Mesh Wash Bags

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Mesh Wash Bags

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Exactly What I Wanted
5 out of 5

I bought 4 of these bags to separate out socks and underwear for all 4 family members. These bags washed well and dried well while being 3/4 full.

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Good for some items but not all
3 out of 5

This product is great for larger items like delicate sweaters or hoisery but is definitely not good for any items that have hooks such as bras. The openings in the mesh are too large and during the washing process the hooks get caught and cause quite the tangle.

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Mesh Wash Bags 4.3 5 24 24
Large mesh laundry bags I washed 3 delicate tops in each bag, and a dress to wear to my neices wedding in a 3d bag that I already own. They were all hung to dry and came out beautifully. I also want to rave about the sectioned tube bag that holds bras and hosery and scarves in separate sections. Great.I went back to purchase the 2 large bags because i liked the one I purchased with the tube bag. It was was so fantastic. I go to my store at least once a week to just look around. April 23, 2014
Works well It worked very well, held a large amount and everything was protected and washed. April 15, 2014
Exactly What I Wanted I bought 4 of these bags to separate out socks and underwear for all 4 family members. These bags washed well and dried well while being 3/4 full. May 4, 2013
looks good! i haven't actually used this product yet but it's similar to others i have used in the past, but appears a little more sturdy. i will give it a whirl and see how it holds up! February 27, 2013
Best Mesh Bag LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this mesh bag! It's made very well and the price is easy on the wallet. Great for wet workout clothes & lingerie. The zipper is hidden so it doesn't catch on other delicates in washer. Thank you Container Store! January 28, 2013
not the best They're okay, but I will spend more money next time on the Tide or Woolite bags. The mesh isn't as fine with this, and one of the metal pieces that holds the zipper in place snagged and ended up squarely in the middle of the bag after one regular wash cycle. It's find to stash my fiance's shirts in (large enough) but I wouldn't trust my dresses or nice shirts. July 13, 2012
Great! Never had one of these before but I am pleased with the quality and size of the bag. The one thing I wish it had was a loop so I could hang it up when it is not in use. But the holes are big enough that I can use those...just have to watch when I take it down as not to rip it. June 29, 2012
Need a hang tab Love the bag. But it needs some sort of hook so that I can hang it in my laundry area when not in use. I have a strip of hooks for this sort of thing and I don't know what to do with this particular bag because it does not have any sort of hangers. No fabric loop and the zipper does not have a loop on it. I will probably find some way to put a hook on it. June 4, 2012
Needs stronger mesh The large bag I got has only been through the wash about a dozen times, and already the mesh is getting big holes in the middle of one side. The bag is well sewn and well designed, but what good is it if the contents fall out holes in the side? I'd rather pay more for a bag with strong mesh that lasts longer. I won't buy one again unless they are improved with more durable fabric. May 24, 2012
Must have Must have for bras and other delicates. Also great for items that have long ties that get wrapped around your other clothes when you wash them together (like belts on your robes, etc.), and stuff with beading that may get caught on things. May 5, 2012
Faulty zipper Maybe I got a dud, but the zipper on one of my bags broke within a few weeks. It was always getting stuck, and one day I had to cut the bag to get my clothes out. I also wish the zipper pull itself would be a bit smoother or more rounded. I'm always afraid that it will damage the other delicates in the load. (I have other mesh bags that have better zipper pulls; otherwise I probably wouldn't have noticed this detail.) March 19, 2012
Will snag This bag has the same problem that many other mesh wash bags have. The metal zipper stop at the top will snag other clothing in the washer. I removed it and replaced it with some thread, but I hate having to do this. Otherwise the product seems fine - nice and large. March 19, 2012
No more lost socks! We keep one of these in the master bedroom, and one in my son's room. At the end of the day, all socks go in the bags. The bag can go in any wash, and the socks come out clean, and all together. No more mismatches! Happy mama! March 1, 2012
Great Bags These are great laundry bags. I purchased the large since the small one pictured seemed a tad too small for my needs. The large is a tad to big--I really need a medium size one--as it is the same size as a standard pillowcase. Still, it's a great back and I like the zipper is folded in and not at the edge of the bag. October 11, 2011
a problem solved For years I've been annoyed with laundry bags for delicates-zippers that won't stay closed even when new-the money down the drain. This time I went to the Container Store as it's their business to find the best. These bags are great and though it's a small problem in life, it's one less problem to deal with. Thank you! October 7, 2011
best lingerie bags you can find these are perfect for socks, bras, you name it! the material is soft and the zipper is strong. and the price is unbeatable. February 15, 2011
Good for some items but not all This product is great for larger items like delicate sweaters or hoisery but is definitely not good for any items that have hooks such as bras. The openings in the mesh are too large and during the washing process the hooks get caught and cause quite the tangle. February 15, 2011
Far better than other bags I have tried I have been using this product for several months. The fine mesh used in its design is far superior to the last 2 or 3 wash bags I have had. I have a PVC laundry bag holder also from The Container Store and the piece that holds the laundry bags in place will also slip over this (when in an opened position) and keep it handy to place things in immediately so I don't forget about them when it is time to wash. I just bought one for my daughter, too. January 27, 2011
Great bag This is great for sweaters with beads, or any item that seems to snag itself to other items while washing, or stretches out easily. I keep my mesh bag in the bottom of my laundry hamper - it's there when I sort clothes for washing,and is used in almost every load. Very durable, one of my best buys. December 31, 2010
Well Made Much better than I have found anywhere else. I hope they continue to hold up so far so great! May 7, 2010
love these I had one of these but decided to get another because I use them for so much! They are great for my daughter's tights and my baby boy's bibs (those velcro closures love to stick to everything and can really ruin clothing). These keep me (and my clothes!) happy. April 29, 2010
Great for Hand Washables in the Washer Useful for keeping bras or sweaters safe in the washer. There's no tangling. April 5, 2010
Best Solution for a Tangled Mess in Washer! I own a busy catering service and we always have lots of aprons to wash. The aprons have long strings that, if left on their own wrap around the agitator, causing damage. Also, it usually took about 30 minutes or untangle the strings and it was an extreme waste of time! One of my employees thought if we could wash the aprons in big mesh bags that would help. I looked everywhere, and the only place I found them large enough was the Container Store. Problem solved!!! March 3, 2010
I haven't lost a pair yet! Items that need handwashing or delicate cycle can be a hastle. This bag provides you with great protection for your intimates when throwing them in the washer/dryer with other non-delicate items. I haven't had to toss out a ruined pair of anything yet! March 3, 2010
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