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Fridge Monkey

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A Device That Actually Works
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Love it! It really works, and is so much better than using a box, wire organizer/dispenser, or plastic dispenser. It also takes up much less space and is much more stable that the wire/rubber dispensers.

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Very Cool for beverages This is a neat little gizmo that allows you to store up to 10 bottles/cans..pleased with how this seems to open up some space in the fridge... March 23, 2014
Holds wine bottles nicely on their side to keep the cork wet and they will definitely not role. March 4, 2014
Does the Job I bought 2 of these at the store... They are great for stacking cans and bottles in the refridge but you can also use them in the cabinet to stack bottles. I use them with ball jars for storing my canning items. December 12, 2013
Brilliant design Great exercise in minimalist design. I was not sure if it would work for wine bottles when I ordered it but they fit securely and take a minimum of space. I have three bottles on it but another two could be stacked on top. Surprisingly price at the Container Store was about half of A******. Delivery to store service was easy to use as well. September 17, 2013
Great purchase I love it. I wish I had bought 2 instead of 1. Good for bottles or cans. July 7, 2013
Coolest thing ever! We bought a new fridge and discovered that the shelves were too close together to stand pint soda bottles upright. I found this on line and bought two. I can store two six-packs with no problem, and unlike wire can racks, I can move them around if I need more space for leftovers. I also really like the red color, although you can get them in other colors. It makes it easy to see them. I think you might even be able to use these in a cupboard to store canned goods. Super Product! April 14, 2013
So Helpful I currently live with a roommate and we have the fridge split half and half. Since I drink water bottles all the time I have them laying stacked on the bottom shelf and they always rolled around into her side of the fridge. I got the Fridge Monkey and now my bottles stay on my side. Very useful, easy fix, good price. March 22, 2013
Tansformed my garage beer fridge This is absolutely awesome!! My fridge in the garage is so organized with different beers, cokes, kids drinks, etc, it looks great and stores triple what it did before. Guests always comment on it!!! Great purchase. March 19, 2013
better than expected I didn't know if this item would help the bottles rolling around in my fridge - but it really did! Now I have my husband's beer selection neatly stacked and they do not roll around...perfect. Thanks, Container Store! I haven't tried to stack too many as we only keep a few in the fridge at a time, but apparently that could be another added feature. March 14, 2013
Great Stacking Solution These little guys are durable, stackable and don't take up a ton of space like the other products out there. March 11, 2013
Love Love it! This product is the best Fridge Organizer!!! makes my fridge very neat and tidy I find myself going to the fridge and opening it just to look at it :) I will be buying another one in the future :) March 8, 2013
Good idea for your drinks! This product is awesome if you love having bottles in your fridge and your space is limited. Would totally recommend this to a friend. March 8, 2013
Recommended for the "beer frig" We have a second frig we use for beer, sodas, and wiine. The second frig isn't a fancy one - just basic shelves. We use these organizers to store wine laying down, unopened 2 liter sodas laying down, and for beer bottles where we are down to one or two of a variety and have gotten rid of the carton. These little organizers keep everything from rolling around. Love them! March 7, 2013
A real winner! If you have a refrigerator where its difficult to keep bottles of water, diet soda, or other from falling over, and/or rolling to the back of the shelf, the Fridge Monkey is a small effective device to keep these in place and organized. I have 1/2-liter bottles of water, standard sized cans of diet coke, and cans of Starbucks coffee drinks. They had to be on a low shelf. I was always bending over, trying to find the cold bottles and cans which I tried to keep arranged for easy selection. But generally the bottles fell over and the cans rolled around. The Fridge Monkey is a a small piece of red plastic with ridges to secure 3 cans or bottles lying sideways on the refrig shelf. It works. The cans and bottles stay put, and you can pile a couple more cans or bottles on top of the bottom three. Well worth the money. June 26, 2012
Exactly Fits Our Needs We needed a device in our RV to stack our pop or beer. This Fridge Monkey was the perfect answer. May 2, 2012
Great Fridge Organizer This is great for storing glass beer bottles. Keeps them from rolling around or falling out of the fridge. Items can only be stacked two high, any higher and it collapses. March 20, 2012
GREAT purchase! What a simple concept, but it makes such a difference in storing bottles and cans in the fridge. You can also use it to store bottles and cans on shelving, outside of the fridge. March 19, 2012
Great Item Great item, and useful outside the refrigerator on bookshelves also March 16, 2012
great for extra storage This is nice because it does do what it supposed to but does not make you commit to have it all of the time. Low enough profile to place things on top of it if the space is needed. Flat and compact. February 28, 2012
Too small I can't figure out how this thing benefits us...it only holds a few bottles. February 7, 2012
Incredible Space Saver Was skeptical when I bought this, but wow what a great little space saver! Will go back and buy a few more!!! January 9, 2012
great gadget great space saver for fridge. easy to clean. holds cans or bottles January 2, 2012
Awesome! I already owned two of these and just bought two more, they are fantatic for all types of drinks, pop, beer and even juice - love them! December 27, 2011
Great Space Saver I bought these for beer cans. We don't drink much beer, but my husband likes to have some on hand for when the guys stop by. They have saved a lot of space in our crowded fridge. I highly recommend! May 21, 2011
Great bottle holder Love this item for holding bottles of beer/wine in the frig. Also does a good job with cans of soda. May 13, 2011
Great idea Great for cans in the pantry - wish there was a version available with slightly wider-spaced notches for larger diameter items. April 24, 2011
A Device That Actually Works Love it! It really works, and is so much better than using a box, wire organizer/dispenser, or plastic dispenser. It also takes up much less space and is much more stable that the wire/rubber dispensers. October 28, 2010
Great buy This is really a great buy. I love the size of the Fridge Monkey and the fact that you can mix bottles and cans. The only con I see is that when you mix bottles and cans, you have to arrange them with some forethought. Otherwise, as you grab an item, you may find yourself having to rearrange the items. For example, I placed bottles at the bottom and then set cans on top. Later, when I wanted a bottle, I had to take off all the cans and rearrange them back. However, with some forethought, the Fridge Monkey can really be a handy organizational tool. August 14, 2010
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