Magnetic Stainless Steel Paper Towel Rack

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Magnetic Stainless Steel Paper Towel Rack

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magnetic paper towel rack
5 out of 5

I love this rack! I bought a regular rack but I couldn't mount it with screws because I wanted to put it on the side of my frig. Then I found this and it looks great and is very solid on the side of the frig.

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Clever Paper Towel Holder I like the sleek, clean look. Has a firm grip on the fridge. Very convenient. I only wish there was a lever that closed on the end of the roll in order to keep the towels from coming off the holder. September 22, 2014
Love It i am so happy with our choice to buy this paper Towel rack. We have never owned one because we have little counter space and you can put this just about anywhere. We recomend this for people with limited amount of counter space. April 25, 2014
Love it!!!!!! I've been looking for a space saving item like this and had a very hard time finding it until I went to the Container Store......I love that store!!!!!! April 13, 2014
Awesome I was blown away when I opened the package. I was impressed when I realized that there was no assembly involved. It went straight from the package to the refrigerator, and has very strong magnets. Love, Love, Love this item. January 28, 2014
Holds on Mounted this on a refrigerator with textured sides. Most magnetic hooks and such, even the "super strong" ones, just slide right down this fridge when you put any weight on them, because the paint is slick and the texture breaks up the magnetic pull. But this towel holder holds on very well. The magnets are not only strong but they have a large surface area, so they are not overwhelmed by the effect of the texture. Granted, it's not as firm as something mounted with screws to a stud wall -- it wanders a bit over time -- but for a magnetic mount, very respectable. I would like it a little better if the towel roll didn't spin quite as freely, so I could tear off a towel one-handed. But I'm delighted with the magnet strength -- this is the one good spot in the kitchen for the paper towels -- so I can live with the minor inconvenience. December 13, 2013
GREAT HOLDER Friend recommended this magnetic paper towel rack knowing my need for space and storage opportunities---I'm certainly enjoying it--really has strong hold and so convenient. November 28, 2013
Beautiful!! This is a wonderful product. It is sleek in design, very attractive, and provides a secure attachment to a refrigerator or, in my case, my laundry appliance. I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs space alternate to a wall mount. Nice to be able to relocate it without patching holes and drilling new ones, too! November 14, 2013
Awesome! These things great. Incredibly strong magnets and well built. Love it April 14, 2013
LOVE IT!!! I was unprepared for how much I would love this item. I mean, it's just a silly paper towel holder, right? But its perfect for my needs - it doesn't slip or slide on the side of the refridgerator, it doesn't take up counter space and it is easy to change the roll. the magnets are really STRONG and hold it in place. I'm going to look for more magnetic products from this company. March 7, 2013
Thanks for remembering us My spouse is inj a wheelchair and cannot reach paper towel where it is normally mounted. This sticks to our fridge or metal cabinets so he can reach it any times he needs it. Thanks for remembering the people who can't reach high places. February 28, 2013
Great for small spaces!! Bought this for my sister-in-law who has NO counter space and didn't want to drill into the wall or cabinets. It works great in her little kitchen and freed up about 1/4 of her counter space from her old paper towel holder February 23, 2013
happy with this Great quality, strong magnets, looks great and saves space. Really happy I chose this to replace my old paper towel holder. February 13, 2013
Just Perfect I just moved into a new house and really didn't want to put holes in my new oak cabinets, and I could not find a spot on the wall near the sink or stove due to the backsplash .So I looked and found this one .The quality is great and so is the price. And it can handle mega rolls. October 30, 2012
Versatile & functional Went all over looking for a magnetic paper towel holder. Bought one @ BBB only to discover it was broken when I got home. Went on line & this product came up. Nice looking and works great & reasonable price. September 23, 2012
Holds well We just had our kitchen redone and I did not want to drill holes in the new cabinets. The magnets hold fine on the side of my refrigerator though it does slide up/down a little when pulling towels. The bar has a bend on the end that keeps the paper towel roll from sliding off. It matches good with my stainless steel appliances. August 26, 2012
Great space saving paper towel rack for my trailer We needed a paper towel rack for our trailer that would save counter and wall space and wouldn't have to be permanently mounted. This one works wonderfully because it mounts with its magnets to the side of the range hood. The mount is very secure even when you pull on the paper towel. April 28, 2012
Helpful gadget Purchased to hang in my basement laundry. Hangs on the heating unit so it is out of the way. Handy to have a roll of paper towels in the laundry for clean ups. The towel rack stays in place when grabbing a paper towel--a great space saver. Plan to purchase another for our cabin which has limited space in the kitchen. April 27, 2012
Great for any kitchen I LOVE this paper towel rack. The magnets are quite strong and the paper towels are now always within reach. Doesn't take up any valuable counter or wall space. March 20, 2012
Best paper towel holder ever! This snazzy gadget sits pretty on my fridge door. Its been on it for 3 months and has never fallen off. Thats how strong the magnets are, as it clings to the door with even with a full load of paper towel on it. All my gfs are in awe of this funky holder and want to know where to buy it. Space saving and value for money. March 19, 2012
Space Saver This product was hard to find at the store, and impossible to find elsewhere when I was looking. Love how it saves space being attached to the fridge. I didn't want to waste container space, or attach anything to the wall in my apartments. The only problem is that it left a few scratch marks on our stainless steel fridge. March 19, 2012
Strong magnets! I spent weeks looking for a paper towel holder that was designed to hang beneath wire shelves, similar to the elfa shelves, to no avail. I'd about given up on being able to find something I could use in my tiny laundry closet, when I ran across this. Initially I thought it might work to stick to the side of my stacked dryer, but it turns out the magnets rotate, and are strong enough to stick to the wire shelves, even though it is not a solid surface. So far, pulling towels off has not caused the rack to disengage, although even if it does, I'll just stick it to the dryer instead. Very impressed! A simple, functional design with really good magnets. March 13, 2012
I LOVE this product!! It's so convenient and saves a lot of countertop space. A must have for anyone with a tight kitchen space. March 8, 2012
great product this magnetic paper towel holder is great. i think the magnet strength holds up well even with tugging on the paper. so glad i found this. February 28, 2012
It a very handy towel rack if you have limited counterspace. November 3, 2011
Works great! This is the first paper towel holder I have been willing to buy as I don't have much counter space and and those that sit on the counter would only be in the way. This has magnets and I put it on the side of my fridge at just the right height where it is easily reachable but does not get in the way. At first I couldn't keep it in place, one side kept sliding down, then my husband pushed on the magnets and heard a little click as they locked into place. I guess I just wasn't pushing had enough! And now it stays in place and I'm so happy I bought it! September 16, 2011
Great Product! I got this for my son's dorm room, and he will tell you it was one of his favorite gadgets. I also got one for my daughter's dorm this year, and she's already had several friends ask where she got it.. What a great idea! It has a strong magnet so you can attach the paper towels anywhere out of the way and not take up valuable counter space. Also got some of the magnetic hooks and they are great, too! August 11, 2011
a great spacer saver for a small kitchen with limited counter space July 31, 2011
good quality Good quality product with very strong magnets. It was a little too large for my cabinet in that it stuck out too far. February 10, 2011
Great Product Have been looking for a magnetic paper towel holder for a while and this one seemed to be the most sturdy. We have metal kitchen cabinets and have it stuck underneath the cabinet. It hangs a little funny because gravity doesn't pull it down against the cabinet as it would on a side mount, but that doesn't affect its use in any way. Only wish I had purchased it sooner. Best part is that it is up off of the countertops and I no longer wake up to mutilated paper towel rolls on my floor that the cats have attacked in the night. January 21, 2011
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