Acrylic 20-Bottle Spice Rack

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Acrylic 20-Bottle Spice Rack

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LOVVVVVVVING my Spice Racks!!!!
5 out of 5

I love to cook.......but I have such a small house and my spice bottles were LOST in the cabinets. Didn't make it much fun sometimes searching for things or buying something I KNEW I had but couldn't find. I bought two of these spice racks, and as you can see from the picture, I only have a few more to fill!!!!! I have a label maker and...

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Nice, but small containers
3 out of 5

I bought this to hold all my spices and to get a little more organized. Unfortunately the jars are too small to fit the whole bottle of spices, so now I have 2 bottles per spice. However it is a nice construction

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Acrylic 20-Bottle Spice Rack 4.7 5 34 34
Great space saver! This spice rack cleared up SO much space on my kitchen counter! It holds 20 bottles and comes with lots of labels, some blank, so you can custom design according to you needs. Great idea! March 23, 2012
Good product/missing a component Love the spice rack. Sits right next to my stove and everything is easily within reach. Was able to alphabetize spices. Unfortunately, my box was missing the adhesive labels. So I had to grab some from the office supply store. They weren't the same size, but they did the job. Hoping that was just a glitch with my box. June 17, 2014
Good but could be better I like the design. The bottles don't get knocked over and the labels are easy to see. I have this hanging on my pantry wall. I like the glass bottles, but I find the plastic tops difficult to open for larger spices. The holes on the plastic caps are a little smaller than on the name brand spice containers in the store. That is good for fine spices, not so for larger spices such as parsley. I know I can leave the plastic caps off, but I wish the caps came with a tab that lifts up allowing more spice to come out such as on many bought spices. I don't want to have to spoon out spices. February 19, 2014
Spice rack Very good quality, I like it very much. Sturdy and good glass bottles. December 16, 2013
Acrylic 20 Bottle spice rack I have been looking everywhere, in stores and online, for a spice rack that takes up little space yet holds a lot of spices. This fills the bill nicely! I bought 2 of them, and have them standing on my counter top, near the stove, beautifully alphabetized for convenience. They look nice, take up very little counter top real estate, and are so quick and easy to use. Very happy! There was one broken bottle upon delivery, and customer service had the replacement at my doorstep almost immediately. I love that the jars are glass rather than plastic, and they appear to be air tight, which has been a problem with other storage systems. I am totally pleased! October 17, 2013
Wonderful for organizing my spices, easy to see, secure lids May 4, 2013
Solid Spice Rack This spice rack met my expectations. It is very sturdy and can be hung up but I use it on my countertop. I like that the design is simple and colorless; it's subtle. The jars themselves are sturdy and of adequate size. I was able to throw away most of the manufacturers' spice containers after I transferred the spices. The end result was more space and neatly organized spices that are easy to access while cooking. April 26, 2013
LOVVVVVVVING my Spice Racks!!!! I love to cook.......but I have such a small house and my spice bottles were LOST in the cabinets. Didn't make it much fun sometimes searching for things or buying something I KNEW I had but couldn't find. I bought two of these spice racks, and as you can see from the picture, I only have a few more to fill!!!!! I have a label maker and made my own labels for the things that didn't come pre-printed.....wanted it to look the same. Not perfect, but not totally obnoxious either! Oh yea, and my OCD has me putting them in alphabetical order. January 28, 2013
Just What I Was Looking For This spice rack is exactly what I was looking for. August 20, 2012
Great Pruduct I had installed a small wood slat to the top of the side of our refrigerator, and the rack screwed onto that easily. Because the rack tilts slightly to the back at the bottom, bottles stay in snugly and are easy to see and remove. Great space saver; you might need a sllightly larger area for other spices you use a great deal such as salt & pepper and sugar. July 1, 2012
The most user-friendly spice rack I've found! This rack has everything! I could choose my own spices matching the pre-printed lables provided, and I used the blank labels for additional personal favorites. The bottles hold enough to make them useful, and the rack fits anywhere: countertop, cupboard, or hung on the wall. I cook a lot, so my husband gave me TWO racks for Christmas and they stand side by side against the wall under my cupboards. 40 spices take up almost no counter space!!! I just bought one for my mother, who loves it too. Makes cooking so enjoyable! June 5, 2012
Purchased Two I bought one of these for my mom last year and she loved it. Since then she started to bake more and I bought a second one for her additional spices. They are great space savers, hold plenty of the spice to get rid of most jars or to leave only a few for topping off the small containers. This makes the spices super easy to get to and the jars are easy to clean. June 1, 2012
Spices in Order Was tired of miscellaneous sized spice bottles I had so I transferred the spice contents into this organized spice rack. Can sit on counter upright or can be attached to wall. April 27, 2012
keeps my spices organized! I looked quite awhile and finally decided to go with this for my kitchen spices. I like how it's easy to clean and see all of the spices easily. The only downside is that the bigger bottles of spices will still leave you with some left over. Otherwise, they've been a great investment. March 19, 2012
Nice, but small containers I bought this to hold all my spices and to get a little more organized. Unfortunately the jars are too small to fit the whole bottle of spices, so now I have 2 bottles per spice. However it is a nice construction March 8, 2012
My husband loves it! I got this for my husband for a Valentines gift, he loves to cook and our old spice rack had a bunch of broken bottles and it was just un-organized. He loves it this spice rack, the bottles are a great size and there were so many labels he now feels he needs another rack to add more spices. :) It fits perfectly into our cabinet and we are able to put things behind it and still can see whats back there because the rack is see through. Over all, love it! February 27, 2012
SPACE SAVING!!!!!! We thought we moved into a bigger place but surprise, we couldn't fit our spices anywhere until we found this Acrylic 20-Bottle Spice Rack! It's PERFECT!!!! January 20, 2012
Perfect spice Storage My foodie son has 50+ spices and needed a way to organize them better than what he had which was a wire multi-level over the door hanger unit that was too small for his needs. Plus since there were two rows of bottles on each level, the first row of spices hid the names of the second row of bottles so sometimes it took him awhile to find the spice he was looking for. I looked at all the stores in my area and the Internet until I found these sturdy racks at The Container Store. These strong, thick acrylic units are "single spaced" and hold 20 bottles each. Since I bought him 3 racks, he'll have room for a little bit of expansion. The racks can be mounted on the back of a door, on a wall or they are thin enough to sit out of the way at the back of his counter space which is where he plans on putting them. He loves them and I feel that not only were they what he needed but they were also the best quality of all the racks I looked at. December 30, 2011
I love this. I used to have an entire shelf of my cabinet filled with a jumble of spices that made it difficult to find any (or to remember to use my less common spices). Now they're beautifully organized and labeled, so my shelf is now available for other uses, and it's much easier to use all my spices. Only two minor problems: the jars are a little smaller than your typical spice jar, so you may have a little of the spice leftover, and I would love it if they provided more of the blank labels, since most of my spices are not the typical spices that they include on the printed labels. Otherwise, I really love it! December 8, 2011
Great spice rack that finally met my goals I've been searching for a spice rack for about four years now. I don't have a lot of cabinet space and while I'd prefer to keep my spices closer (like in a kitchen drawer near my stove), I just don't have space for that. With that said, I really don't want to use valuable counter space or other space for a spice rack. I also didn't want to waste money (or spices) on a pre-filled rack as most of those don't include the types of spices I wanted or used. As I walked through our Container Store once again looking for a spice rack, I happened upon this one and it seemed to meet all of my goals. When I got it home, it was easy to load the spices into the jars and the included, pre-printed labels worked great for my more common spices. I hand printed with a sharpie on the blank labels for my spices that were less common. I'm about ready to go buy a second one of these as one wasn't enough for my whole spice collection. The photo I've included shows the filled spice rack hanging on the wall in my pantry. October 23, 2011
Great Spice Rack! I already owned a bunch of spices and this spice rack was a great way to store them in my pantry. Plus, I love the clean look. The bottles are a tad too small to fit a full spice bottle, but the smaller half size bottles (like the ones that cream of tartar and ground mustard come in) fit perfectly. These are also great if you purchase spices in bags or in bulk. I liked it so much, I bought a second one. October 11, 2011
works great! i use this to hold my craft paint bottles and works out well for me! August 14, 2011
Worth the quest! I looked at about 30 websites before I found this. So happy with my choice! It is well made, looks great, and has made order of my disarray of spices! Highly recommend this. July 8, 2011
Love this! I purchased this to use in my craft room for scrapbooking. I hung it over my work area and put buttons, brads, etc. in it. It reminds me of what I have to use and is right at my fingertips! Love it!!! May 22, 2011
Acrylic 20-Bottle Spice Rack Love the spice rack. It is nice looking on our counter and very easy to use. I might order another one or pick one up while in Dallas. May 4, 2011
Spices Finally Perfectly Organized I LOVE my new spice racks. I purchased 3, so now all of my spices are always in order and within easy reach. Never again will I have to go through, trying to find the ones I need for my recipes. I love having them all in uniform order, too. I have tried several ways, previously, to try to get them where they are quick and easy to use--FINALLY All My Spices Are In Perfect Order and I can find just what I need in an instant!!! February 14, 2011
Great Quality Product This is exactly what I had been looking for in a spice for a couple of years. I absolutely love it. February 14, 2011
Love this! this spice rack has a nice thin profile. it fits perfectly on my counter and doesn't take up much space. it is just what i needed. February 14, 2011
Best System Ever These spice holders are fantastic! I used to keep all my spices in a cupboard where I couldn't see what I had. I used to detest cooking when it called for multiple spices because it took so long to find them. I ordered 3 of these spice racks and put them up on my wall. I alphabetized all of the spices, and now it's so easy to get what I need. I count this as one of the best purchases I ever made! January 13, 2011
Best spice Rack! I bought this spice rack to be inside my cupborad. It is wonderful! the jars hold quite a bit and you can easily fit a measuring spoon into the jars. January 9, 2011
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