Glass Refrigerator Pitchers

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Glass Refrigerator Pitchers

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Nice Glass Pitchers
5 out of 5

I use these for excess storage of OJ and milk. They are kept stored behind the Quattro Stagioni Bottles (#10014858), which I use for everyday-storage of same beverages. [See my review of those bottles for photos.] The handles look short, but they work great and are easy to hold. I love that they keep OJ and milk super cold, and they look...

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Problems with the tops
3 out of 5

Love the glass pitchers. However, the pitcher tops have very fine openings between them that you can't clean out in which bacteria and mold collects underneath. They are designed in such a way that is impossible to reach these crevices. They need to change the design of these pitcher tops.

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Glass Refrigerator Pitchers 4.6 5 136 137
Perfect Pitcher This is the perfect pitcher! Clear, durable, dishwasher safe glass. Secure fitting lid, Made to fit well in your frig and just the right size for juice/lemonade/iced tea - I've got 2 in my frig right now. March 27, 2014
No More Plastic!! I can't say how much we love these pitchers! We keep milk, juice, and tea in them. Our drinks stay so fresh tasting due to the airlock seal, never taking on odors of other foods in the refrigerator. They are durable and so easy to clean. The seal is very simple. Hold the outer ring with one hand, twist the top with the other. We have never had dripping, leaking, or any issue with this. I did price check these at several stores online. Hands down, Container Store was best. March 26, 2014
Refrigerator size pitcher I like the fact you can see the content and it fits compactly in the fridge, especially with a tight fitting lid... March 18, 2014
Good, Wish Was Larger Size This glass refrigerator pitcher is good. It's sturdy and hefty with a nice cover. My only gripe is that I wish it were bigger. While they do sell an accompanying slender pitcher(sold separately), this pitcher would get 5 stars had it been in a larger size. We are a family of two and were are constantly making we iced tea and it similar drinks. Otherwise it's good for the price and seemingly durability. March 17, 2014
Great for healthy water infusion! I bought this at what I thought was a very fair price and I'm so incredibly happy I did :-) this is a very well made product with a tight sealing lid. I use this pitcher to make delicious detox water infusions! Because of this pitcher, our whole family is drinking more water and enjoying better health! Way to go Container Store!!! March 14, 2014
Practical and beautiful I've had these for years with different color lids and they are always the ones I go back to. They fit beautifully in the refrigerator without taking up too much space and they are great to use when entertaining. Perfect! March 3, 2014
rightsize container this container is just the right size for holding any kind of liquids.. January 30, 2014
A Great Buy I recently purchased my second glass refrigerator pitcher. I was so happy with the first one for storing iced coffee in the refrigerator that I had to buy a second one to store my iced tea. I love that the pitchers can go right I into the dishwasher and that they are so easy to store in the refrigerator. January 19, 2014
Iced Tea I got this for my husband as a gift to keep his iced tea in the fridge. It fits perfectly in the door and he makes the tea right in the container. I would caution that if you plan to put hot liquids in this container, make sure it is at or around room temperature before doing so. We made a new batch of tea in our first pitcher right after taking it out of the fridge and it cracked because of the temperature differential. This is not a con though, just science! January 7, 2014
A great size and a tight seal I was looking for a wide-mouth pitcher to store soup, spaghetti sauce, etc. but this is also perfect for making a batch of eggnog or something that needs shaking between servings. Nice heavy glass, and a perfect sealing lid. December 31, 2013
Glass Refrigerator Pitchers The short one is too heavy once a drink is added to it, and takes up too much room in the refrigerator. The tall thin one is much better. November 16, 2013
Perfect size I purchased this to keep smoothies, iced tea and juice in the fridge. The size is perfect for our family and the glass is hefty enough without being too heavy. Love it. November 12, 2013
Glass Refrigerator Pitchers the 34 oz glass pitcher was what i wanted to start with fits great in my new whirlpool fridge in the door storage, i am getting ride of all theplastic in my home going with all glass like i grew up with. no chemicals in my home. I will be buying the bigger one soon that holds 64 oz. well made and i love the tops they areeasy to use andi love that they screw shutt so they wil not come off. November 3, 2013
Great little pitcher. I was delighted with the glassware I received from containerstore.com. Shipping was prompt, the items were well packaged with almost no chance of breakage. Everything was just the way it was displayed. The quality was excellent and I consider every item I bought a great value! October 15, 2013
Wonderful pitcher I bought two of the 68 oz because of the height (fits nicely under the shelf in my refrigerator), one of the best pitchers I have ever purchased, seals tightly and keeps my tea fresh for days. I do not have trouble with the tighting of the lid or with dripping......Wonderful product. October 10, 2013
Disappointing pour/lid function Quality glass and leak-proof lid but it is a hassle to have to completely remove the lid (which the lid liquid will then drip) every time you want to pour, and the pour spout is not drip proof so I have to wipe off the container every time I pour liquid. September 23, 2013
Best Pitcher The glass will not absorb odors or stains. The locking lid keeps odors from the refrigerator out of the pitchers contents. The square shape holds the most in the smallest size, and the handle feel secure. September 23, 2013
Drip Drip Drip Purchased the narrow pitcher to use for juiced lemons. Size is great for storing on fridge door. Love having glass pitchers to keep pure flavors. However, the spout is somewhat rounded causing drip after each pour, which is exactly what I didn't want to deal with. Be prepared to wipe after each use. September 10, 2013
Perfect if you have short shelves I got a new fridge and didn't realize until I had it home that the shelves were not quite tall enough for most of the pitchers that I had. I did have one of these 68 oz pitchers, though, and it fit perfectly, so these are what I use now! They are great pitchers, easy to clean, pour well, and I haven't had any issue with them at all. I also have one of the tall, thin pitchers that I use for homemade sauces that need to be refrigerated, and they fit well on the fridge door. August 11, 2013
Using for 18 yrs. Best refrigerator pitchers I have EVER owned. Short large one fits great in newer designed frig. which has decreased shelf height and larger door storage. Works great on both shelves and door. Opening and closing (sealing) is simple and love that the lid totally dis-assembles for great cleaning. I bought a set of these glass pitchers (2 large, 2 med. & 1 small) over 18 years ago from another store. Three moves later I had lost 1 lg. & 1 med. When last large broke (totally my fault) I was desperate to replace. Can not go without these pitchers. Happy to say my 2 large pitchers arrived in record time and expertly packed. I am very impressed with The Container Store and will be using them for more purchases in future! B June 8, 2013
Exactly what I hoped for! I bought these containers so I could discontinue using plastic. I had a hard time finding glass pitchers that I could clean well...most have a carafe-like neck, and I wasn't going to fight with it. These have a nice wide top, and I haven't had any issues with dripping. The lids seal nicely, and even my kids can use them. I don't worry about shaking them when the lids are on, I know I won't have a problem. June 6, 2013
Nice Glass Pitchers I use these for excess storage of OJ and milk. They are kept stored behind the Quattro Stagioni Bottles (#10014858), which I use for everyday-storage of same beverages. [See my review of those bottles for photos.] The handles look short, but they work great and are easy to hold. I love that they keep OJ and milk super cold, and they look nicer than the plastic containers they came in. Beverages just taste better and stay colder in glass! The lids have a round silicone gasket on the underside; you need to hold down the top outer edge, and while doing that, use your other hand to turn the middle (to open and close). Seals tight and drinks stay fresh! I always shake before pouring, and these do not leak! Keep in mind that the silicone gaskets do retain the odor of some beverages (OJ), so you may be stuck with using the lid for the same beverage. I have not found that CS sells a replacement seal/gasket for these (like some other products). I use CS's Erasable Food Storage Labels (#454090) on the lids of my EVERYDAY bottles (Quattro Stagioni Bottles #10014858) to let me know the expiration date of beverages in these pitchers. May 5, 2013
Excellent Quality! I bought both different size pitchers and love them both. I love that they're heavy-duty glass with a pour spout. Best of all, tho, is that the lid actually locks out air and locks in liquid. I bought these for my daughter's infant formula, so I have to shake it each time before I use it and it still doesn't leak! The short, fat one even fits on the top shelf of my refrigerator. The price was very reasonable, too. May 5, 2013
So much better! I got these after seeing them on a blog about organization for the fridge. We drink raw milk and used to get it in glass jars. We switched our supplier and now they come in the regular plastic jugs. The plastic affects both the taste and the length of freshness in a bad way, so I was looking for a different storage solution. I absolutely love these! I bought four of them to use specifically for milk. We get 5 gallons at a time for a 2-week period. The pitchers keep the milk fresh and sealed until we use them and are just the right size and weight for our kids to use as well. I read another review about the handles being too close to the main part of the pitcher making it difficult to handle and I could see how that might be an issue for a large-handed man, but even filled full of milk its not heavy enough to cause a real problem. I also read a few reviews that mentioned confusion about how the lid works. Its not difficult really. Just make sure the rubber ring is in place on the lid. Put the lid on and turn the middle area while holding the outside of the lid in place. No biggie. I really like that we are now keeping our milk in glass containers again and fully intend to purchase four more. April 26, 2013
Great Pitcher I've had this pitcher for about a month now. Fits easily on the shelf or on the door shelf. The lid wasn't as hard to get used to or figure out as some of the other reviews made it sound. It does have a drip or 2 though. Overall, it's a great pitcher and I'm about to purchase one for my sister. April 26, 2013
Great for Juicing We bought both sizes of pitchers to use for juicing. They are wonderful. The juice holds up well in the glass and do not absorb flavors or smells from thing around it. April 26, 2013
Disappointed I love the concept and it's a heavy duty pitcher, meaning very sturdy. It also pours well, but the reason I got it was to SEAL juices in a pitcher for the frig. However, after only 3-4 uses, the gasket does not seal tightly any longer. The first few times were great, and now...just pops off, rendering this pitcher for my original needs...useless. I never put it through the dishwasher and washed it carefully by hand. The gasket is in place, but have no idea why it no longer fits snuggly. April 26, 2013
Nice glass containers, but drips/dribbles Really like these containers. Although I wish the pouring was cleaner. The lids are easy to use, but the spouts drip/dribble after pouring, every time I use them no matter what technique change I make. I have three different sizes and they all do the same thing. April 24, 2013
Great Purchase I use this product to hold skewers for a BBQ and I have used it as a pitcher. This is a great product, my husband even dropped it on our tile floor and it didn't even chip! This pitcher is sturdy and can be used for many things. April 16, 2013
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