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Tea Bag Buddy™

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Best Invention EVER!
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I am an avid tea drinker. Sometimes I buy tea bags and this "Buddy" is a great idea for it. Instead of collecting tea bags in the kitchen sink (where they stain) I used the Buddy and it was neater. the little raised "handle" in the middle insures a grip so the heat from the cup doesn't scorch my hand. I did have to...

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great for tea drinkers nice to keep tea warm while letting your bag steep and I appreciate being able to keep my bag off my table while I drink the tea until I'm ready to throw it out. February 25, 2014
Keeps tea hot at work! I don't use normal tea bags too often (I usually make loose tea) but it's handy either way because it keeps my tea nice and hot until I take it off. When I do use a regular tea bag, it's nice that you can pull it up into the top, squeeze to get the flavor out, and then toss it. Would definitely recommend this. January 31, 2014
Love its usefulness, but need more color options! This product is so simple, but so useful. I bought one for a tea-loving friend who loved it, so I bought one for myself! I keep it at work, and it helps me minimize the messiness AND it keeps my tea warm longer -- important when I have interruptions and have to leave my desk at times. Only wish? I'd love more fun colors. The green is not attractive, so I got white, but I fear it will get stained as I use it more. January 10, 2014
Ingenious! I think this almost fits into the category of a Movado or Bang and Olufson, the design is so simple but its use so profound. It is heat resistant, holds the tea bag suspended while it steeps, then provides a means to squeeze and hold the used bag. It's one of those "wish I'd thought of that" moments. December 27, 2013
Great Little Helper I bought this for my husband because he loves iced tea, but hates squeezing the excess tea from the bags after steeping. The Tea Bag Buddy does everything it claims, all in one nifty little gadget. It is large enough to cover the top of an oversized coffee mug or mason jar, and I love that it also holds the string to keep the tea bag from falling in. Since it's made from silicone, you won't burn your fingers when squeezing out the excess tea. This product is exactly what I would have created if I had invented it myself! May 2, 2013
My most asked for gift Being a tea drinker, the design of this clever little tea bag buddy made it a must purchase. Then, as friends see it, I am asked where I got it and they want one. Then, when their friends or family see it, the purchases become multiple. It is really helpful at work to keep my tea warm and have an automatic place for the bag. April 26, 2013
Great purchase for tea lovers Pros: can squeeze the tea bag without burning fingers or making a mess; holds in the heat well; easy to clean; changes color as it gets hot; holds the bag when it isn't being used. Con: I wish it came in more colors! April 11, 2013
Great Product! This is a great product! It does everything it says and it seemed to surprise me on how easy it was to use and how useful it was too! I only wish I had bought 2. April 8, 2013
Nice invention! My husband the hot tea drinker was tickled with getting this! It does everything it says on the package. I like the light green color, goes well with my kitchen colors. Should enjoy using this for a long time. March 26, 2013
Great product! Outstanding product. No tea drinker should be without! March 18, 2013
Fills a real need My Mom got me this for Christmas (she already has one) and I use it every day! I can't wait until it's available again so I can buy one for work. It keeps my tea hot and makes teabag disposal neat. It's great when I drink from a mug! February 22, 2013
awesome product A must buy for tea lovers. Keeps tea hot and keeps my fingers from wrangling with a hot bag. I have bought this as a gift for every tea drinker in my family February 20, 2013
Great product! I received this for a Christmas gift & liked it so much I bought another one for my Mom. February 18, 2013
Awesome Love this item! Steeps tea perfectly, keeps the heat in and prevents a drippy messy tea bag. February 13, 2013
Simple and effective This little buddy does a great job keeping tea hot and holding on to spent bags after they're removed. I bought it on impulse while shopping for stocking stuffers, and it's become a useful and colorful addition to my workspace. My orange one changes color when the heat hits it which is fun too. February 13, 2013
Best Idea Ever I bought this for my sister for her birthday becasue we are both big tea drinkers. I had no idea just how many cool things you can use it for. my sister was just ranting and raving about it so i got myself one too. the best part is being able to squeeze the bag to get all the flavors out of the bag. love this product. September 2, 2012
it's Wonderful! steeps my tea and keeps my fingers from getting burned when squeezing out the tea bag...its just great! ;) June 7, 2012
Worth the $ I used to have to find a small plate or pot cover to cover my tea cup while it steeped until I found this. I got mine in white and it's stayed white so far (I put it in the dishwasher to be cleaned). It's so useful - a lid, cover, tea squeezer and holder! I love it so much that I got my fellow tea lover friends some. May 5, 2012
Great Stocking Stuffer! I've been trying to get these since Nov 2011. Great price and a kitchen must have. Now that they are back in stock, I'm getting them for everyone! April 7, 2012
I bought these in white. Great multi-purpose tool for tea drinkers. March 25, 2012
My fav thing: multipurpose- lid,cover,tea squeezer My fav thing: multipurpose: a lid, a cover, a tea squeezer and so one! March 23, 2012
4 items in one! I love this product. It has multiple functions all in one and I would definitely recommend it to any tea drinkers! March 19, 2012
Tea Bag Buddy Bought this for my mom who is very hard to buy for. She LOVES it! Uses it to keep her tea hot then to store the bag while she drinks the tea. Great gift for low price. March 19, 2012
Great gift for the tea lover in your life! This product is great as it not only holds the string for the tea bag so that it doesn't fall in, but also keeps your tea hot while it steeps and it lets you squeeze the tea bag and have a place to put the tea bag, all in one product. Great little gift for all the tea drinkers in your life! March 19, 2012
Gave these to my Canadian friends for Christmas This is a really useful product. I gave a Tea Bag Buddy to each of my 3 Canadian friends for Christmas, and they all loved them. The only bummer is that the Tea Bag Buddies seem to always be out of stock! March 19, 2012
One of My Favorite New Products This is one of my favorite new tools. I think it's brilliant and purchased one for each of my family and friends this last Christmas. It keeps your tea warm while it steeps (which was always one of my pet peeves before), it hold the bag so the tag doesn't fall into the water and it even provides a place to put the tea bag after it steeps w/out leaving a mess! It's brilliant! March 19, 2012
Perfect Cup O Tea This thing is so neat. It keeps your tea nicely hot while you let is steep for a while. My favorite thing though is using it to get that last little tea squeeze out of the bag. February 29, 2012
Tea buddy For a tea drinker this is great. It helps to keep the water hot while the tea steeps....makes for easy squeezing of the tea bag and great clean up. February 24, 2012
Best Invention for Tea Lovers No more muss or fuss. Tea buddy keeps the tea warm while steeping, & no worries about where to put the used bag. I bought 6 for stocking stuffers this Christmas! I have a green one, but I bought white for my friends. February 2, 2012
love it! I have been waiting for something like yhis for a long time! it works just like the description says. I liked it so much, i purchased two more for my daughters. January 21, 2012
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