Clear Plast-O-Mat® Ribbed Shelf Liner™

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Clear Plast-O-Mat® Ribbed Shelf Liner™

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This is the bomb! Highly recommended.
5 out of 5

I bought this based on reviews and the other reviewers are spot on. This shelf liner is just amazing -- easy to use, easy to install, easy to remove for cleaning, protects anything you put on it, looks like it will last as long as your shelves do. Comes in 12" and 24" depths to accommodate popular cabinet sizes. Seems like you can put...

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A clean refrigerator
3 out of 5

I used these to line refrigerator shelves. Really helps keep things clean. I would love it if they came in custom sizes for fridge shelves. Also, it would be useful to have a grid for cutting straight edges.

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Clear Plast-O-Mat® Ribbed Shelf Liner⿢ 4.8 5 95 95
A must have in every home This will keep your cabinets in top condition and allow air to circulate in your dishes. May 25, 2014
Best Shelf Liner - ever! After much searching in stores & on-line for shelf liner for our new kitchen cabinets, I decided to try the clear Plast-O-Mat ribbed liner. This stuff is wonderful!! It is thick, but lays flat. It cuts easily with scissors. The ribs make it a cinch when cutting length-wise, too - just measure at one end and follow the rib across! And it is made in the USA. I would definitely recommend this! May 8, 2014
Greatest liner So easy to install. Cuts nicely. Cleans easily from spills and gunk. Great for all cabinets, but especially in laundry room! April 26, 2014
Love this product! I bought this shelf liner for freshly painted shelves in my kitchen 2 years ago and think it's well worth the extra expense over other shelf liners. It's durable and doesn't stick to my shelves and leave a nasty residue behind like the old contact paper did. The best part is how easy it is to clean - I'm in the process of moving, and I've been wiping the shelf liner down with a wet cloth to clean it after clearing out each cupboard. When this product went on sale again recently, I stocked up on several rolls of both sizes for the shelves in my new house. Don't bother trying any other products like this - this is the one you want! April 25, 2014
I LOVE this product! I bought.this the first time to line my shelves where dishes and glassware are kept. Sometimes I put things that are not quite dry in the cabinet, and the ribbed plastic allows them to finish drying without causing rings on the wooden shelves. THEN I used the large size under my sinks in the kitchen and bathroom because I always used to have rust rings from cans of comet or sticky stuff from cleaning supplies or damp cleaning supplies. It protects the base and is so easy to take out, wash and put back in place. Finally, it is a great gift for my friends or kids when they move into a new house and want to protect the finishes. Also good on elf a shelve! April 25, 2014
So fabulous!!! This stuff was a great bargain! So easy to use and works great in the kitchen & bathroom- both drawers & cabinets = ) Very forgiving, as it can just run up the sides a bit if it's cut a little larger than space. April 25, 2014
Best Shelf Liner on the market I would recommend this product to everyone. Great for lining Shelves (Kitchen Pantry, Cabinets Bathrooms Closets, etc....) April 23, 2014
Problem Solved We have recently redone our kitchen. Our plumbing under the sink is still . . . shall we say . . . in flux. As such, there is sometimes intermittent leaking and I was worried we would have water damage in the cabinet. With this, everything is nice and water tight so no more worries! Yay! April 21, 2014
Medicine for my kitchen cabinets I bought a small roll of this to use under my kitchen sink and really liked how invisible it is in my recently painted white cabinets. I also noticed that the cabinet near the kitchen sink had black scrape marks from putting heavy objects in. To make a long story short-ish, it's now EVERYWHERE in my kitchen, and I love it! I would give it 4 1/2 stars if I could. It would be perfect if it had a bit of tacky/sticky stuff to hold it in place where heavy objects need to slide across it. Otherwise - PERFECT! April 21, 2014
A clean refrigerator I used these to line refrigerator shelves. Really helps keep things clean. I would love it if they came in custom sizes for fridge shelves. Also, it would be useful to have a grid for cutting straight edges. April 19, 2014
Great product This is easy to cut and install in cabinets and items don't stick to it. April 18, 2014
Wow, won't ever use anything else to line shelves The house we bought was not kept up very well, and I had to scrub the shelves clean 3 times with bleach before I let any of our stuff get put away. At the time, we figured we would redo the cabinets - so I didn't want to spend a lot of money. So I bought the cheap adhesive white liner. It was a pain to use. Fast forward a year later. All new kitchen cabinets installed. Once again, no way I would put our stuff away without a liner - only this time it was because I didn't want to ruin the beautiful wood! I couldn't bear to cover it up with opaque liner, and didn't want to use anything with a sticky back. I researched this to death, narrowing down some contact liner and the plast-o-mat/life liner. The plast-o-mat/life liner was much clearer than the contact brand. I do think the plast-o-mat and lifeliner are one and the same, since they are from the same company, they are just marketed differently. Anyway this stuff is amazing! It was super easy to cut, no backing to peel, and gives a nice look to the shelves/drawers. The ribbing helps things from shifting in drawers. Even my husband was impressed with the quality, and how nice the cabinets look with this on it. I am going back to get more - I think I just might redo the other cabinets and drawers in the house, which have the textured white or beige vinyl that curls up all the time. Try to get this when it is on sale - it winds up being much cheaper per square foot than you think! April 17, 2014
Saving my cabinets! When we moved, I had to scrub the shelves of my cabinets with a Magic eraser to get them shiny again. Even after that, they had some scratches left. Determined not to let that happen again, I purchased a roll of this shelf liner to try. I wound up going back for more to do all my cabinets and vanities. It's easy to cut, doesn't shift around and provides a great base for the cabinets. Even in the vanities, items stand up straight even with the ribbing. April 16, 2014
Good choice for shelf liner Bought this to line the new kitchen cabinets. Excellent liner and will help to keep shelves clean. Serves as a bit of buffer between glasses and other hard surfaces such as cans placed in the pantry cabinets. April 14, 2014
Brilliant Purchased 22 rollers of liner for a new home. This product is thick and very easy to cut. April 13, 2014
Perfect Fit This product was the easiest shelf liner I've used. It was a perfect fit for the shelves and they offered several different lengths & widths. All I had to do was unroll the liner & cut once. April 11, 2014
Great Product I bought both sizes of this product to line kitchen drawers and shelves, as well as under all the sinks in the house. It's easy to cut, easy to install and easy to maintain. February 28, 2014
Clear shelf liner Easy to use, clean and custom fit to size. Large roll is enough for several drawers and shelves. February 23, 2014
Plast-O-Mate I needed to replace some old plastic liner for the storage area of our two bathrooms and purchased this. It's a nice big roll and will be used for other areas. February 20, 2014
Best shelf liner ever! I have been usung this shelf liner for years. Not only does it protect dishes, linens glasses, etc. but after having it in place for over 15 years,my shelves looked like new! It is impervious to spills and messes and wipes up clean and easily. Put it down and forget about it. Easy placement with no adhesives. Easy removal as well. The only liner you will ever need! February 18, 2014
Excellent product! Easy to use, cut, lay. Works equally as well with supper and lower cabinet shelves and drawers. Clear plastic works well easy to clean. November 26, 2013
Favorite shelf/drawer liner This is a strong durable plastic shelf and drawer liner. I like this better than the cushioned kind of liner. The ribs make items stay on it well and also makes it easy to cut to size without using a ruler to cut it. Unlike the cushioned kind if liquid spills on it it doesn't seep through the liner. September 29, 2013
Easy to cut shelf liner The vertical rib lines of this shelf liner make it easy to cut to fit. Most lay flat; one roll had a wave in it but was usable. September 7, 2013
Greatest No sticking, no bunching. No lifting..... Best shelf and drawer lining ever!! I have moved four times in the past ten years and this is the only product I will use. There is no Container store close to me in my latest move to Florida but successfully found it on line. September 2, 2013
Easy to Use Heavy duty, ribbed liner is easy to cut and lays flat on a shelf. Items can slide easily when I move them on the liner. Neutral color goes with any surface. August 10, 2013
Great product We bought this 16 years ago when we moved into our current home. We just remodeled the kitchen and bought it again to fit the new cabinets and drawers. The plastic is easy to clean and of very high qualiy. We can't imagine not using this! June 21, 2013
Best shelf liner I've used These liners are definitely thicker and once you roll it back on itself, it lies completely flat. I like the ribs; they don't keep the dishes from sliding out smoothly, and I can see that they are helpful in letting air get to things. The price is great on these. Two 12" wide rolls and one 24" did our whole kitchen with plenty left over. June 18, 2013
Plast-O-Mat Great product! Wanted a shelf liner that did not stick to shelves. Got it with Plast-O-Mat Shelf Liner. Easy to measure, cut, and install. Fits well in cabinets, drawers, and on shelves. Has a neat, clean appearance. Finally found a shelf liner with which I'm happy. June 17, 2013
great product I used these to line my cabinets in my kitchen and love the little ridges that allow some ventilation underneath my cups or bowls. Easy to cut to fit into whatever size cabinets you have. Easy to take out and clean. Your stuff won't slide around too much on top of it because of the ridges. And love that it's not colored or completely opaque. Great buy May 17, 2013
Love Love Love I have ordered this shelf liner many times and have nothing bad to say about it. It works great all over my house including for pet beds and under litter boxes. May 11, 2013
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