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FlipFOLD® Laundry Folder

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I was skeptical that this thing would help fold laundry more easily. I bought it based on the great reviews and I have to say, it really is that amazing. I was so impressed after folding the laundry I had to fold I emptied 2 drawers and refolded everything in those, too. I LOVE LOVE how perfectly if folds everything into the same size. I cannot...

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Great device concept, poorly engineered
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I bought this item so I could fold polo and t-shirts to fit side-by-side in an elfa gliding basket in my clothes closet. It succeeds brilliantly and is easy to use. Unfortunately, after just about 100 folds the bottom portion broke off at the hinge, and the side hinges look as though they are about to snap as well. For a product with a $25 price...

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Uhmazing I was skeptical that this thing would help fold laundry more easily. I bought it based on the great reviews and I have to say, it really is that amazing. I was so impressed after folding the laundry I had to fold I emptied 2 drawers and refolded everything in those, too. I LOVE LOVE how perfectly if folds everything into the same size. I cannot believe how much neater my drawers are and I didn't think they weren't neat before! As another reviewer said, WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG TO GET THIS! March 1, 2013
What a dream! SO easy to use! Every shirt stacked in our closet is now uniform and beautiful. Saves HOURS of folding time. My husband LOVES his neatly folded shirts. Should have purchased this years ago! October 7, 2014
Need instructions This may be really obvious to other users, but I bought this product over a year ago and it has been sitting in my closet, mostly unused because i wasn't entirely sure how to use it for things other than shirts -- shown in the video. I wanted to fold dresses, long sleeved shirts, pants, skirts, jackets, etc. If Container Store or the manufacturer provided some links to videos, that would be really helpful and I think I'd get more use out of it. September 26, 2014
FlipFOLD Laundry Folder I love it! It is easy to use and makes all my T-shirts uniform for stacking. September 1, 2014
Good enough. This board does work nicely for folding shirts, but somehow I had thought it would be useful for folding other things too. I can fold my shirts just as quickly and more to my liking without this, so I was a bit disappointed. I also think it's too expensive for what it is. August 8, 2014
Skeptical, but once tried everyone loves it I bought this for my daughter heading off to college in the hopes that some of her laundry would get packed away as her rod space is limited. At first my husband thought it was a frivolous buy. Once my daughter figured out how to use it she was hooked. My husband gave it a try as he packed for vacation and loved how it made everything the same size making it easier to pack. I like it so much I may purchase a second one for home. August 6, 2014
Awesome! This is a great piece to own. It makes great use of small spaces and most of all it helps keep my drawers organized! July 27, 2014
How else can this product be used? So far it works for T-shirts but haven't found a way to use it for towels or anything else. If it hadn't been on sale, I wouldn't have bought it, and it was still pricey for what it does. July 18, 2014
Flip & Fold Tidy way to quickly fold shirts & T-shirts. Adult size is to big to do a good job folding small or medium woman T-shirts. July 10, 2014
Super cool product! This s an amazing product! They are bit big but they can be stored easily as they can be folded. Folding t shirts is now fun i should say! The shirts are perfectly folded and they make the closet look so perfect! Dont even hesitate buying this product! It d save you time and space! July 10, 2014
I just found a new UNIQUE bridal shower gift The best thing for folding. Love it!!! Can't say enough! June 20, 2014
Saves valuable hanging space ! After I re did our closet, I decided to use this folding board to fold all my previously hanging tops. WOW I gained a ton of hanging space, and now have an organized closet. I will never regret buying this. June 20, 2014
Incredible Product While in the Dallas area recently I saw a young man at one of the outlet malls folding tee shirts with a flip fold device. They all came out perfectly. I literally ran over to him so he could tell me about this wonderful product. He said it was the only way they could keep their store neat and in order. He told me to go to the Container Store which was located in the same outlet mall. I couldn't wait to get one of my own. When we got back home to Virginia, I folded every tee shirt we had, including my husbands tee shirts in the dresser drawers. They are all so perfect and take up so little space. We have shelves in the closet and I'm proud to say it looks like a department store. I even put like colors together like in the store. Whenever we have company, I have to show them our closet and give a demonstration of the flip fold. June 19, 2014
Timesaver! The flip and fold give uniform folds to all items, has increased my drawer space and makes my closet look even neater. A must have for every laundry room!! June 16, 2014
Saves tons of space! I love this FlipFold laundry folder. I really debated on getting because I wasn't sure I would use it. Now, I'm SO thankful I did! I have transformed my dresser and there is so much more space, and you can see everything instead of it being in stacks! I love it! Even my boyfriend is hooked on it (and he sometimes kids me about being so OCD)! I just wish I had gotten one sooner! June 9, 2014
Makes folding fun This makes folding fun, and the resulting piles of folded clothes turn out neat and tidy, saving room in our drawers. I couldn't fold without it now! May 3, 2014
recommended Sheldon is right. now I'm kool. Hope I meet a Penny too. May 3, 2014
Closet solution Best way to organize your closet is by using the flip fold clothing folder. It is easy and quick to use. I was sceptic at fist but after a few folds here and there I was hooked and ready to get my t shirts organized :) May 2, 2014
Fun folding Best for getting tight folds and for fitting more into drawers as a result. Stored between wall and dresser, standing up, fits into a couple of inches of otherwise wasted space. Husband and daughter are motivated to fold and put away laundry, another plus! Best of all, I bought it in a Container Store sale. I didn't bother with the junior size because my child is now petite lady size! April 28, 2014
Best Closet Organizer! As soon as I saw this online, I immediately knew it would be the best way to organize my closet. Before I purchased this item, I tried many other ways of organizing, like using baskets. But, the stacks always were different sizes and tilted to the side. After I bought this item, I tried using it for my t-shirts first, and loved the way the stacks stood very tall and straight. Then I tried the rest of my shirts, and both stacks were the same size and shape! The FlipFOLD also does not slow you down in folding. In all, I highly recommend the FlipFOLD to anyone, especially those seeking an organized closet. April 27, 2014
makes a 51 y/o man WANT to do the laundry i cannot believe how wonderful this product is. folding t shirts is the one 'DREADED' part of doing laundry for me; my partner and I have to trade off doing this tedious time consuming chore. Well, no more!!!! now, we fight to DO the laundry. i really appreciate it's ingenuity and ease of use. it makes me, at 51 years old, WANT to do the laundry. thanks April 26, 2014
One of my favorite products I LOVE this flip fold. When I first saw this I read how people loved it and I thought they were crazy. Now I understand. My husband and I will sometimes fight over who does it. Using it just makes everything so much neater. Your shirts just fit better and they are all uniform. The towels are the same. It only takes a minute to do it. We were packing to go away and we were amazed at how much less space our shirts took when we folded our shirts with this flip fold. When you use this to fold your shirts you can neatly store them in the 6-Compartment Canvas Hanging Sweater Bag. Is it a needed item, no. Is it a very useful and fun item? It sure is. April 26, 2014
Love theFlipFOLD I purchased the Original and the Junior size FlipFOLD pair, to help wrangle the mountains of clothing taking over our house. After seeing the FlipFOLD one evening, I made a cardboard one, to "test-drive" the concept, and was immediately hooked. Folding laundry was actually fun! At 1:00 am I was looking around the house for things to fold! I ordered the real deal that day. When I purged and reorganized my son's room, I used the FlipFOLDs for his shirts, then folded them in half again, and "filed" them in his drawer. Not only is the drawer neater, but I was able to fit more shirts in the drawer! And, now he can see exactly which shirt he wants, without having to dig for it, and he doesn't forget about those shirts that used to be at the bottoms of the stacks in the drawer. My husband wasn't completely convinced of the space savings, so I reorganized his over-stuffed dresser - while he watched. I folded his clothes with the FlipFOLDs, even added some shirts and a couple of sweaters from his closet, and he ended up with an organized dresser, and an empty drawer left over! He's hooked, too! My son (10 yrs.) & daughter (14 yrs.) love using the FlipFOLDs, too. My son still keeps the cardboard version in his room - for "emergency" re-folds. Haha! I've made a lot of "gadget" purchases over the years, and the FlipFOLD is one of my favorites! It's a simple and brilliant solution, which does exactly what it claims. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to add some order to their clothing and linen storage, and have a little fun while doing it... April 25, 2014
Excellent Folding Tool After seeing this product used during a television show, I thought it would be interesting to try it and see if it really worked. Well, it does! It quickly and neatly folds t-shirts. The only drawback is that if you wear more fitted, women's t-shirts, the product doesn't work as well with those. I might recommend trying the junior size for those. April 25, 2014
Amazing I know , you may ask.. Why do you need an extra tool around the house to fold clothes. The reason is unless you have been employed at the Gap to fold clothes you will want this to make your closet look like a showroom. With three Easy flips you have perfectly folded shirts! April 25, 2014
Worth Every Penny! I'm very OCD when it comes to folding clothes so it usually takes me awhile to get them "right". Since I despise the folding part of laundry, I finally broke down and bought a FlipFOLD. I can fold shirts, pants, sweaters, or towels, in just a few minutes and they come out perfect every single time. Now, I walk around looking for new things to fold instead of dreading it. My only regret is not buying one sooner. April 25, 2014
Happy Customer I have been wanting a laundry folder for several years. (My daughter has one but I hadn't been able to locate one on the internet until recently.) Our family wears a lot of t-shirts and it's difficult to fold them all the same size every time by guessing. With the FlipFOLD Laundry Folder each t-shirt is folded the same size for nice storing on the shelf or in a drawer. I can store it along side my compact washer / dryer when not in use. April 25, 2014
fast and easy folder Fun to use. Makes my t shirts neat. Also works for pants. April 25, 2014
Flip & Fold helps people with disabilities! I am a Special Education Teacher in a High School and have purchased this to help my students with physical disabilities and limited range of motion. This product helps my students accomplish the daily living task of folding laundry with minimal assistance from staff!!! April 10, 2014
Love it! I want to fold everything now that I have this! Really does give me more room in my dresser drawers now that everything is so neatly folded. April 9, 2014
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