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good, but not as good as they could be
4 out of 5

I just purchased the CableClips in all three sizes. Because they are made of silicone, you can easily push your cord through the slots on either side of a CableClip as you wrap it. That's a plus. But each size, in my view, would be better if it allowed a bit more room in the clips for the cable/cord. Because each size does not have quite enough...

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Did not deliver
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I had high hopes for this product. The description does not give you a good indication of which size to clip is needed for standard cords. Cords easily fall out of the clips. Overall I was dissapointed with this purchase (small and medium size were purchsed).

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CableClipsâ¿¢ 4.1 5 35 35
Works Perfect I had cables everywhere! Now they are neatly organized. Works great for excess cables hanging behind the desk as well as a storage unit for extra cables in a drawer. April 1, 2014
Great product I bought the small set to put iphone charger cords in my office that hanging - keeps it from being a total mess! March 31, 2014
Very handy I purchased these recently for organizing all my cables while traveling but I love the fact that they keep the cables looking tidy when you have them plugged in too. I have the small size which it great for iPhone cables etc but I will definitely be going back for the larger size to use around the house and for larger cables like a GPS. Overall I am even happier with this product than I expected to be! March 11, 2014
Great for travel These clips help organize the multiple power cords that all of us have to carry when we travel. I tend to prefer the larger-size clips as the small ones only work for cords that are less than 12" in length. By using these clips, I can store all my power cords in a quick zip plastic bag for easy travel. March 6, 2014
Getting Organized My wife and I started our spring cleaning early this year. I had a number of loose iphone and ipad cables everywhere in a drawer. This product was perfect for getting them organized and easy to find. March 4, 2014
Great purchase Works really well at keeping my cell phone and misc gadget cords looking neat and orderly. I've used these clips for awhile now and they've held up well. March 3, 2014
CableCllps These cable clips are easy to use. And being a professional organizer I like how clean and tidy they look. The different colors make is easy to identify which cable belongs to which instrument.. February 28, 2014
Best cord control out there These are the first cord wraps that I've used that don't misshapen the cords or wrap them so tightly that it takes forever to unwind them. February 4, 2014
cable clips I have used rubber bands in the past to keep cables, etc. bound together. These clips work very well in doing the same thing and look nicer. April 13, 2013
great at keeping cords under control I love this product. With all of the chargers and cables we have for electronic devices these clips are keeping the jumble under control. I like that they are flat so the fit easily into drawers, They also keep cords neat while charging. April 11, 2013
Nothing special They're ok but nothing special. I wouldn't bother ordering again April 7, 2013
Love this product Great way to keep cords in my work bag. Keeps the cords from getting tangled. April 6, 2013
works well for most situations works well, but the different sizes are able to handle cords that are smaller than what I'd originally thought. The cords in their pictures are pretty much the size limits for each clip - i.e. the small really is only good for items such as headphones. March 20, 2013
Does exactly what I wanted it to do Large clip ordered to control long cord on table lamp and keep things looking tidy. Easy to use. Colors are neutral and enables the cord to "hide" behind the furniture. March 15, 2013
Cable Clips Nice bright colors and definitely keeps the cables tight and organized. March 14, 2013
Okay but... I was looking forward to using these with all sorts of the extra cables I've got laying around. I do like these (I got all three different sizes), but I wish the clip part was a bit more stiff. If you've got stiff cords it's a bit hard for these clips to hold the cord. Also, the clip isn't so much a clip (which is what I was hoping for) but an open hinge almost. They work fine but I won't buy again. I'll look for a different product when I need something like this again. February 21, 2013
Great product! We already have some of these & love them. This purchase was a gift for someone who liked ours. December 27, 2012
Cable Clips i have cable clips on all my cords at home - everything looks neat, tidy and very orderly. June 4, 2012
Best idea ever I have a couple of each size. They work really well and are perfect for keeping your cords for your laptop, ereader, MP3 player, desktop computer, or any electronic device well organized and out of the way. Your cords fit nicely in each clip and keep the clutter to a minimum if you have to put the cord in a case with the device, or leave them plugged in at home or while travelling. I haven't used them for this, but they would also be perfect for small home appliances as well. April 27, 2012
Helps with clutter I like this so you don't have wires all over but think the ones I bought during the holidays were better. April 15, 2012
A little bigger please I bought the small size to keep my mobile Apple cables in check. It could be just a smidgen bigger. I'm still trying To figur out how big a loop to make so the cable fits inside the cable clip area. Over all a good idea April 7, 2012
Useless I bought these planning to use them for my ethernet & router cords. Did absolutely nothing; none of the clips was able to hold the cords AND keep them organized. I'd recommend getting a cable zipper, or cable times instead. March 23, 2012
Good but Not for Everyday Use I bought a pack of each size and from the photo I got more of the smallest size for what I needed. I'd recommend getting the mid to larger size clips. The smallest one really only handles mini headphone cables. Overall they work as advertised but it's kind of pain to use them on a daily basis for something like a phone charger cord. For storage or cords you use once in a while they are great. March 19, 2012
The Unclutter Solution No more knots or hours of unstringing. It's ingenious!!! I can place my wires for my cell, computer, chargers etc neatly in my bag without having a tangled web of wires. "Oh what a tangled web of wires we weave" In seconds, I have one grab at picking which wire is which. No more hassling with what plug gets with what. I truly recommend this item, for customers who definitely need their wires/chargers for travel, business, and school. Get clutter free baby!! March 19, 2012
Cool invention Bought the 2 smaller sizes. They work as you would expect. Neat idea. Would like more color options. March 17, 2012
good, but not as good as they could be I just purchased the CableClips in all three sizes. Because they are made of silicone, you can easily push your cord through the slots on either side of a CableClip as you wrap it. That's a plus. But each size, in my view, would be better if it allowed a bit more room in the clips for the cable/cord. Because each size does not have quite enough room for the sorts of cords pictured, if you try to wrap a cord fully, as in the pictures, you may have to shove the last part of the cord to get it inside the clips on either one side or both. When this happens, the clips will not close as fully as they are supposed to, and the cord can come loose. So your cord isn't quite as securely wrapped as would be desirable. Notice that in the picture, the cord wraps only 3 times around the large clip, and the cord wraps only 2 times around the small clip. As a test, I just rewrapped my iPhone cord (the cord that is in the picture) around the small clip as depicted, and it wrapped 3 times on one side with a 4th wrap on the other side to secure the end of the cord with the phone plug, The clip that holds that last part of the cord is not fully closed. (It's open an 1/8 of an inch, which is about the thickness of the cord, whereas the ends of the clip on the other side meet.) The cord I am using on the large clip (the larger cord on a Macbook Pro power adapter) wraps 4 plus times. The information provided on the Container Store website says this: "The large CableClipsâ¿¢ are perfect for shortening or storing thick or long power cords and Ethernet network cables." Perhaps this is supposed to mean that, when it comes to longer cords, the large clips can be used *only* for shortening. And perhaps "storing" is supposed to mean "for storing only with the cord shortened and not fully wrapped." The descriptions of all three sizes use the words "shortening or storing," yet in the picture, the cords on all 3 sizes are fully wrapped. Nothing in the description (so far as I could find) or in the picture lets you know how the clips work or what they are made of. I had thought that they wrapped around the cord, but they don't. Given the material and design, the CableClips should either have more space or come in additional sizes. In any case, it would be helpful to have a more complete and accurate description, as well as pictures that make clear how the clips work and their limitations. Having said all of this, I am using several of the CableClips and would still recommend them. Just be prepared that they might not work for your purposes quite as you had expected. March 10, 2012
Works Great These Cable clips really do what they are supposed to do, and they look good too. They don't look like some baggy tie you took from the kitchen or tool shed and just tied your cords together. These look professional and stylish. Going back to get another package. March 6, 2012
suitcase no longer a nest of snakes The cable clips work like a charm and keep everything organized and accessible. June 19, 2011
I found these things awkward to use. I would recommend some of the other cable organizers, such as the velcro ties, the Bobino cord wraps, or the rubber ties. May 25, 2011
Not real impressed I either bought the wrong size or they just dont work well. The cable keeps popping out. May 16, 2011
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