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Silicone Suction Pocket
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It's good in a pinch. I read the reviews before I purchased so I wasn't surprised to find it sliding all over my phone's matted case when I put it on. Surprising, it did stick, but it wasn't very stable. Since the case I bought for my phone was inexpensive (less than $6), I was fine with supergluing this pocket to it's back, and it works well. The only problem now is that the case should really only hold 1 card but I've placed 2 within. It's very hard to remove either cards I usually have to remove both) but, like I said in the title, it's good in a pinch. March 16, 2014
Brought for the time being~ I didn't purchase a case for my phone yet so I wanted something that can carry a couple of cards for the time being. This suction pocket is great when it is first used but as dirt started getting on the suction it loses it's grip and starts sliding off. It's not a bad product...or maybe I just take it off too much. March 10, 2014
Good idea, but... the item didn't want to stick securely. Didn't want to chance losing my credit cards, so I returned it! January 8, 2014
Don't bother This pocket contraption falls right off. It works great if you want to hold things on your phone for 10 min. It simply falls off a clean phone. Highly not recommended for the purpose it's intended for. January 7, 2014
Sincerely Disappointed I purchased 3 of these for Christmas and am very disappointed in the product. The suction cups DO NOT hold for a very long period of time. I even tried wetting the suction cups before applying the pocket to the back of my cell phone, but that didn't help either. If I still had the packaging for all three pockets, I would definitely return them for a refund. January 3, 2014
Mixed review I bought these for my family since we all own phones. However, my phone has a cover or "skin" on it and the cups can't adhere, which i didn't realize. my brother's phone is too small to have the pocket adhere and other family members also had a covering on their ohones and couldn't use it. It is such a great idea though! I wish it would have worked for us. December 29, 2013
Terrible Item Please do not spend your money on this item; it did not stick to my cellphone and worse, you could not pull a credit card from the inside because of the silicone material it is made of. December 14, 2013
Works poorly in cold weather I bought this for my husband, and he used it recently on a walk to a coffee shop. He attached it to his perfectly glossy, smooth iPhone case, and even moistened the suction cups a bit to make sure that it stuck. The phone and case went back into his pocket, and must have fallen off shortly afterward in the cold weather. Not only did he lose the case, but also the credit card. I would NOT recommend this product. December 5, 2013
I like this product! I am surprised to read the bad reviews on this very cool gadget! I have bought mine a few weeks ago and love it! I really appreciate the freedom it gives to go out without a purse, knowing that my card is safely attached to my phone. I am going to buy one for all my colleagues for X-mas! December 5, 2013
Worst Purchase To Date The suction cups slid very easily off my (smooth) I-phone cover when removing the stored card. Sometimes it would come off on its own. I use past tense as it is now missing w/card in it. If I were to purchase it again, I would use Gorilla Glue on ea suction cup to keep it adhered to phone case. Good idea that needs improvement. December 1, 2013
Product only usable in limited circumstances Please note that the 18 suction cups on the back of this product will ONLY adhere to surfaces that are smooth and glossy. If your smartphone has any kind of matter finish on the back, this product will NOT adhere to it and will be useless - something I found out the hard way after purchasing it based on the catalog description. November 17, 2013
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