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Water Stop® Gloves

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Makes doing dirty work easy!
5 out of 5

These are great. I can come home from work with nice clothes still on, slip these on and take care of quick chores before running back out. The reason I hate doing dishes is because my hands get dirty, then it goes onto the clothes somehow. These keep your hands clean and your clothes and hands dry (great in the winter). The fold over...

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Product has changed
2 out of 5

I buy a pair of these gloves once a year. They last that long using them every day. That's the good news. The bad news is that I just purchased my third pair and they are not the same gloves as before. The previous ones had no odor. The new ones SMELL AWFUL and are stinking up my entire kitchen and even wafting into the living room. I tried...

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Best gloves ever! I will never buy any other gloves again. These are comfy. Not too tight, not too loose. They keep water off my arms and I love the color. They are awesome! April 27, 2012
Very nice These gloves are thick and do a great job of protecting hands from really hot water. Love them! June 15, 2014
Great Gloves I bought a pair of these gloves for hand-washing my pots and pans and my silverware since I need to be doing so on a daily basis. I've never been good about wearing gloves while washing till now with this pair. I love them so much I returned and bought another pair for scrubbing my floors! The cuff really does work as it's designed. They are very comfortable, and I haven't had them "sweat" on the inside, even after an hour of scrubbing my floors. I highly recommend these! June 3, 2014
BEST RUBBER GLOVES No matter how hot the water, or the cleaning solution, these gloves protect your hands from temperature, household chemicals and keep them dry. I use these gloves for washing dishes/pots, household cleaning and washing my car. Would never want to be without them! April 28, 2014
The Best! These gloves are beyond amazing! Not only do they have the non drip cuff, but fit beautifully and can stand hot hot water! The material doesn't smell bad and they are pretty durable! I have searched for these gloves at many many stores. I recommend you buy two at a time! Love Love Love them! March 18, 2014
Best Gloves Out There! I love these gloves!!! They are comfortable and very easy to get off, which is good because I often have to take them off to attend to my little ones while I'm cleaning the kitchen. The water stop feature is great! I hate when I have water dripping down my arm. A little pricier than other brands but worth it. February 22, 2014
Terrific Gloves The fit is real nice and there is no residue after using them. They were recommended to me by my sister & she was absolutely right. February 19, 2014
love it These are my favorite gloves. I have short stubby fingers and these are the best fitting gloves I've had. January 19, 2014
water stop gloves I hae been using this brand of gloves for mostly washing dishes. They last for months, very durable. November 2, 2013
Product has changed I buy a pair of these gloves once a year. They last that long using them every day. That's the good news. The bad news is that I just purchased my third pair and they are not the same gloves as before. The previous ones had no odor. The new ones SMELL AWFUL and are stinking up my entire kitchen and even wafting into the living room. I tried washing them and hanging them outside to dry but even that did not get rid of the smell. I'm throwing them away. Very disappointed that they changed the manufacturing process of these once perfect gloves. October 24, 2013
Best Gloves Ever I am so happy with these gloves. They fit perfectly, and the good thing is, there are three sizes to choose from. They really stop water from getting inside and they have no holes yet and I have been using them everyday for two and a half weeks. This may not sound like a long time to some of you, but in comparison to some other gloves, it means alot to me. And by the way, they smell soooo good, like vanilla and chocolate... LOL. September 26, 2013
Best rubber gloves ever These gloves last forever, which makes them a bargain. May 26, 2013
I love a good clean! These are the best gloves I have ever found to clean everything squeaky clean with lots of soap & suds, without ever getting myself wet. These gloves keep me dry & my skin doesn't hurt from all that soap, I would otherwise be exposed to. April 13, 2013
A Must Have These gloves are a must have for anyone with sensitive skin. Other gloves only irritated my sensitive skin and so it was difficult washing dishes and cleaning. These gloves not only do not irritate my skin, but are comfortable as well and their long length with the cuffs keep water from getting in. The higher price is offset by how long they last. I always rinse them and dry them before I put them away and one pair lasts me for months and months. I was worried about dropping things with them (as I had that problem with other gloves) but, surprisingly - even with their loose and comfortable fit, they grip really well. I am so grateful to the lady who recommended these gloves to me and I recommend them to everyone - not only those with sensitive skin. March 21, 2013
Best Hand saving gloves I have used these gloves for several years and with sensitive skin they really help with all cleaning products to keep your hands totaly dry. I find they last longer than cheaper gloves , that seem to get a hole in the finger tips, these are well worth the price. Also the long length is a great bonus. I am glad I found this product. Fewjww March 18, 2013
Great for cleaning I love the cuffs that keep water from rolling up your arms. I also love the pink color, adds a little girly touch. Also love how nice they fit on your hands; they aren't so bulky that it is hard to pick up items. I also love that they keep my hands protected from super hot water. My only downside is that even with purchasing the large size, they are hard to take off. I don't have extremely large hands either. It is just a tight fit when taking them off. Something that I can look past, though, with all the other plus points! December 4, 2012
Love the Glove! This is the second pair I've bought. They last a long time unlike those you get at the grocery or big box stores. Very comfortable to wear, do not feel clumsy on your hands. They really stand up to tough jobs. September 26, 2012
Perfect Rubber Gloves Nicest fitting rubber gloves ever. Nice long cuffs, too. August 19, 2012
Finally gloves that fit! These gloves are a perfect fit for small hands. There were so many features about these gloves that I liked, I ordered another pair! The gloves are easy to take on and off, my hands don't get hot when cleaning for extended periods, the roll up cuff works just like it was designed and due to the wonderful fit, I can even pick up small items. These are the best gloves ever! July 22, 2012
Great Gloves These are a thick set of gloves that last a long time. The cuffs naturally bend back so water can't get on your arms. I find that you can "cuff" normal rubber gloves also which is a cheaper option, but these work better. April 29, 2012
Soooo awesome! Love these gloves. Yes, they stop the water. They are also just the right fit and weight (thickness). When I wear them out after several months of everyday use, I go out and buy more. April 28, 2012
Your hands won't sweat in these Ever worn rubber gloves and your hands were sweating so much that you couldn't get them off? Not these. Did dishes on a chilly nite with a sweatshirt on and these gloves kept my sweatshirt sleeves dry! Like them so much that I give them as gifts... April 27, 2012
Best Rubber Gloves Ever I've been using these for six years, now, and I can never go back to any other rubber gloves. These are much thicker than typical rubber gloves, and I never have the problem of the water running up into the gloves, anymore. The only thing they could improve is that they aren't as "sticky" as most rubber gloves, so be careful not to drop breakable things when you're washing dishes! April 27, 2012
Durable gloves that fit petite hands I have very small hands and have a difficult time finding rubber gloves that actually fit. The size SMALL actually is a small! The fold over cuffs really do keep water out of the glove and my hands do not get sweaty since they are able to breathe. Additionally, one pairs lasts me nearly 4-6 months and I wash dishes by hand nearly every day. April 27, 2012
Best Ever!!!! These are the best ever gloves for dishwashing and household cleaning. I'm on my second pair in 5 years.... they last forever. Just bought them for my niece. Great gift for a wedding shower or someone moving into their first place. April 9, 2012
Fabulous These gloves have been great - I use these for all sorts of house-hold cleaning purposes - especially for cleaning nasty bathrooms. They have a great grip to prevent slippery dishes from smashing and the "drip guard" helps prevent nasty water from sliding inside your clean gloves. February 21, 2012
wouldn't use any other gloves These are great -- they fit well (though they run a little small), are comfortable, have grips so you don't drop dishes, and have a little lip so you don't get soaked. Highly recommend. August 23, 2011
great purchase Easy to get on and off. I can use hotter water without burning my hands. Keeps the water from running down my arm. These are my second pair. April 21, 2011
The Best Gloves I have used these for years but have recently been unable to find them locally. I'm very happy that The Container Store sells them. They last longer than other brands. Their extra length and the cuff really do the trick. My only complaint is that they only come in pink (not my favorite color). February 25, 2011
dishes, dishes, and more dishes I am forever washing dishes at the kitchen sink. These gloves protect my hands better than any other brand from hot water and dish soap. No leakage, thick, comfortable, and durable. I don't know what else you could ask for in dish gloves! February 15, 2011
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