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bobino® Cord Wraps

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Cord wrap
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With all of your different mobile devices these cord wraps help keep things organized

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Good, but some drawbacks
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I bought two of these for my husband and I for the headphones for our iPhones, They are perfect for storing the headphones. They keep them compact, and they don't get all tangled. But they aren't as great if you want something that you can use while having them wrapped. It can be annoying to unwrap the cord quickly (like if you're...

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bobino® Cord Wraps 4.8 5 131 131
Repeat purchase... Decreases stress by eliminating the need to separate cords... August 27, 2014
Perfect! These cord wraps are perfect for traveling and even for just storing your cords. I used the medium ones for the charging cords for tablets and smartphones. Before I threw them in a ziplock bag and they got all tangled up. No more! I even got them to use for our headphones, we don't use ear buds. This solved the problem perfectly! July 8, 2014
Perfect solution to a low-tech need We first got the bobino cord wrap for its designated use (hold earbuds, which it does very nicely). But recently I discovered that the product (medium sized one) provides the solution to one of my life's annoyances: tangled micro-blind cords! We have very tall windows and the blind cords have always been a tangled mess. No more! They are now all neatly wrapped on their bobinos. May 29, 2014
Easy to use Very easy to use. They work exactly as advertised. Very useful. May 6, 2014
So simple, so essential This is one of those items that I never knew would be so amazing until I got one. It's such a simple idea right, but man is it useful! I got one red (small) for my headphones that I was previously wrapping around my fingers into a kind of bundle, but just stuffing into a purse pocket so it would turn into a tangled mess anyway, and two whites (mediums) for my USB charging cords - one for my 'old' cord, and one for my 'new' cord aka lightning cable. I realized I should have gotten three whites for my extra lightning cable I keep at the office. Guess I'll have to purchase another :) These are just so helpful and convenient, and a steal of a price! May 3, 2014
Great Product I purchased several different sizes of these Bobino Cord Wraps and I love them. They really keep the cords for my iPad and Kindle neat and untangled when I travel. Great Product! May 3, 2014
An oval-shaped lifesaver! This is a godsend for trips to the gym. It has saved me countless cumulative hours of frustration by preventing earbud tangles, which have been added to my workouts. One could even call it a weightloss device! Friends and perfect strangers have asked where I got it, and I always point them in the right direction. April 29, 2014
Great Products OK - I was one of those people that just took their headset and threw it in her purse. When it came time to use them, I was fishing out a long tangled cord. No more. With Bobino, I wrap the cord and no more tangles. I am able to plug in quickly and easily. No more frustration (that I caused). I highly recommend these. I have more than several around the house preventing tangling of my cords. You will not regret this purchase. April 26, 2014
Love it My mom got me a few of these for christmas and I love it for keeping my phone charger in my purse! April 25, 2014
Cords are finally organized! I carry my charger cord and earphones for my iPhone in my purse. I was always battling with the cords getting tangled. Now with this product they are organized. I love them! April 6, 2014
Perfect size This cord wrap is a perfect size for earbuds. A little longer than a 9-volt battery this cord wrap fits into a purse easily and is bright enough to find in a crowded backpack. March 24, 2014
Great for organizing cords I bought a few of these in medium for all my cables sitting around. These work great for charger type cables (little thicker than ear buds). Then I used my label maker to put a label on there to say what it goes to (i.e. ipod charger). Had to buy some more! March 5, 2014
Best invention ever! Before I purchased my Bobino cord wrap, I had a box full of tangled up usb cords, phone charges, keyboard chargers....you name it, I had a cord for it! Now, thanks to Bobino, I am all nice and neat. No more tangled messes in my box! I have each cord wrap labeled for identification and no more guessing. You can never have enough of these little guys! Thanks so much! Happy in Clearwater!!!! February 23, 2014
Solved my problem! I purchased the small bobino for coralling my earbuds in my purse. Works so much better than stuffing them in the little fabric bag I was using. I love The Container Store! January 14, 2014
Perfect Solution Finally, someone came up with a better way to organize cords that get tangled all the time in my backpack or carrying case when I travel. Love this product! January 14, 2014
Such a no brainer - how did I live without them?!? I purchased a set of each of these bobino Cord Wraps - one for me & one for my boyfriend. We literally use them every day and I am wondering how we lived without them before. Helpful for me for corralling cords in my purse as well as for my boyfriend when we travel. Such an easy win for any tech loving person on your gift list. December 27, 2013
Great for organizing Works as advertised. Great to turn a drawer full of tangled up cords into a tidy storage area. I plan to buy a couple larger ones as well. December 26, 2013
its ok I travel for work often and thought this would be good for my chargers. The tiny one is actually very good for the ear buds. However, the one for the chargers is only ok. It works for travelling but once at the destination, it is not worth wrapping around each and every time you are finished with the chargers. It comes down to a personal choice - its good but probably would not buy it again - except for the small one. December 12, 2013
Fabulous! My husband is an electronics nut so there are cords and wires all over my house. Even though my husband didn't want to give up his twisties (like found sometimes on bread wrappers) he had to admit these bobino cord wraps are the best. Ordering a slew more! December 11, 2013
Great Organizer This works well for my USB cord. Less so for my earbuds, which require unraveling frequently. December 2, 2013
so handy these are great for containing my iPhone cords, eReader cord, ear bud cord, etc. Great that they come in various sizes. December 1, 2013
useful very affordable and useful cord wraps, find one that is the perfect size for your device and go for it! it looks nice, and keeps it nice and tight. November 13, 2013
No more tangles! These are great for keeping things from tangling! They are especially great for keeping headphones in your purse or bag. November 13, 2013
Did the job These represent an excellent way to eliminate, or at least control, extra lengths of thin wiring attaching two items. They're great for charging cables or mini sound cables. October 20, 2013
Good purchase. I think its a great purchase. I have one in every size. It keeps my IPad cord in tack and also my cell phone cord in tack and it also it keeps me from losing my these cords. September 16, 2013
Very handy I use the small size for my earbuds, but that's really the only thing it can handle. The medium is the best size. I use it for my phone, iPod, and Kindle chargers. I wish The Container Store carried this size in multiple colors instead of the small size. The large is good for my laptop cable, but is a tight fit for extension cords. September 2, 2013
Container Store Does It Again I use this little gadget for all my USB phone charger cables-office, home and truck. It keeps them neat, accessible, within reach. I'm filling everyone's stocking with one this year. August 26, 2013
Must Have for iPod/iPhone/iPad Accessories The small bobino® cord wraps are perfect for keeping small cords untangled. I also like the midsize bobino® cord for wrapping my thin MacBook cord - the one that's supposed to stay wrapped between the two flip up parts of the square transformer that doesn't quite hold the entire cord. The largest bobino® is too bulky to be portable, but does work to organize cords at home. August 25, 2013
Great for Cord Control This little gadget is wonderful! I got several of these to keep my headphones and chargers organized and untangled. They're wonderful especially since I do a lot of traveling and need to keep my chargers organized and untangled. July 21, 2013
Good convenience Wasn't really sure when I ordered if these would be of benefit but am delighted I got them and will probably buy more. It is a nice way to keep cords from getting tangled in a purse or suitcase or even sitting on the counter. Worth the few bucks. July 6, 2013
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