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Sock Cop Clips

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Time saver
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These sock clips have been a true time saver. I used to dread sorting socks for the kids. Now every child and husband has been assigned a color and are required to clip their socks together before placing in the dirty clothes basket. After they go throuh the washer and dryer I just unclip and fold. The work of sorting is over. I love this item!

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I think this is a great idea, but storage is a problem.

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Perfect defense for the sock monster! I've had these for over a year now. I hate matching socks! This keeps your pairs of socks together so you don't lose one (the sock monster exists!), you don't have to match socks (I hate matching socks!), and they're easy to use. I see a number of people saying they are difficult, but I haven't had any problem. I have very little hand strength due to nerve problems and have no problem putting the clip on. Removing the clip just requires pulling the clip off the socks. The only down side to this is that if your socks are very thin, they do sometimes come off in the washer or dryer. I use regular Hanes socks and they work great. This item is priceless since, in case you can't tell, I hate matching socks! September 9, 2014
Pretty Good Item I like the clips. They ARE hard to get on and take off but they do hold my socks together. Problem I have is that I've broken half of them getting them off/on. I only take them off when I wear the socks - never have mis-matched socks. August 2, 2014
No. I was excited to buy these as I am always losing my socks in the wash. First, they were a pain to get on, really hard to open and get on the socks. Then, they all fell off in the washer. Very dissatisfied. July 21, 2014
Great for the whole family! With everyone in my family using these now, it is so easy to do the wash! We unclip the socks to wear them, then clip them to put them in the hamper/wash and they are a pleasure to sort now! June 15, 2014
Life Saver! I have extended family living with me and laundry is out of control. I found these a life saver. The 3 & 5 grand kids help with putting them on. They wash well, can tolerate bleach and a hot dryer. Just put the clip on, wash, dry, put in the drawer and repeat. They have saved countless hours sorting. I have clipped sports bras together to prevent twisting in the wash and they work wonderfully. March 26, 2014
Good for organizing socks Although tough to get on the socks, they do work well, especially with thick tube socks. Being hard plastic, time will tell how long they last before they break (I have a front loading washer which is sometimes rough on clothing). February 28, 2014
Sock Cop Clips Are Wonderful! These clips are wonderful for holding socks together. With the different colors, I can select out certain types of socks and not have to wonder when I take them out of the wash. I give these as gifts! April 1, 2013
These really work, but they can hurt your fingers I use these whenever I can, and I'm always glad that I did. I bought two packs to accommodate my family of four. The only caveat is that they can hurt your fingertips when you put them on the socks. To remedy this, I just use another sock to cushion my fingers. If they ever re-design these with a flat tab for fingertips I would give them five stars in a heartbeat! March 19, 2013
FANTASTIC ! WORKS SO WELL ! I love these sock clips!!! This is simply the BEST product. The clips work on all thicknesses of sock, from super-thin, to medium, to super-thick (you just have to pinch a bit harder to open the clip), as well as on all lengths of sock. The clip has NEVER fallen off in the washer/dryer. And my socks have NEVER been damaged. I can't explain how nice it is simply to pull matched-up socks straight from the laundry. I keep the clips in a magnetic cup, stuck to the front of my washing machine, so I'll always have extra ones handy to clip my worn socks before I put them in the laundry area. Although I recall that the instructions said to put the clip on the heel of the socks, I actually put mine on the front, shin-area (or instep area for short socks) of my socks. [Why take a chance on the heel area, which typically wears down faster since you walk on it?] Anyway, the clips have worked beautifully for at least a year or two. I AM SO THANKFUL THESE CLIPS EXIST TO STOP ME FROM WASTING A TON OF TIME PAIRING UP SOCKS, OUT OF THE DRYER. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SOCK CLIPS. February 4, 2013
I wish I had these 20 years ago... I love these little things! They are so handy and easy to use. My husband use to swear that the washer ate his socks! I was sure that matching dark socks would be my purgatory! Now, with the sock cop you clip them together, before the washer and they stay together matched when you put them away! A terrific time saver. Thank you to the inventor! April 29, 2012
Spectacular My husband and I absolutely love these Sock Cop Clips! After testing one package through several washes, I bought enough for all our socks. I always used to dread doing laundry because of having to sort socks, but now I no longer need to waste all of that time. April 27, 2012
Great Product I love these clips. I have been using them for 2 years already with no breakage. They are excellent for sports socks and for thin socks. I don't think they are good for children to use, as you need a bit of dexterity with thick socks. It sure beats matching socks!! April 12, 2012
High hopes for sock cop Just ran a few pair of socks through the wash and dryer and they stayed together as hoped. They don't appear that they will make the socks wear faster and I have high hopes that lots of time will be saved with these. March 26, 2012
never have an "orphan" sock again! one of the best purchases, and finally no orphan socks again, he he TIPS: use the dark sock cops for the light colour socks and the other way rond, this way you can find them easier!! March 23, 2012
Sock cops do the trick! These clips are wonderful, and they keep "mates" together through the wash and spin cycles. I use them for all of my socks, from heavy duty running socks, through light weight pairs as well. I have only had them for a few weeks now, so I hope they will stay durable for a long time to come. February 15, 2012
Finally something that works!!! I bought these and love them. They actually do what they say. I like the fact that my youngest (intrigued by the colors) cannot open the clip and pinch herself which has happened with other sock clips. True that other reviews state they are not easy to open but they keep the socks together through heavy washes with towels and right into dryer. I bought several as stocking stuffers and people loved them. Cute idea they look like little handcuffs. I saw these in GH magazine too January 20, 2012
Love The Sock Cops! They hold the socks together great and I save SO much time not looking for lost socks. I use them on everybody's socks in our house. I also use them on gloves. January 18, 2012
Makes sorting a breeze I used to dread sorting socks as my husband and I both wear a lot of navy and black and our shoe sizes do not differ greatly. I now clip all my socks before tossing them in the hamper, using two of the colors, and I clip his as I take them out, using the other two colors. Sorting is so much easier, and we no longer lose any socks in the wash. They take some hand strength to use and occasionally one will fall off in the washer or dryer. I even had one break. But I've been using them consistently for over a year and am very pleased with my purchase. January 18, 2012
Good help! These are a great sock clip- they hold the socks together well through washing and drying and reduced a lot of the frustrating aspects of laundry. They are, however, not easy for kids to use. December 2, 2011
difficult to squeeze and does not work on thick socks April 17, 2011
Wonderful! These are the best, they go right from the washer to the dryer with no problem and I haven't lost a sock since I've gotten them. I am no longer reluctant to buy good socks cause I know I'll have them for a long time! February 15, 2011
Sock Cops Save Orphans Since my wife started using these, I've had no orphan socks. This was occurring about once a month - so, they've paid for themselves many times over. Now, if we could only get the kids to clip their socks together before putting them in the hamper... January 6, 2011
I like the sock cop clipper They are easy to use and i have not broken one. I have not lost a pair socks yet. December 18, 2010
I like these fun colored little clippies. They are working out well. They are too hard to squeeze for my 7 yr old, but every one else can manage them. I think when we get the system worked out and every one using them they will save a lot of time. October 21, 2010
Time saver These sock clips have been a true time saver. I used to dread sorting socks for the kids. Now every child and husband has been assigned a color and are required to clip their socks together before placing in the dirty clothes basket. After they go throuh the washer and dryer I just unclip and fold. The work of sorting is over. I love this item! May 22, 2010
Great idea, but... I think this is a great idea, but storage is a problem. April 26, 2010
no more mismatched socks these clips save so much time as pairs of socks get laundered together April 19, 2010
they really work!!!!!!!! no more lost socks....ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!great purchase.....real work saver!!!!!!! February 16, 2010
Keeps socks together well I have tried many different solutions for keeping socks together in the laundry, but these sock cops seem to do the best job compared to the other solutions I have tried. They are easy to use and look nice. I actually enjoy clipping my socks together with these clips before I put them in the laundry hamper, and it makes it so much easier when the laundry is finished to have all of the pairs together. January 20, 2010
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