puts everything in one place and easy to move around the house if I need it. I like how the slots can be customized to the size that I need. I also bought some colorful folders along with it and each family member has their own folder. Can't live without it now! March 19, 2012
Organized At Last! In helping my teenage daughter get organized, this product proved to be one of the most valuable choices we made! It holds so many items and can be changed around as her needs change. Love it! March 19, 2012
Perfect This is a perfect organizer for the desk. You can customize the width of the middle row compartments, and the front and center compartments are interchangeable - you can even turn them upside down, depending on whether you want a curved tray (like for paper clips) or a flat base (for post-it notes, etc.). Highly recommend it. March 19, 2012
Love, love, love! I love these things, what can I say, I'm an organization freak! These stack easily for creating a system that works for you and also allows for a lot of storage space with a relatively small footprint. As your needs change it's easy to change the arrangement, add new pieces, take away old. It hits all my organization buttons! March 19, 2012
Keeps everything tidy The large desktop station is the best station I've ever purchased. It keeps everything neat and tidy. My favorite part of the station are its customizable dividers. March 14, 2012
Great to tame my paper clutter bought this along with the paper tray and paper drawer...this unit has really helped me contain the papers that usually are strewn all over my desk. Now i have a place for bills to pay, my checkbook, file folders, etc. i like how you can even divide the 2nd section into smaller sections (and it comes with the plastic dividers to do so!) March 11, 2012
Great prod I have similar organizers but this one is better because of the stair step feature .. It's easy to see all of the folder titles. March 5, 2012
Purchase that I didn't regret getting This product is amazing. It not only holds folders, it also has room to put all of your office supplies in one spot. I'm the kind of person that hates clutter and with this product my clutter problem is solved! I definitely recommend this product to all who love to be organized because that's exactly what it does!:) March 4, 2012
Great organization tool! Bought this for the BF for him to organize his desk. It is well built and looks good. I am very satisfied with the purchase. March 3, 2012
So versatile I absolutely love this and the fact that you can customize it is such an awesome feature. I have an address book, card reminder folder, pens, pencils, a stapler, scissors, and paper clips all neatly stored away without looking cluttered. I would definitely recommend this for anyone that wants easy access to desk items without it cluttering up their desk and looking messy. February 29, 2012
Perfect for my office area This station, stacked on top of the drawer unit and a tray unit, is the best thing I have ever found for my home office. I can store paper in the drawer, sort papers in the tray, and have all my pens, clips and other things right in the same place. Way to go, Container Store! February 28, 2012
Stacking and customizable I should have read the reviews before purchasing it, because then I would have been even more excited about it! I use it to organize my crafting supplies, and it is perfect. I love that the middle section has multiple dividers. It makes it easy to make sections for paintbrushes, pencils and a variety of other items. The front middle section also has small pieces that can be used or removed to suit your needs. I wish the back section also had dividers, but that's because I'm using it for craft supplies. This product works great with the letter trays. If you do use it with them, it only covers about half of the tray, so you are able to stack things a bit higher in the front of the top tray. This is handy for my craft supplies. The plastic is high quality, and feels smooth to the touch and sturdy. January 22, 2012
Great organiser Great organiser which has really helped to organise all my envelopes, labels etc and it is useful that it is so easy to pick up and move to wherever I'm working. October 26, 2011
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