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Lingerie Drying Rack

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Works for drying herbs too!
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I use this for drying clumps of herbs from my garden. I just use twisty-ties to bind bunches of herbs together and then clip them to the rack. Afterward, I seal the dried herbs in small glass quattro stagioni jars from TCS's Food Storage section, and I have freshly dried organic herbs to use all winter! So much better than store bought...

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Lingerie Drying Rack 4.8 5 39 39
This is a great lingerie dryer:-) This is a perfect little item for drying bras, not to put them in the dryer.:-) When not in use, store flat. What a great little invention. June 27, 2014
works well terrific for hanging lingerie... doesn't take up much space... recommend May 25, 2014
Great for travel This laundry rack folds flat to fit in my suitcase. Hangs nicely in hotel shower. April 26, 2014
Great hanger. Love that you can quickly whisk it away if company arrives! April 25, 2014
Best travel dryer ever! I bought this little dryer to take on a trip to Africa. It was the best! I used it to hang my underwear and socks every night after rinsing them out. I was able to hang it on a towel rack or shower bar and in a few hours I had clean, dry underwear. It folds almost flat for packing and seems to be made of durable plastic. It's so good, I'm going back to get another one! Thanks, Container Store! August 5, 2013
Excellent product I have a condition that requires the use of 10 - 10' to 20' length ace wrap style bandages. They have to be hung up to dry and I have to do this on a daily basis. This well made little gizmo is absolutely perfect for my needs and has made my life so much easier. There is enough space between clips that everything dries easily and quickly. The clips aren't flimsy and easily breakable. I also use one above my sink to dry wash rags, towels and plastic baggies. I use it to dry herbs also. I put it to good use with a dozen other tasks. If I had a complaint... it would be that the collapsible hanging hook doesn't have the capacity to lock into place firmly. Key word here is firmly. It collapses fairly easily and often it takes more than one try to hang it over a rod. This can be frustrating when it is loaded with wet bandages that are heavy and awkward and the hook collapses over and over. Of course, you have to take into consideration I am dealing with a handicap where the act of hanging something up isn't the simple act it once was... It would be a perfect product if the hanger would snap into place and stay stable when you need it to, then collapse for storage. Overall though, that isn't enough to take away the five star rating. Wouldn't be without it. Plan on buying a couple of more. This is a really great product. July 28, 2013
Great! I like to dry most of my clothes on a drying rack. This little gem works great for all lingerie: bras, socks, undies, pantyhose etc. It's sturdy and the clips are well made. I just hang it on my shower rod and everything is dry in a day. The hanger folds down for easy storage. June 28, 2013
Love this drying rack This is one of the best purchases ever. With three young women in the house there are always tiny undies to dry and lots of bras. Can get a large amount of drying done in a small space. No more undies drying everywhere. Great item. May 31, 2013
Great little gadget. This has been a product that I have purchased several times. I want one in each bathroom and in each closet! I take it on cruises! There are two in my laundry room for hanging our unmentionables for drip drying. Hang hats, scarfs, belts. Buy it and love it! April 26, 2013
Good for Travel This lingerie drying rack is nifty for travel. One can wash out and hang a bra and a pair or two of undies at the same time. Each clip doesn't hold much in weight though, so loss of one star. Sometimes just using a hanger makes more sense because it can handle more weight. Still, price of this is pretty reasonable so it should be something in every woman's travel kit. April 23, 2013
Perfect for my small laundry room I like that the rack can rotate 360 degrees and the small footprint it has so it's not taking over the little space I have in the laundry room/ April 14, 2013
Perfect, handy Of course use for Bras but also great for air drying microfiber cloths. April 8, 2013
wonderful gadget This drying rack, which I fondly refer to as "an underwear carousel," is a clever way to air dry multiple delicate lingerie items at one time. I love this rack and have two of them and even gave one as a gift to my mom for a gift. I use this for drying underwear and socks. March 21, 2013
You Can't Wear it Out I've had this drying rack since the 80's. I've put it in the top rack of the dish washer a few times to knock the dust off. We live in Alaska now, and use this drying rack every week to hang-dry our wool socks. Still works, still looks good. Wish I could say the same for myself! March 2, 2013
Good way to dry nylons and scarves I bought this to dry my nylons and scarves on. I will be purchasing a second one to store my scarves on in my closet. March 2, 2013
Handy Great item and easy to use. Hangs in small places too. February 19, 2013
The shower bar is no more! I really hate hanging my lingerie in the bathroom because inevitably I forget when a guest comes over unexpectedly and sees them. These clips hang on a shelf in the laundry room. Who visits your laundry room when they come over? July 22, 2012
Very handy! I have several of these and I use them every time I do laundry. I agree with another reviewer, it would be handy if the clips were not quite as close together, but given that they rotate and fold flat for storage and haven't broken despite months of regular use, I can't complain too much. ;) April 30, 2012
Solidly built but clips are too close together Clips are too close together so if you hang small items such as socks, they touch or are very close to each other and therefore take longer to dry. March 15, 2012
Love it This little hanger is kind of weird looking but working perfectly for me. I am traveling for 3 weeks and don't have much space to hang bathing suits and lingerie to dry. This hangs from the shower bar and holds even lightweight towels. I am sure I will find uses for it at home too. March 7, 2012
Cute!!!! I loooveeee not having to bring a gigantic drying rack with me for my delicates at college. I hung it right under my bed close to the front so it can be out of sight but still accessible. So cute! August 23, 2011
Terrific product, I bought 3! I love this drying rack. I use it to hang cloth diaper covers and waterproof bibs that should be line dried. I actually bought 3 and recommended the product to my mom who then bought 2 for her delicates. August 13, 2011
Cute and helpful Works well for light items, but not heavy clothing. Good idea to use for gloves and scarves in closet! February 23, 2011
Great space saver! Had one of these for ten years. It got me through dorm rooms, small apartments, and is still useful with a real laundry room. Lost the old one and just purchased this again. Great hostess/housewarming gift, too! February 15, 2011
Have two want three! First one was a gift, bought a 2nd, can use a third. I hang dry most lingerie, running/workout clothes, other synthetics, and these hang right above my machine on a hanging rod. Very handy, and clips have held up well. February 5, 2011
handy item for variety of things This holds socks and other small items. I like to hang things - an energy saver. January 11, 2011
Great for RV Hangs great on Awning for drying items while using our RV January 10, 2011
Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda Wish I'd ordered this long ago; it's the perfect way to dry bras in a small space. I can also see where it'd be great to hang sweaty workout gear. November 16, 2010
Works for drying herbs too! I use this for drying clumps of herbs from my garden. I just use twisty-ties to bind bunches of herbs together and then clip them to the rack. Afterward, I seal the dried herbs in small glass quattro stagioni jars from TCS's Food Storage section, and I have freshly dried organic herbs to use all winter! So much better than store bought seasonings! October 9, 2010
portable lingerie drying rack Perfect rack for drying lingerie in small spaces. Because it folds, it's great for travel. August 12, 2010
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