Multi-Battery Storage Box

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Multi-Battery Storage Box

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I don't know why I waited so long to buy this! Love it ! It is a great way to store batteries, know when you are running low and get rid of all the package clutter that comes along with batteries at times!

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This box has the right configuration inside for a variety of battery sizes. However the lid and box are a single piece, rather than the lid being attached with an articulating hinge. I was concerned that the attachment would weaken and break over time, so I returned the storage box.

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smart storage This is a much more streamlined solution than my old junk drawer. True, there is no spot for 9 volts, but I don't use large batteries like D or DD, so I just put my 9 volts in there. I keep this handy little guy in my fridge door to preserve battery life. Like so many Container Store products, I wonder why no one thought of it sooner! March 20, 2012
Multi-Battery Storage Box This is amazing! Before I bought this, i had all of my batteries in a basket and would have to dig through it only to find out i didn't have any that i needed. Now, i am able to easily see when i need to buy more of any size. It also has an additional area that i am using for batteries for things like watches and my 3D TV glasses. It is also a great compact size and stores easily in my hall closet. April 25, 2014
An organization tool I didn't know I needed... ...until I got one. Now my junk draw is a lot less junky with all of my batteries stored in this container. I'll call that a major win! March 13, 2014
Great solution for batteries! I have to say I wish I would have bought one of these years ago when I was in The Container Store! It's so compact and holds a lot of batteres (no 9volt though). I am loving how it allowed us an extra half of a kitchen shelf ! Had them in a shoebox plastic container before with all the packaging and it finally fell out of cabinet and broke. This is great! Lid doesn't like to stay closed all the time, but I can live with that. January 31, 2014
So convenient! If you're like me, you have a kaboodle of batteries stored in a great big bucket - and when you need only a couple, you must drag out the huge bucket, dig through it and find the size you need. This storage box is just the right size to put (quite) a few of each size in one handy place. When I need a couple, I can find a couple easily. Don't get me wrong! I still have the kaboodle - I just fill the storage box as I emply it! Love it! December 26, 2013
Good product I always hated that I never seemed to have a way to properly contain all of our batteries in my otherwise organized junk drawer. This product took care of that issue. October 18, 2013
battery box It is useful to have all my spare batteries in one place. The battery slots are different depths to allow for the batteries to be about the same height. This prevents some use of the space if you don't use that size battery. Overall I really like it, however there are two cons: no space for 9 volt batteries (not enough to remove a star I knew this before purchasing) and the lid on mine doesn't like to stay shut, a better fitting lid would have given it 5 stars. September 4, 2013
Great storage box Love the fact that you can store all sizes of batteries in here. My cupboard is a heck of a lot lest cluttered- yipee! No more batteries rolling around and half open packs taking up precious shelf space. My only wish is that it was bigger and you could store more batteries. Just might get a second one! August 2, 2013
Taming Junk Drawer Jumble There's a small drawer in my kitchen designated for batteries, extension cords, adapters and anything power related. Seems organized, right? You'd think nothing could get lost in there, and yet there seem to be multiples of batteries bought because we didn't know we already had the right sizes, especially the odd types for our security system. Store packaging is bulky, awkward, and not very conducive to efficient use of space. It gets in the way of order and finding what you need. So after taking inventory, I ordered this multi-battery storage box, and one for just D-size batteries since there were more of those (and I utilized the D section of this container for odd-sized batteries). Everything fits well in the drawer now, and I appreciate that these containers are see-through enough to tell at a glance what sizes I already have, and exactly where they are. Love that. April 24, 2013
a must for any organizer! Very practical and affordable... I love the way it has a different compartment/ section for various types of batteries March 31, 2013
So organized now! Love these battery cases. I bought two. Now my batteries are neatly organized, not strewn all across my office. Love them! March 28, 2013
A thing of beauty the perfect solution to battery storage. no more gallon ziplocs or shoe boxes. container fits perfectly in fridge door too! March 27, 2013
Good construction I needed to get a handle on the many batteries in drawers at our house.. This product fit the bill. March 8, 2013
Great Battery Box This is a good battery box. Like that it is see through. March 7, 2013
Glad I bought this product I no longer have batteries rolling around in my drawer. So nice to see what batteries I have all contained in a space efficient container. February 28, 2013
Great little storage! Do we have....? Easy to know with this great little box. I know what I have and what I need to pick up at the store at a glance! Also has a little slot for those flat disc batteries. If you have a lot of one size, you might rather get the ones designed for single size storage. February 14, 2013
Good organization box for batteries My husband wondered why I bought this, but it works like a charm to organize the variety of batteries we use in the house. It is conveniently sized and fits all my "D", "AA", and "AAA" batteries. February 6, 2013
A much needed organizer for batteries This thing is great to keep batteries organized and in one place. No one likes a drawer full of half opened battery packages clogging things up, this product helps to maintain some organization! January 16, 2013
Perfect Exactly what I needed, works great, stores batteries just find. January 7, 2013
Great storage box This battery storage box makes finding the batteries I need easy. I used to keep the batteries in a plastic shoe box container, but then I had to dig through the mess of batteries to find the size I needed- sometimes only to discover I was out of them. Now I can easily find the right size and see at a glance which ones I'm running low on. January 7, 2013
Great organization tool What a great idea. Quick glance lets you know what you have and what you need. Batteries are all in one place. December 31, 2012
Good storage box I bought 5 of these and filled them with batteries as Christmas gifts. They were well received. December 29, 2012
LOVE IT! I don't know why I waited so long to buy this! Love it ! It is a great way to store batteries, know when you are running low and get rid of all the package clutter that comes along with batteries at times! June 29, 2012
Simple and Functional This battery organizer does just what I need it to. The quality is good and it fits mostly anywhere. June 7, 2012
All our batteries in one place. I do not have to hunt all over the house or cabinet to find the right size! May 21, 2012
No more batteries rolling around!!!! Okay I am a organizational freak! this product is why I love Container Store, I had no idea this existed and I also thought that I was the only weirdo that kept my batteries in the fridge. This container is awesome! Before this, I would keep my batteries loose in a drawer, better known as a "junk drawer", (come on ladies, you know what I'm talking about!) and now they are so neat and organized! Love it! Highly recommend this product, especially if you have kids whose toys seem to need an endless supply of batteries :) April 30, 2012
Very handy We like the battery container because at a glance we can see what we have and what we may need. Never want to run out of those batteries. April 30, 2012
Love it! I love that it has a lid you can't lose. So many battery storage options are open with no lids at all, so this is a great plus for me. I like to keep everything lidded. April 27, 2012
Great for someone who organizes EVERYTHING! I obsess about organizing EVERYTHING even batteries! Until I even knew this product existed we always struggled to find batteries when we needed them the most. Now they have a place of their own! April 24, 2012
Great Battery Storage-+ This keeps the batteries in the junk drawer organized and easy to find. April 14, 2012
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