Cordies Desktop Cord Catch

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Cordies Desktop Cord Catch

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love love love
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bought this for my office desk. a co-worker saw it and flipped. i ended up buying some for the entire office. this little item changed the way we function. it really is amazing. so small and simple but so perfect.

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I give these out! The Cordies Desktop Cord Catch has change my life, literally. One I realized how well designed and functional they are, I returned to the story and bought handsful more for my house and for friends. They not only clean up cord traffic (like when cars have to merge for a one lane bridge, they hold them securely in any configuration you want, ready to give power to whatever you need it to. It is also very easy to unplug your electronic when you are done, so there is no electricity waste. Waste from leaving something plugged in while it is not being used was something that bugged me a lot. But now, I just unplug and go, knowing my bill isn't going to be higher, and that the cord for my item will be front and center ready for me. Thank you so much for the design. Suzanne April 3, 2014
Solves a problem Our night stands were becoming a cable nightmare: chargers for phones, eReaders, iPads. This cord catch keeps everything accessible and prevents cables from falling on the floor. It isn't heavy, but has enough weight to stay on the table. I feel like it's a little pricey for what it is, but I'm 100% happy with my purchase. April 2, 2014
Great Product Love this product. It helped organize all our desk cords and kept them in place! February 22, 2014
great product This cord holder does not slip on the desk. Definitely would recommend to friends. Wish they made one that held more cords. January 18, 2014
Great Design My only negative would be something more rubberized on the bottom so it does not slide as easy on glass top desk. If cables tug then it does move. Otherwise better than items I have previously owned. December 11, 2013
Best for desk/nightstand This is the best way to keep cords from falling on the floor. Use it while traveling and at home. Buying more! April 6, 2013
Clever! This has been even handier than I imagined it would be! And very flexible - I use it to keep some cords from sliding off the table when not in use, like my cell phone and idock cords, and others are kept nice and flat as they go across the table. Nicely weighted, this is a top quality item. March 18, 2013
Works great I was so tired of picking up cables off the floor every time I unplugged my laptop. This product fixes that! March 4, 2013
Great item I purchased this item when I got the iPhone 5. I needed an add'l slot to hold 2 different cords (my other cord is the iPad 2). Although there are more slots, this item really works best with 2 cords. Anymore than that and they would be annoying to plug in and charge. Functionally I would rate this item 5 stars but I gave it 4 stars because I don't think it's the most attractive item. It serves its purpose well however and the weight is perfect for keeping it in place. February 20, 2013
A Better Alternative I was originally going to purchase the CableDropâ¿¢ Cord Clips, but I saw this right next to them. I just bought a brand new desk, and I didn't want to add any adhesive and ruin the look. This Cordies Desktop Cord Catch was the perfect solution! I needed something to hold my printer cable, charger cable, and cell phone cable - and there's still room to spare! I was skeptical that it would hold still on the desk, but it definitely does! February 18, 2013
It works! This is a nice product, I now have three! It will occasionally fall off the edge of a table, but is a HUGE improvement than having the cord fall every time! January 9, 2013
Why didn't I think of this! No more searching for all my cords! This is the best gadget. I bought this for myself and loved it so much, I bought two more for my college children. This is a must have! August 27, 2012
Cord catch should be heavier This is exactly what I was looking for- something to hold my cords on the desk so they don't fall to the floor. It holds the cords but tends to slide around. I wish the base were heavier or had non-slip treads so it would stay in place. If I find something heavier I'll replace it but it's fine for now. July 21, 2012
Nightstand cleared of clutter! I have purchased many different items to try and clean up my nightstand, but this is the only one that works. I finally have my cords available without having some contraption next to my bed. This item is amazing! May 28, 2012
love love love bought this for my office desk. a co-worker saw it and flipped. i ended up buying some for the entire office. this little item changed the way we function. it really is amazing. so small and simple but so perfect. April 26, 2012
Cord Catch This product helps keep my computer cords organized. I love it. April 3, 2012
Holds my cords in a small area My cords for my laptop, Internet, printer, speakers and everything else were just laid across my desk corner, but from time to time the cords became annoying and I felt they were going to get damaged. I went to the Container Store to find something to keep them within reach and protected. I found this nice catch and I worry less about my cords. Plus, it was only $10. Not too bad for something that can hold 4 and even more cords. March 20, 2012
Awesome This is awesome for cord control, all my cables no longer fall off the desk down between my desk and wall. March 4, 2012
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