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lunchskins® Sandwich Bag

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Worth the price!
5 out of 5

I first didn't want to buy these because they seemed pricey (though cheaper here than anywhere else I've found). But I thought I'd buy one to try it out. I LOVE it! It's great to put in my purse... not bulky like food storage containers. It doesn't take up that much room at all. I love using it for almonds, nuts,...

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Bag is not big enough
3 out of 5

The bag is very cute, but it is not big enough to fit an average size sandwich, you can fit a P&J sandwich.

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decent reusable bags I went to CS hoping to find an assortment of reusable bags: zipper-close sandwich bags, reusable produce bags for grocery shopping, etc. Instead, all they had were the velcro-close lunchskins. Decent for packing food for one day, but for longer trips, food gets stale because they aren't sealed completely. For the same reason, careful about leaking crumbs, juices/liquids. I'm glad CS carries this, but I would be more impressed if there were a larger variety of reusable bags. May 28, 2014
Great replacement for snack baggies! LOVE so far the lunchskins sandwich bag. I use for snacks as sandwiches don't always fit into this bag. Easy to clean, takes a little time to turn inside out and then right side out but it is worth it to save the use of multiple plastic baggies. They are pricey, but worth it as it seems to be holding up well so far. April 9, 2014
Feels wonderful to reuse This product is the perfect size for sandwiches for my work. It has already saved so much on buying plastic lunch bags. The fact that this bag is also dishwasher safe is the reason why I went with it. Plus the prints are super cute! April 3, 2014
Great Investment & Eco Friendly I purchased this reusable sandwich bag a year ago, and I was certainly skeptical at first because of the price. Yes, it is pricey for a sandwich bag, however, my investment definitely paid off in the long run.Despite the price, they pretty much paid for themselves if I take into account all the money spent on plastic sandwich bags over a whole year. The bags are sturdy and clean fairly well either hand-washed or in the dishwasher. If I think a sandwich may leave a mess within the bag, then I usually just wrap the sandwich in a paper towel then place it in this bag. I loved it so much I bought another one for extra sandwiches I pack for a snack. I haven't bought a plastic sandwich bag since. I have peace of mind that I'm not contributing to post-consumer plastic that is already out in the world and I have saved myself the extra expense as well. To note, a couple of colleagues even commented on how nifty my bag was. Ha! I told them it's more practical than aesthetics, but I don't mind the added flair. February 6, 2014
Such cute designs, also practical and "green" I love the look of these bags. But more than that, I love the fact that they are dishwasher safe - such a convenience!!! Using something so pretty that is also ecologically responsible makes me feel good every time I use one of these cute bags. No more plastic baggies is a real plus. November 22, 2013
sandwich bag Overpriced for what I received in exchange. I loved the style and fabric. Disappointed that it wasn't worth the cost. November 11, 2013
Great Lunchskins Sandwich Bags I love our lunchskins! Best of all they are durable and easy to clean. I either hand wash them with mild dishwashing soap or throw them in the top rack of the dishwasher. It couldn't be easier! They also come in great patterns that are appealing to both genders and all ages. They are available in a variety of sizes so every lunch item (sandwich, veggies, fruit or dry snacks) fits in a bag. Going green was never so easy! I highly recommend this product. November 11, 2013
Hard to get clean! I bought these as an alternative to another brand that needs to be machine washed. You can put these in the dishwasher. That's great, but they don't really get cleaned or dried. I've tried them inside out, up side down, right side up and they still won't come clean. There are food stains and crumbs stuck in the velcro after 3 cycles. I would not recommend these even though I wanted to love them. November 7, 2013
Reusable Sandwich bags I love these bags. They are dishwasher safe and you just put it in the load of dishes. They keep things fresh and I use them for a whole week and wash it at the end of the week. They are great and easy to use. April 26, 2013
I bought this little bag to carry snacks with me to school. I was specifically looking for something that would be sturdy, easy to clean and small and flexible enough to tuck into a bag with too many electronics and sketchbooks squeezed into it. This bag is *perfect* for me! I fold it up when I'm done using it, then take it home and wash it out in the sink. If there's a lot of leftover food inside I just put it in the dishwasher, et voila ~ clean! I plan on purchasing more of these and some in the smaller size soon. April 26, 2013
Great Green sandwich bag While $8 seems like a lot for a lunch container, I believe it is well worth the investment. I have had this bag for well over a year and it is still going strong. It is also good for large/odd shaped bread that is too big for a regular plastic sandwich bag. I wash mine in the dishwasher, but it does need extra time for the velcro to dry. March 20, 2013
Lucky Lunch I've been using Lunchskins for a year now and have cut my plastic bag usage to one per month (and that's only because I borrow books from people and I put them in a bigger plastic bag to protect them if I travel). I take these everywhere and they're great for large fruit and not too-large of sandwiches. Plus, I love the fact that when I'm done with it I can wash it, dry it and use it against if I need to. Going green was never so convenient! March 19, 2013
Best snack/sandwich bags ever! I love my Lunchskin bags. I worry about germs with cloth bags that are washed with other laundry, but these can go right in the dishwasher. They're durable and get better with age. They fade a bit and can stain a little on the inside, especially if you put red or purple foods in them, but they also get softer and more pliable - like a favorite pair of shoes or jeans! Totally worth the purchase price. March 18, 2013
Best Reusable Bag My mom gave me a Lunchskin for each child at the beginning of the school year. I loved them so much I purchased other reusable bags. They were cloth. While, they were machine washable, I found they smelled moldy and that grossed me out! The Lunchskins that we have been using for 8 months now have no crazy smell or stains. I didn't know they were dishwasher safe until coming to the site. I have been cleaning them, with each use by turning them inside out and using a mild dish detergent. Dishwasher safe...even better. I am ordering three more sandwich and two snack sizes! Great purchase! Highly recommend them! March 6, 2013
Great product A friend at work got sandwich and snack sizes for Christmas a year ago. After seeing how well they held up and how easy to clean they were, I decided to buy some for myself. I've used them every day for the last week, and they're perfect for taking cereal, snacks or sandwiches. I love cutting down on my plastic bag use too. Now she wants more in the design I chose. January 26, 2013
Great bags So far so good... I've used these for about 2 months and the velcro has held up well, they wash well, no odor or food stains. Sandwiches will dry out faster than in a ziplock, but for same day lunches they have replaced my plastic baggies. March 22, 2012
Great for lunch; Great for the environment My son loves using his shark lunchskin. It fits easily in his lunch bag. He always takes PB sandwiches. We wash it weekly in the top rack of dishwasher open end face down. On a daily basis we simply wipe any excess PB. I love that we no longer use plastic baggies for lunch. March 20, 2012
Love them! Great way to stop wasting plastic baggies. I have both the sandwich and snack sizes and use them for sandwiches, veggie sticks, chips, grapes, whatever, for both my lunches and my girls'. March 19, 2012
excellent product I have these for 2 of my kids and I love them! Perfect size and easy to clean. Highly recommend! March 19, 2012
Love these These are fantastic. I love reusable bags but worry about germs with cloth bags. These aren't cloth and are easily washed and cleaned in the dish washer! A great buy. March 19, 2012
Great Idea! I love these! No more throwing out plastic baggies. The best part is that they are easily washable. February 23, 2012
Lunchskins are great! Thanks to Lunch Skins in various sizes, we've reduced our use of plastic sandwich and snack bags by quite a bit. They're so easy to clean (pop in the dishwasher) and the velcro closure is really strong, helping to keep food fresh. Love them! February 15, 2012
Perfect Size I love these bags. I had tried other containers for sandwiches and they never fit very well. This one is the perfect size, not too small, not too big. I love that they are dishwasher safe, and reusable. No more plastic bags for me. I plan on buying more of them. December 23, 2011
Great Eco choice I love the fact that I can use these for my lunch AND toss them in the dishwasher. It lets me be "green," and convenient at the same time. With no kids in the house anymore, there is no need for names on them, but I like the fact that you COULD put your name on there if you were sending them in a school lunch. February 15, 2011
Bag your plastic bags What a great idea! These reuseable bags are cute, convenient and they make me feel good about snacks. They have a funny plastic smell, but after a couple of washings, that goes away. I didn't notice any strange smell to my food that was in the bags. The only way these could be better is if they came in larger sizes. The sandwich size is decent, but it might be nice to have a size that's just a little bigger. February 15, 2011
Choose Color Wisely I love the idea behind this product. However, I did not considered writing names on a dark colored fabric. I also purchased some of the red and green colored ones, which I wrote on easily with a black Sharpie. The dark blue color fabric makes it impossible to see the Sharpie's black, blue or red writing. I ended up writing on it with a silver gel roller ball pen. I can see it, but I am concerned about it staying legible over time. January 14, 2011
Bag is not big enough The bag is very cute, but it is not big enough to fit an average size sandwich, you can fit a P&J sandwich. December 14, 2010
Lunchskins Lunch Bags I ordered the Lunchskins Lunch Bags for my daughter. I knew she needed a pick me up during lunch and I felt this would do the trick. December 10, 2010
These bags are fantastic!!! I use them every day for myself and my son's lunches. I have purchased many to give as gifts to teachers at school. Go Green and purchase these bags today and never have to buy plastic again! November 28, 2010
Worth the price! I first didn't want to buy these because they seemed pricey (though cheaper here than anywhere else I've found). But I thought I'd buy one to try it out. I LOVE it! It's great to put in my purse... not bulky like food storage containers. It doesn't take up that much room at all. I love using it for almonds, nuts, dried fruits, crackers, etc. I'll be getting more of them, for sure! November 7, 2010
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