White elfa Door & Wall Rack Solution

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White elfa Door & Wall Rack Solution

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Organization at its Best!
5 out of 5

I bought this system to organize my gift wrapping supplies. Now I have a go to place where I can find everything neatly and efficiently stored. I bought 3 of the wide, deep baskets (2 to hold gift bags, and one as the base for the rolls), one of the media baskets (to hold the top of my rolls of wrapping paper so they wouldn't...

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Elfa (over the door) rack
3 out of 5

Would have preferred a double rack system top to bottom for connecting the baskets to for much more stability. This would prevent the baskets from wobbling and banging the door every time the door is opened or closed. Also, this would allow for longer baskets which would provide more storage space, making it more useful.

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White elfa Door & Wall Rack Solution 4.9 5 261 261
Small organizer saver I was always losing the smaller things in my sewing closet until I used this door solution. Now they stand out and are easy to find. April 11, 2014
Innovative idea for extra storage I purchased this system for extra storage in my craft room. I am extremely impressed with the versatility of uses for this and will be buying more for other rooms. April 6, 2014
Super solution for Pantry Storage I just moved from 1600+ sq. ft. 3-brdm. house to 800 sq. ft. 1-bdrm. apartment, and needed great storage solutions. The Door & Wall Rack is fantastic! I hung it on the inside of the coat closet, which I've converted to my food pantry since there's so little storage in my tiny kitchen. I plan to get some more spice baskets to add on, and some compact food storage containers, to get even more value out of this wonderful design! March 31, 2014
Easily Installed & Functional Storage Solution I ordered the elfa Door & Wall Rack Solution online and easily installed it upon arrival. Within 5 minutes the efla Door & Rack Solution was attached to our kitchen pantry door. After that I was ready to add the six customizable baskets to the standard- repositioning them as needed to accommodate my spices, jars and other kitchen products. The elfa Door & Wall Rack Solution creates functional space where before there had been none. It is a very practical way to organize my kitchen pantry and have considered purchasing more for other doors in our home, as itâ¿¿s functional and versatile. A few reviews stated the unit slams against the door upon opening and closing; we do not have this issue. I assume this is due to the weight that I have on the unit itself. Overall, this is a great storage solution and opened up a lot of space in our kitchen pantry. March 22, 2014
Amazing Space Saver and Easy to Install We recently moved into a new condo and decided to finally tackle the organization of the laundry room/pantry. They opened a new Container Store in King of Prussia, PA this month so we decided to go check it out. Organizational nirvana! We saw these system as a solution to how best store canned goods and pantry items. We bought 8 shelves to attach to the rack. Installation took minutes, no frustration and opened up an entire 2 shelves that could be used for linens. We would love to buy another for the back of the bathroom door to solve a few storage issues in there as well. I HIGHLY recommend this product. March 21, 2014
Helping Nature Fill a Vacuum This is a wonderful, easily installed product (less than five minutes). I wouldn't categorize it as a ⿿space saving⿝ product as it is more of a ⿿space producing⿝ product. The back of my pantry door served no other purpose than to support a couple of aprons. However, with this product I was able to transfer enough from kitchen cabinets into the pantry that I was able to create functional space where before there had been none. So, more than an organizational system or a handy way to present things, this particular product produced space. My only complaint would be that the shelves have a tendency to wiggle, so to speak, at their ends as the doors opened and closed. The center mount bar prevents the ends of the shelves from coming into contact with the door so if there is any appreciable amount of weight held by a shelf, it will wiggle somewhat and tap against the door. An easily overcome, and for the benefits it produces overlooked, shortcoming. March 15, 2014
Love this Door Rack! I can not tell you how much this has helped us organize our cupboards! We moved all canned goods to the rack and freed up a double cabinet. I'm thinking of getting one for the laundry room door and 2 storage closet doors, too. Super sturdy and doesn't wiggle like cheaper over the door ones do! March 14, 2014
Excellent product I had very limited space with this new house. Less cabinets actually. I showed this pantry storage solution to my husband and off to The Container Store we went! The only thing is that I underestimated the amount of spices that I had so I need to make another trip to get another basket! I'm VERY happy with this storage system. No need to move spices around because I can see what I have at a glance! March 13, 2014
Good practical storage This is good practical door storage. It is very easy to assemble. March 3, 2014
Fantastic Product My husband and I were challenged to find a way to add extra storage to our pantry. The hollow door made this a difficult task until we came across this product. It was easy to install, Has added so much useable space for us, and is of superb quality. We are now looking to see what other doors in the house we can add an Elfa unit to. Think our next purchase will be the media system for tapes and CD's. We would recommend this product as it is great! February 28, 2014
Brand new pantry! I have a double door pantry and one whole shelf was dedicated to lazy Susan's for my spices. I could never find anything that I needed. I ordered a pull out drawer system from the Container Store and when I went to pick it up I saw this system and returned the drawers and bought this system. So much better! I have so much room and can actually find what I am looking for now. This has also saved me money. When I started arranging my spices, oils, etc on the door system I found several spices I had 3 and 4 of that I did not know I even had. Now I can find what I need and know what I don't have. All my friends love this system. Thanks so much Elfa for the organization and the money saver! February 26, 2014
White Elfa door and wall rack solution Easy to install; a fabulous way to organize your pantry; economically reasonable; a great way to kick off organizing any room in your house!! February 22, 2014
A pantry must! This organizer is great in my pantry. It almost cleared half of one whole shelf. It has made the kids snacks very accessible for them. The only change I might make is getting the large baskets for all five baskets so I can fit more (this would require buying individually vs. the solution). The fit to the door is very snug. I added little pads to the door behind one corner of the basket to make it completely quiet. Took about 5 minutes to assemble...so easy I highly recommend it!! February 21, 2014
Nice Liked the unit a lot and love the extra storage it gave me in my sewing room February 21, 2014
Time saver My jumbled pantry is now organized and I can see everything at 1st glance! I use to buy duplicates of food because I could not see what was hiding on the back shelves not to mention expired goods. This purchase should have been made long ago and if I ever move, I will take it with me! February 17, 2014
Great Solution to Organize Any Room I have a very small pantry...more of a small closet. I bought this for under $80 it is the perfect solution. I bought the over the door model and it was easily installed in minutes. I chose three deeper shelves, one medium and one small. It was the perfect configuration. I love this so much that I'm already planning to buy one for the laundry room and linen closet. February 13, 2014
Fantastic product My pantry is very deep and is disorganized regularly. Many times I have purchased items I already had in the pantry, but failed to notice because they were buried behind other items. I went to the store explained my problem and the clerk suggested Elfa's door and wall rack solution. The pole turned out to be an inch too long and the clerk said no problem and in minutes had that extra inch trimmed off. In minutes I installed this on my pantry door myself. I was so impressed I drove back to the store and purchased a second one to organize my cleaning products. February 11, 2014
Just what I hoped for I recently installed my Elfa over the door system in my "new" kitchen's pantry. I had to remove bi-fold doors and install a regular door to do it. I boought a few extra baskets to maximize space. I am delighted with the results. My pantry is so much easier to navigate now and canned goods don't get lost. Great system. February 11, 2014
Easy to install! Very easy to install and great value too. Holds allot so now I have more room to organize in my kitchen. I highly recommend February 9, 2014
Efficient storage Very pleased with this storage rack! Holds lots of spices as well as various jar sizes! Could not be more pleased! January 21, 2014
Lots of Storage! I bought this to hang in my linen closet to store bathroom essentials. I installed this myself in about 10 minutes. It freed up an entire shelf in my closet and both medicine cabinets in my bathroom. Everything is easily accessible and the baskets can be moved around with ease. It's a great solution to the storage problem. January 18, 2014
very happy with this clever storage rack Overall, a great storage solution - opened up a lot of space in our closet. The bottom door hook was a little difficult to install because of our high carpets, but we got it eventually. A word of caution: make sure you are putting the rod right side up (there is such a thing). You don't want to struggle with the door hooks only to find out it's upside down! Also, you may want to anchor the rod to the door with screws, especially if you have heavy items in the baskets, to secure it. Would highly recommend. January 17, 2014
I love it! The shelving units made my day! I downsized and didn't have enough storage and this in my closets was a perfect addition. January 14, 2014
So easy to install This product is amazingly easy to install and works great. The small baskets fit spices perfectly and the bigger baskets have quite a lot of space. I love it! January 14, 2014
Brilliant Storage Solution Great product. Simple installation in just minutes. Put it over the door from our kitchen to basement, giving us a lot of convenient new storage, without taking up any floor space. Shelves are easily adjusted, even with stuff in them. Highly recommended! December 1, 2013
Totally impressed with elfa door rack system! The elfa Door Rack Solution is an excellent storage purchase! I just found out there is also configurations available for custom height doors and also narrower baskets. (My pantry has a set of 8 ft, narrow doors). I'm definitely ordering a custom configuration and moving the standard 'Door Solution' I purchased to another closet! Love the system - it's extremely easy to install and the baskets are readily adjustable! November 19, 2013
Wonderful OMG, I can find things in my pantry. I should have done this when we moved in our new house two years ago. My pantry has been a mess. With these racks, I moved all my bottles and a lot of my boxes, so I can readily see what I have and what I don't. My husband did secure them with a screw in the middle of the track because the rack shook a lot when the doors were opened. But no more. Just love them. October 7, 2013
Elfa (over the door) rack Would have preferred a double rack system top to bottom for connecting the baskets to for much more stability. This would prevent the baskets from wobbling and banging the door every time the door is opened or closed. Also, this would allow for longer baskets which would provide more storage space, making it more useful. August 12, 2013
Great purchase for organizing in tight spaces! We purchased the elfa Door & Wall Rack Solution for the kitchen in our new place -- two adults who recently moved in together but brought A LOT of our own stuff. We ran out of shelf space in the kitchen and needed something that would store our food items. I did an online search and found elfa and it was the perfect solution!! The rack holds a lot of items of differing sizes easily and securely. Best yet...you don't have to screw it in the wall or door to hold it in place. The over-the-door hooks work great and keeps the shelving unit flat against the door with no bumping or movement. I love this one so much, I'm thinking this might be the start of new addiction...our laundry closet could definitely use a little elfa organizing, too! June 24, 2013
Packs a Punch and More! TOTALLY WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY! You really do get what you pay for! EXCELLENT PRODUCT! I installed this system (IN ABOUT 4 MINUTES) for my Mother, who is infamous for: 1. Not wanting to put holes in the walls, doors etc 2. For changing her mind at least 5 times during the process. 3. For overstuffing items into any and all spaces. This product not only exceeded my expectations, its WOW factor left me wanting to replace every storage system in my house with ELFA. My Mother packed in every single item and more without the baskets bending, moving or breaking. I swear, they are so strong you could put bars of gold in every basket and they would still hold up. Did I mention it only took about 4 minutes to install without having to put any holes in the door. AND... after I positioned the baskets, Mom had to come over and move all the baskets to her liking about 16 times. The result...a super happy MOM!!! Great gift for Mother's day!!!!!! Great gift for every day!!! I will be using these in my home too..Definitely! April 26, 2013
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