Hamper with Wheels

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Hamper with Wheels

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Laundry Day--Endless Possibilities!
5 out of 5

Picture this: Remembering it is the day we all dread, LAUNDRY DAY!!! Bad enough that you have to collect all your containers that you use for the clothes, etc. then drag it to the washer, wherever that may be. It is a nails on the chalkboard event. Now picture this: A wheeled container with a lid and handle that is so light-weight that you...

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tips over, handle not sturdy
2 out of 5

I was very excited to get this hamper after I had ordered it online. Love the fact that is has wheels. However, once I got it I quickly noticed how easily it tips over when standing in our bedroom which has carpet. It is more stable on wooden floor. However, it tipped over again after I unloaded the clothes in the laundry-room which is not...

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Hamper with Wheels 4.8 5 104 104
Nice. Fits easily into small spaces. The design is nice. If you have a limited amount of spaces in an apartment it is the perfect design. July 20, 2014
Great! I moved into a new apartment complex and my unit doesn't have a washer/dryer so I am going to have to haul my clothes to the "laundry center" to wash them. I refuse to do that without a hamper with wheels, and of course The Container Store had exactly what I wanted. June 16, 2014
love this hamper this is so convenient to use. i just fill it with dirty clothes and take it to the laundry place and wash the clothes. Perfect size for me for two week laundry. June 9, 2014
Great Product This is exactly what I wanted. A light weight yet sturdy non-cloth hamper, with wheels so that I can easily get my laundry down the hall to the laundry room in my condo.I cannot use a cloth hamper due to allergies to dust mites. The size is perfect for a week's load of laundry for two adults. May 4, 2014
Best hamper ever! I love, love, love this hamper. It's very sturdy, and easy to wheel down to the laundry room in my apartment building. No more lifting bulky and heavy laundry baskets! April 25, 2014
Excellent of Physically Challenged People I bought for my husband, who is mobility challenged. He loves it because it is so easy to use. He doesn't have to depend on someone else (ME!) to do his laundry. April 25, 2014
Really makes laundry alot easier! This hamper makes laundry so much easier!! Since I have a bad back not having to lift the hamper to move it around makes it so much better! It hold sooo much laundry and is easy to wheel around! THANK YOU! April 25, 2014
You NEED one! One of my favorite purchases from the Container Store. This laundry hamper is sturdy and holds at least 2 large loads of clothes and bed linens. Love the retractable handle, and wheels make it so handy for apartment living, especially where you need to travel down to a shared laundry room. I think it is perfect. What more could you ask for unless you'd like it in colors? Not a bad idea! April 25, 2014
Exceeded Expectations These hampers are atttractive and well-made - not flimsy at all. I bought 2 of these for my boyfriend to haul to the laundramat, and he loves them. They are sturdy and durable. He is 6-ft talls and says that the handle height is perfect. I'm glad I bought these! April 19, 2014
nice wheels I love that this hamper has wheels. Easy to roll right to the washing machine. Very nice! April 18, 2014
This hamper has made transporting laundry from my little NYC apartment down to the basement laundry facility so much easier! No more strain on my back from trying to lug around a heavy hamper! April 2, 2014
Perfect Hamper Our household uses many occupational therapy aids and this hamper is perfect for this household. It is light, easy to manage and moves easily over carpet or vinyl flooring. I would Highly recommend this product. March 21, 2014
Great Laundry Basket We purchased this about a month ago and it has been fantastic. The durable wheels make it possible for my three yr old to move from place to place, which has helped her learn to follow instructions and actually be able to carry them out. The lid keeps all the clothes inside when she rolls it around. It is large enough to hold an entire load of laundry but small enough that is can be easily moved. February 25, 2014
Great for College Dorm This was one of our best purchases for our son's transition to dorm life. The laundry is several buildings away from his dorm. This hamper is big enough that he does not need to do laundry every week, but does not take up a lot of space in his small dorm. When he is ready to do laundry, it is easy to transport due to the wheels and the retractable handle. February 15, 2014
Lifesaver This is a terrific product. It holds more than you think - at least 2 loads in my case - and the wheels and retractable handle are very convenient. It looks nice in my bathroom and doesn't take up too much space. They should make this in a few different colors and sizes. I wouldn't mind it being even bigger. I would also be interested in a higher end version that is built more sturdy including the wheels. but, hey, it's just laundry. Also, it's light weight and easy to carry. December 18, 2013
Fantastic buy for Dorm This was a great buy. I live on campus, and needed something easily transportable to the laundry room. I've gotten lots of compliments on it. It's nice and big so I don't have to take multiple trips. I love this. November 24, 2013
Excellent quality and amazing price. I saw other products like this for 3x the price. Was amazed to find that this product was the same as the others. Very pleased! November 23, 2013
Best hamper we own I purchased this hamper last year for other family members. It is so convenient and easy to use - just wheel it to the laundry room, no lifting needed. It is compact, holds plenty of clothes and so now I bought one for myself. I don't know why I waited so long to buy one for myself. October 31, 2013
It works Great laundry basket. Makes moving my laundry to the garage so much easier. The handle goes down so the door to the washing mashine doesn't hit it. Makes things easier. October 11, 2013
Great product Saw an older lady with one & I searched online until I found it. I am so pleased, I already bought one for a friend & she is happy with hers as well. October 8, 2013
Laundry Day--Endless Possibilities! Picture this: Remembering it is the day we all dread, LAUNDRY DAY!!! Bad enough that you have to collect all your containers that you use for the clothes, etc. then drag it to the washer, wherever that may be. It is a nails on the chalkboard event. Now picture this: A wheeled container with a lid and handle that is so light-weight that you practically glide to the washer. Whether you are washing at home or at the Laundromat. The slim line hamper takes up less room and the wheels and handle make it one less laborious task. The stores I frequented no longer carried these hampers. I was heartbroken because I fell in love with them. When I finally found them I ordered two. My 80 year old mother asked me where I got them from. I let her use one of mine. She was so happy because she can easily walk with her cane AND wheel the hamper to the laundryroom! Of course I will be ordering a replacement but I just want to say thank you so much Container Store! October 5, 2013
Great for College I have 2 daughters in college and they LOVE this hamper. Don't waste your money on those collapsible ones which you have to replace every year if not more often. September 22, 2013
Very Pleased with this Hamper I ordered this hamper on wheels for my mom who had just moved into a high rise apt complex for seniors. The laundry room of the complex is on the 1st floor - she is on the 4th. I worried about her carrying a basket full of clothes plus her soap so knew something on wheels was needed. I went online and dd a search and found this. She received it last week and is thrilled. She has used it twice and has called to thank me each time. She said it rolls great, holds a lot, and is easy to use. I would highly recommend this product. Thanks so much. September 2, 2013
Rolling Hamper This product is incredibly helpful for college students in dorms or anyone who has to travel outside of home for laundry. It is durable and the size is perfect. The only thing is that the handle is a bit flimsy, but as long as you're not carrying around 100 pounds in it, I'm sure it would be fine! August 22, 2013
Extremely pleased! I can attest that this hamper is very durable and has lasted me far longer than multiple other rolling hampers. For 10+ years now, I've lived in apartment buildings with laundry rooms outside my unit, so I've had to do a fair amount of transporting. Much expensive models have fallen apart on me, but this one's been a gem. July 5, 2013
Love This I have had a hamper on wheels before but it was one of those popup hampers. After it got wet, the bottom sank and rubbed against the ground and the wheels became very squeaky. I love this hamper because I know the plastic wont sink and its a very convenient and sturdy hamper. Glad I purchased. Great Price Also!! June 28, 2013
A good solution Bought this hamper for an elderly relative who prefers to do her own laundry. This solves the trip to the laundry room problem. The item is sturdy, wheels easily and is easy to wipe clean. May 13, 2013
Hamper with wheels Wow, I'm so glad I found this for my daughter. She is training to be a massage therapist and she needed a hamper for the sheets she uses during her clinic. This has made her ability to keep the sheets together at the clinic and get them home to be washed with very little effort. April 27, 2013
Every apartment dweller needs this! I don't know why everyone living in a building with a basement laundry room doesn't have one of these! (I eventually bought a second one, one for warm-water laundry and one for cold!) I've never found anything else which is just perfect for putting in dirty laundry and taking it to and from the laundry room. I've seen people using shopping baskets but they aren't built for this purpose - items can fall out on the way unless the basket is lined. This one is even a good size, because it accommodates just about one regular load; once it's full, you know it's time to do a wash. Absolutely worth it - may they never stop making them! April 26, 2013
Happpy Find! Just recommended this perfect hamper to a lady in the laundry room in my condo building. She was so thrilled to learn about it, as I was when I saw it! I couldn't have designed one better and am so happy that I have it. Instead of tying a bathrobe belt to a laundry basket to drag it I now have wheels!! Also, can't stop without thanking you for the great curb drive-up service. Don't have to park, it is paid for online by my credit card and they bring your purchase right to your car. Wish I could buy everything I shop for from you! April 7, 2013
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