Clear Plast-O-Mat® Ribbed Shelf Liner™

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Clear Plast-O-Mat® Ribbed Shelf Liner™

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This is the bomb! Highly recommended.
5 out of 5

I bought this based on reviews and the other reviewers are spot on. This shelf liner is just amazing -- easy to use, easy to install, easy to remove for cleaning, protects anything you put on it, looks like it will last as long as your shelves do. Comes in 12" and 24" depths to accommodate popular cabinet sizes. Seems like you can put...

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Did do what I needed
3 out of 5

I just didnt like the fact it was clear, and tended to roll up on the edges.

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Clear Plast-O-Mat® Ribbed Shelf Liner⿢ 4.9 5 81 81
Brilliant Purchased 22 rollers of liner for a new home. This product is thick and very easy to cut. April 13, 2014
Perfect Fit This product was the easiest shelf liner I've used. It was a perfect fit for the shelves and they offered several different lengths & widths. All I had to do was unroll the liner & cut once. April 11, 2014
Great Product I bought both sizes of this product to line kitchen drawers and shelves, as well as under all the sinks in the house. It's easy to cut, easy to install and easy to maintain. February 28, 2014
Clear shelf liner Easy to use, clean and custom fit to size. Large roll is enough for several drawers and shelves. February 23, 2014
Plast-O-Mate I needed to replace some old plastic liner for the storage area of our two bathrooms and purchased this. It's a nice big roll and will be used for other areas. February 20, 2014
Best shelf liner ever! I have been usung this shelf liner for years. Not only does it protect dishes, linens glasses, etc. but after having it in place for over 15 years,my shelves looked like new! It is impervious to spills and messes and wipes up clean and easily. Put it down and forget about it. Easy placement with no adhesives. Easy removal as well. The only liner you will ever need! February 18, 2014
Excellent product! Easy to use, cut, lay. Works equally as well with supper and lower cabinet shelves and drawers. Clear plastic works well easy to clean. November 26, 2013
Favorite shelf/drawer liner This is a strong durable plastic shelf and drawer liner. I like this better than the cushioned kind of liner. The ribs make items stay on it well and also makes it easy to cut to size without using a ruler to cut it. Unlike the cushioned kind if liquid spills on it it doesn't seep through the liner. September 29, 2013
Easy to cut shelf liner The vertical rib lines of this shelf liner make it easy to cut to fit. Most lay flat; one roll had a wave in it but was usable. September 7, 2013
Greatest No sticking, no bunching. No lifting..... Best shelf and drawer lining ever!! I have moved four times in the past ten years and this is the only product I will use. There is no Container store close to me in my latest move to Florida but successfully found it on line. September 2, 2013
Easy to Use Heavy duty, ribbed liner is easy to cut and lays flat on a shelf. Items can slide easily when I move them on the liner. Neutral color goes with any surface. August 10, 2013
Great product We bought this 16 years ago when we moved into our current home. We just remodeled the kitchen and bought it again to fit the new cabinets and drawers. The plastic is easy to clean and of very high qualiy. We can't imagine not using this! June 21, 2013
Best shelf liner I've used These liners are definitely thicker and once you roll it back on itself, it lies completely flat. I like the ribs; they don't keep the dishes from sliding out smoothly, and I can see that they are helpful in letting air get to things. The price is great on these. Two 12" wide rolls and one 24" did our whole kitchen with plenty left over. June 18, 2013
Plast-O-Mat Great product! Wanted a shelf liner that did not stick to shelves. Got it with Plast-O-Mat Shelf Liner. Easy to measure, cut, and install. Fits well in cabinets, drawers, and on shelves. Has a neat, clean appearance. Finally found a shelf liner with which I'm happy. June 17, 2013
great product I used these to line my cabinets in my kitchen and love the little ridges that allow some ventilation underneath my cups or bowls. Easy to cut to fit into whatever size cabinets you have. Easy to take out and clean. Your stuff won't slide around too much on top of it because of the ridges. And love that it's not colored or completely opaque. Great buy May 17, 2013
Love Love Love I have ordered this shelf liner many times and have nothing bad to say about it. It works great all over my house including for pet beds and under litter boxes. May 11, 2013
the best thing i ever got i love this! its has such a clean look and so easy to clean. its all over my cabinets May 9, 2013
First on our list to purchase when we moved I lined the shelves and drawers of two large kitchens with this product. In our first kitchen we originally used a different drawer liner, but I pulled it out and replaced it with this. When we bought our new house we bought this again. We just finished a re-model in our kitchen and we saved the old liner and were able to reuse it with additions of new liner. This liner is excellent. Stays in place and works as advertised. Easy to cut and to clean. The new and old work side by side can you can not tell which one is which!!! May 2, 2013
best shelf liner ever This stuff is easy to use, heavy duty, and indestructible. The ribs help with cushioning and air circulation under glasses (and cutting a straight line!). OK, that is the functional part... this functional design is also sleek and subtle. Perfect for a modern kitchen where you don't want the shelf liner to stand out. As they say, Form follows Function. Great product. Buy the big rolls! Reduces waste when cutting pieces for your shelves. You will need it. May 1, 2013
Great shelf liner Very easy to cut and looks great. I can only imagine it will be easy to clean when the time comes. Looks very nice in my new cabinets and hopefully will keep them looking new forever. I cut mine in advance and stored them under heavy boxes to take all the curl out while my house was being built. Very happy so far. I love that they lie flat with no adhesive. May 1, 2013
I absolutely LOVE this shelf liner!! I didn't like this at first, I thought it is was boring, didn't have padded support, and didn't grip to the shelf. But, this kind of liner is actually more functional, durable, easy to cut and clean, lies flat, ribbed texture helps dishes dry to prevent mold, and it really does help make my cabinets and dishes sparkle because it reflects light very well. I absolutely LOVE it now! I bought three 12" double rolls and one 24" double roll and lined all of my cabinets, under the sinks, and shelving in my closets, pantry and laundry room. Only downside is that it smells like those hot glue gun sticks. April 29, 2013
Organizing Frenzy Used Clear Plast-O-Mat Ribbed Shelf Liner in every drawer in our new house for cabinet protection and easy cleaning! Great Product! Tip! Save all the left over pieces to use for non slippage and protectors for your plants and pottery on fine furniture! April 29, 2013
Excellent I lined the shelves and drawers of one large kitchen and four bathrooms with this. I originally used a different drawer liner, but I pulled it out and replaced it with this. Excellent. Stays in place and works as advertised. Easy to cut and to clean. April 27, 2013
Great I used this product on my refrigerator shelves and drawers and in my wire pull outs. The product helps items to not fall out of the wire mesh in the bottom cabinets. April 27, 2013
Great Lifetime product I recently remodeled my kitchen and bathrooms and used the Clear Plast-O-Mat shelf liner. It was easy to cut, fits smoothly, invisible and durable. I used over 100 FT so was happy it was on sale! April 26, 2013
Perfect shelf liner I'm used to using decorative shelf liners, so I was hesitant to go with this clear plastic product. I purchased a couple of rolls for our newly installed kitchen cabinets and could not be happier! It is durable, easy to measure and cut, and allows for easy clean up. I use the ribbed side up under glasses and dishes, and the smooth side up in drawers - where there's more of a likelihood of needing to wipe them down periodically. April 26, 2013
Best shelf paper ever I first used this shelf paper on our kitchen cabinet shelves 16 years ago when we moved into a new home. We just moved again and the shelf paper was still in such perfect shape that all I needed to do to re-use it in our new cabinets was to wipe it off with a damp cloth. Amazing! April 22, 2013
Fab product Not only do I love this product, but I love the price tag! I bought 4 rolls of the longest liner for fear that I would run out and then it would be out of stock. Basically I love this stuff and I'm lining shelves like crazy! April 18, 2013
Great item. I used it to cover things I didn't want to get dusty April 13, 2013
This is the best shelf/drawer liner out there! My mom always kept a few extra rolls of this FANTASTIC shelf liner in her pantry. I am currently moving into a new house and after looking at a few different types of liner, I could tell nothing compared to the shelf liner she had -- so I called her and asked for the all the info and ordered some for myself! I am currently lining all my cabinets, drawers, shelves, etc. and this stuff is the BEST!!! It is so much easier to measure/cut than other flimsy, non-ribbed liner. If you are moving into a new place or your cabinets are in need of a quick refresher, this shelf liner is a MUST-HAVE! April 11, 2013
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