bobble™ Water Bottle by Karim Rashid

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bobble™ Water Bottle by Karim Rashid

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"Green" water bottle is stingy on its squirts
4 out of 5

Pros: way cool, curvy design; a great "green" idea which will cut down on bottled water purchases and will pay for itself after only 6 or 7 uses, if you're paying airport prices for bottled water. Cons: plastic bottle is stiff, so it's hard to get the water out; needs to be bigger than 18.5 oz. This is a great item for...

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I really wanted to love this waterbottle, since it filters the water for you as you drink it, and it had a slightly more compact size/design. However, I found it very difficult to drink from, because of the filter. I had to suck extra hard to get any water, and squeezing it didn't help either, as the type of plastic is not really very...

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Clear Drink Bought several of these, and replace the filters regularly. Use them in home, work, car. This is the only way I can be sure that the water is reasonably safe to drink here in Chicago. Water tastes a lot better then tap water, especially at work. When I replace the filters, I choose a different color filter so I can tell the newer filters from the oder ones. I guess if I could change anything, I would make more sizes available and one with a sippy spout or straw for easier drinking in the car.. Also--its much more fun to shop in the store-its like a treasure hunt. May 4, 2014
Fresh Water Anywhere Love this. I use this at work where the filter is never changed. It has saved me so much money since I stopped buying bottled water. May 4, 2014
Great Purchase! This bottle is fantastic. It makes water from any source (water fountain, tap, public restroom, ANYTHING,) drinkable and tasty! I've started drinking a lot more water since I purchased this. The only downside is that the protective cap (that is removable) is a nuisance. It is nearly impossible to open so I just removed mine. February 16, 2014
great for college students Sent our daughter off to college with this. She loves it. No more lugging cases of water to the dorm room. She asked me to send one to her roommate. I think that tells the whole story. October 26, 2013
Almost perfect These are lightweight. I love the hour glass form.....for easier grip. My only complaint would be......wishing there was some sort of indicator of when to replace the filter.....actually located on the bottle itself. August 27, 2013
Good idea but... This is just what I have been looking for to replace bottled water. The only issue is that they are too wide to fit in a standard automobile cup holder. For those of us who spend considerable time commuting this is a deal breaker. April 22, 2013
Best Water Bottle Ever for Travel! Bought one of these for each member of my family before heading to Disney World. Didn't want to pay an arm & a leg for bottles of water but didn't want us to drink out of the water fountains or have to rely on finding one whenever we were thirsty. These were the answer to my prayers! The bottle itself is non-toxic and filters the water, so you know the water you're drinking is safe & tastes good. They're light weight and fit easily in your suitcase & back pack so you don't have to worry about taking them through security. They cost way less then you'll spend on bottles and can get a different color for each family member... so no fights over who's bottle is who's. If you have more than child you know how that can be! I highly recommend them to anyone but especially for travel or school. March 24, 2013
Great bottle! Great for travel! Lightweight and easy to take with me on flights. I have used it in my hotel room when I was out of water and didn't want to use just tap water! March 18, 2013
Flawed I really wanted to love this waterbottle, since it filters the water for you as you drink it, and it had a slightly more compact size/design. However, I found it very difficult to drink from, because of the filter. I had to suck extra hard to get any water, and squeezing it didn't help either, as the type of plastic is not really very squeezable. I ended up returning it. Also, as a side note, it's kind of noisy! February 18, 2013
Tasty Water I dislike bottled water in plastic bottles because it has an off taste. These filtered bottles allow me to pour bottled water into them and eliminate that bad taste. You may think I'm goofy, but I only do this when traveling via air where I can't bring my own canned carbonated water, which I prefer. The only way to make this better for air travel would be to have a way to insulate so the water stays cold. I'll have to figure that one out! October 31, 2012
Results in gas for toddlers/infants My mother, God bless her for good intentions, bought this for my 11 month old. He took to it right away, but got gas from it. He was screaming and I figured out that it was his bobble. I sucked on it to test it and each suck does not get straight water like a regular water bottle, but instead gets air and water. As an adult, I could hold it away from my mouth to get the water, but an infant/toddler- forget it... I read some of the other reviews and agree that the filter is good and the portability is good. But this is not a good option for a sippy cup of water. I should invest in a filter for my tap water. June 18, 2012
Sharing the green I love the Bobble filter/bottle. So much even that I have convinced multiple of my employees to invest in this instead of throwing away endless amounts of water bottles. The amount that we spend on bottles of water a week, WAAAY surpasses the cost of this product. I highley suggest picking some of these up for yourself and your family!!! May 2, 2012
A great product I am very pleased with the filtered bobble that I purchased from The Container Store. It is a great product to keep at the office to filter that water. April 28, 2012
Love it For more than a year I have one with me every day! I love it and I feel safe knowing that the filter is so good. April 27, 2012
Great idea but problematic I loved this product in its concept: it was great for traveling all over Italy without having to purchase bottled water -- I just used the filter. They are not well made and do not last: I have bought three in the past 6 months and none of them are still around: either the spout was too hard to open or the filters cracked. I wish the company would make them better. April 27, 2012
It's the Best I bought 6 of these for my family when we went on an 18 day cruise to Hawaii. What a savings, not only in $$$ but also on the environment. We used them on board and on land tours. I take mine everywhere with me! April 20, 2012
Good Taste I live in a pretty small town and the water is not that tasty. This little thing has definitely saved me for that reason. The water is very tasty coming out of this filter. The only thing is I never feel like I get it clean enough and it smells like plastic for a while. February 29, 2012
Great Product I love the bobble. I always take this with me to work and it makes getting clean, filtered water so much easier without having the hassle of lugging a pack of water bottles around with me. February 18, 2012
I bought these for our recent Mexican Riviera cruise. They worked great at filtering the water and they were lighter to carry in the backpack then my Kleen Kanteen metal bottles. The water does come out slowly and we have found they are not the best option for when you have been working out and need a drink quickly. February 15, 2012
Great, As Always I love my Bobble, and the Container Store is a great place to pick up a new filter while I'm already out. No special trips, just another item in my basket. I love the taste of the water too. The only con is that there are some colors that the Container store doesn't carry. other than that, all is great. December 12, 2011
Bobble Water Bottle by Karim Rashid I bought this item and it fell and the inside of the lid broke this is not a good water bottle nice design but weak product August 8, 2011
Not durable for kids Product arrived with lots of scratches. Bottles are not durable. Scratch and crack easily. Prob better suited for adults than kids. Would not recommend, especially at this price. July 17, 2011
Weebles Wobble and Bobbles Rock! Convenient, effective, easy to use. Squeezing the bottle allows water to pass through the filter and into your mouth. Yum! (It's NOT tricky to use, when directions are followed.) I've been using Bobbles for 1 year and recently turned on family members and co-workers. Easy 5 stars if they were dishwasher safe. June 25, 2011
Nope I really wanted to like this water bottle, it is such a good idea but I am afraid there is more work to be done. I gave this to my 11 year old son to take to school and within a week it was broken. First the side caved in from squeezing and would not pop back out. Then the lid cracked. Now he is hard on water bottles so he might have dropped it in the playground or something but the caved in side is a design flaw in my opinion. You have to squeeze it to get the water out so they should have made it from a more flexible material or designed the shape to allow it to pop back out again. June 20, 2011
love it love the bobble! great product and great for the environment :) February 15, 2011
Good idea, poor design I wanted so much to love this. I am a big water drinker and I know several people who are interested in drinking more water so I thought this would be a fantastic holiday gift to encourage that healthy habit for them. The bottle is cute and lightweight and travels well, but the big problem is that drinking from it is incredibly tedious and frustrating! The water you're able to 'extract' from the nozzle tastes fine, but getting it out of there is quite difficult! The major product flaw is that you have to drink (suck with such force!) the water through the carbon filter and it's quite a fight to get the tiniest drops of water. I bought one for my best friend and my mother-in-law and then I apologized after trying the use the one I bought for myself because this was a horrible gift. February 15, 2011
Water bottle AWESOME Great solution to a portable britta! I work in a school and the water has a funny taste but this bottle solved the funky taste. February 15, 2011
I recently moved into a house with well water. Bobble helps purify the taste and keep me on track with drinking my water. Love it! Just wish it came in a 1 liter size. February 15, 2011
Nice product Water is fresh but would be better with an insulated bottle. February 1, 2011
Great for College Dorms! Best idea ever! Easy, convenient, no waste, green. January 21, 2011
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