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Juice Jugs

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Perfect for arthritic hands!
5 out of 5

Love the size and early grasp as my arthritis progresses

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Not my favorite Container Store purchase
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I'm a little disappointed in these. They are just a little too tall for my fridge door (large size). They don't pour smoothly - the beverage kind of glugs out and splashes if you pour just a little to quickly. The size is also kind of annoying. It's fine for concentrated juice, but if you use them to prepare a powdered sugar...

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Excellent Purchase Bought two of the 56 oz. jugs for a bridal shower. Only had to refill one jug once. Everyone agreed that it was easier to serve beverages from as opposed to using a punch bowl or a beverage dispenser. Would definitely recommend. May 22, 2014
Good for water, not necessarily for juice I just got two of the 36-ounce size to decant grape juice into, as it is getting difficult for my husband to handle the half-gallon containers it comes in. They are very lightweight and easy to handle as far as picking them up. But I think there's a flaw in the design of the spout. It's a little too far from the edge of the lid, so when pouring it tends to splash a little. And a little of the liquid does stay on the top of the lid, so it makes a sticky mess and you have to keep mopping it off if you use it as a juice decanter. I got them to use with juice, but they're probably more suitable for water as it would not matter as much if it drips a little. They are very elegant looking, though. I will continue to use them with water, but I'm looking for something else to use with juice. May 20, 2014
Absolutely Perfect I bought these for a bridal shower brunch...they were perfect! Easy to pour, and held so much that I only refilled once for my own sanity. Love them. They were a terrific purchase and I will continue to use them at home! March 24, 2014
Great purchase We are using this for our kids - so they can pour out their own milk, the gallon jugs are not as easy for a 3 year old. This makes it easy for them to grab some cereal and/or a glass of milk - so we can get an extra 15 min in the morning.... February 18, 2014
Super Selection! I got this to use as a bedside water carafe while I recuperated from surgery...Could not have made a better choice. It's light weight, it doesn't spill until it's wide open/ready to pour, it keeps the cat hair out, and it's useful through the day so there aren't so many trips to the refrigerator. This would be a great choice for anyone in a guest room, sickroom, workspace, etc. January 14, 2014
I found this product very usefull for everyday and for any occasion. April 29, 2013
BEST Purchase Ever I love that it's is PBA free. It's sturdy and washes easily in the dishwasher. It didn't melt or lose it's shape from the high heat in the dishwasher like other plastic containers do. Also i like the curved neck which is easy to grasp for all persons even those with arthirits. I have 4 of these jugs. March 22, 2013
Just what I was looking for We buy grape juice in big plastic jugs that are inappropriate to be on our Friday night Sabbath dinner table. My husband also was finding the jugs too difficult to maneuver. I wanted something that would look nice, not be heavy, and not be breakable. I looked in many of the nicer houseware and kitcehnware stores but found nothing. Never expected to find just what I wanted at the Container Store! It works great and looks great at our Sabbath table. . Even my husband likes using it. March 18, 2013
Good The larger one is difficult to fit in the door area of our fridge. We have a large French door style fridge. And we stopped using it because the top would cause a splatter of juice hen poured that drove my husband nuts. I rather enjoyed having the nice container, but it bothered him. March 18, 2013
Love these juice containers! My kids love to pour their own juice and these containers are easy enough for little hands to hold without worrying about spills, especially the smaller one. Thanks for helping them feel "big"! March 18, 2013
Functional and fabulous! LOVE these carafes! Fabulous for the half opened bottle of juice or lemonade. Plus, they are great to serve juice in at parties (did someone say mimosa bar?!) March 18, 2013
I will be ordering more !!!! I bought 4 thinking I would use them for 2 different juices, milk, and water. But now I'm cringing because they save so much space, so I want all my liquids to be stored in them. I will definitely be ordering 2-3 in the near future. July 3, 2012
fabulous pitcher for every home this is a fabulous pitcher. portable and keeps the drink fresh. no spill and lite weight. April 30, 2012
Perfect for arthritic hands! Love the size and early grasp as my arthritis progresses April 28, 2012
Juice Jugs I recently bought a this plastic juice jug strictly for tea use. It has a wonder snap shut spout that revents spills and the tea doesn't ever leave stains, no matter how long the liquid stays in the jug. I just love it! Great product Container Store People!! March 19, 2012
cant wait to drink juice! awesome container very cute and i just love it...looks amazing on the kitchen table when serving breakfast very elegant March 8, 2012
Great Great for goldfish....when I use it for juice the hole is not big enough and when you shut it juice flys you have to wipe it off first...so I started using it for the kids snacks. February 15, 2012
perfect for bath beads Thanks to another reviewer I bought these to put my bath beads and salts in. The seal is tight and the shape of the bottle has a nice sculptural look to it. Much better looking in the bathroom than a labeled package! January 21, 2012
Not just for juice! Sexy shape, I'm using it on the counter for Cascade dishwasher detergent. Going back to get another for bath salts. August 15, 2011
Love it! Nice attractive design and easy to handle. Looks great when serving to guests! February 14, 2011
Not my favorite Container Store purchase I'm a little disappointed in these. They are just a little too tall for my fridge door (large size). They don't pour smoothly - the beverage kind of glugs out and splashes if you pour just a little to quickly. The size is also kind of annoying. It's fine for concentrated juice, but if you use them to prepare a powdered sugar free drink they fall 8 oz short. I'll keep them ... but I think they could be designed better. I'd make them shorter and squatter with a better spout. January 29, 2011
Very convenient, attractive, spill proof These are great little juice jugs for whatever you can think of. I like the little pop top spout so far, seems well made and seals well. I have only had for a few weeks but seem to be very useful and well made. Great gifts, filled with fresh squeezed juice! December 27, 2010
great product! I will be buying another one of these! Easy for big kids to handle. November 14, 2010
Looks great I adore these jugs I am getting more. I love having my filtered water nice and chilled and no plastic taste. Excellent product. Saves space in your fridge October 28, 2010
Juice Jugs I filled my refrigerator with these. They are full of orange juice, skim milk, 2% milk (had to put a garage sale dot on one of them to differentiate), water with lemon slices in it and whatever you want. I prefer the large size jug. They look great inside and outside the frig. May 18, 2010
Great for refrigerator The large jug is great. It takes up little space in the refrigerator and looks good on the dinner table. May 17, 2010
Going back to get two more. Not glass so you don't have to worry about breaking but look great. May 7, 2010
Perfect for storing juice I loved this jug. It is lightweight and it holds the whole 64 oz juice container I buy from the store. When I get home I just pour the Orange juice from the store container to my container, which also cuts back on germs in my fridge(think of all the people that touched your juice container before it made it into your cart!)The only downside is when you pour out the juice, a little bit of the juice stays on the top lip of the bottle and you have to wipe it off. Minor inconvience, still worth having! March 29, 2010
Fits in refrigerator door and keeps juice fresh I buy my juice in bulk, this are ideal for storing it in the refrigerator. They keep the juice fresh. The large ones are fairly narrow and fit into the shelving on my refrigerator door. They are also nice and classy looking. The opening for pouring the juice has a nice firm clip which is air tight and keeps the juice fresh. The juice does not spill, but some drops remains on the top when you are done pouring. I just wipe this off with a paper towel. Minor inconvenience which is why I rated it a 4 and not a 5. February 10, 2010
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