Tellfresh® Tall Food Storage

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Tellfresh® Tall Food Storage

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Best food storage containers on the Market
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Tellfresh offers the best plastic food storage containers on the market. The wash well, store easily, and do not leave food smelling like plastic. The plastic does not discolor from being washed in the dishwasher, nor does it warp

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Tellfresh Tall Food Storage This product is just the right size for storing cookies and/or crackers. It keeps them fresh and eatable. I also like the fact that it is dishwasher safe. I plan on buying more of the smaller containers in the same line of products. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends. July 3, 2014
Perfect for large bubble bars 800 ml size fits 2 large bubble bars. You can stack the bars or place them side by side. I can't comment on ability to maintain freshness, but am very hopeful based on other reviews. June 5, 2014
Love There is something so great about these little food storage bins. Just the feel of them are great. They are a perfect fit for snacks. I am planning on buying more for sure! I just wish there was a Container store much closer to me. June 1, 2014
Watch out for those labels! These are great containers! I appreciate how they don't "burp" flour when you squeeze the sides to lift them. Do watch out for the stickers/labels that come on them. The glue is a beast to get off cleanly (without scratching the plastic). I found that a few minutes in the freezer allowed the labels to peel off, glue and all, with no mess. May 17, 2014
Fantastic for storage! I love these! Clean lines, easy to label, easy to use, snap shut, dishwasher safe, clear, stackable... these are wonderful! I'm definitely going to be buying more! May 9, 2014
Love These! I bought 15 of these and they look so nice and neat in my pantry. A box of cheerios lasts about 2 months with my toddler (only for snacking) and these keep them fresh and crispy as if I just opened the box. A real money saver! Also these are slim so save a ton of space in the pantry or fridge and still stores a lot of food in them. April 25, 2014
great for bakers I use these storage containers for all my baking goods, flour, sugar, etc. They keep everything fresh and easily accessible. I would recommend them to anyone. March 14, 2014
Great for pantry Completely reorganized my pantry. Love the fact that the containers are BPA free and made in Australia. Looked at a bunch of brands but these ones are the most streamlined in terms of exterior design. Stackable, dishwasher OK (however mine left watermarks on it). Also like the fact that you can purchase the plastic labels for it which just snap in on the side (can be erased/reused). March 2, 2014
Tellfresh is the best! First off, I must say that I have been using Tellfresh products for at least 12 years! The tall food storage containers are perfect for everything from storing cookies, crackers to sugar and loose tea. I recently bought these for the breakfast shelf. I have granola, pecans and a raisin/cranberry mix. My favorite part of this system is that the lids nest inside the open box sideways. February 23, 2013
Works really well I bought several of these containers in several different sizes after moving into a house and finding it has a pesky problem with sugar ants. I wanted to put all my pantry items in airtight containers in case the pesky buggers returned. They are working perfectly for storing all kinds of dry items from pasta noodles to chips to leftover Halloween candy. They are very neat and tidy looking, which I LOVE, and I plan to order more in the future! I also like that its easy to see what is in each container. My only complaint is that things like tortilla chips tend to taste a little plasticky. November 30, 2012
Best food storage containers on the Market Tellfresh offers the best plastic food storage containers on the market. The wash well, store easily, and do not leave food smelling like plastic. The plastic does not discolor from being washed in the dishwasher, nor does it warp March 19, 2012
Great Product I purchased a bunch of the 9" containers to help organize our cat food. I was also looking for containers that would fit on a shelf that was just over 9" tall. These were PERFECT. They help keep our "kitty center" clean and organized. I also purchased a bunch to keep our children's snacks organized - and to give us a bit more room on that particular shelf in our pantry. Again, they are wonderful. Easy to open, easy to work with. I haven't purchased any labels yet, but they may be next on my list!! :) March 16, 2012
love these containers & tags bought these several years ago and just got some more. the sizes are just right for between my shelves (12" stackable height) and the labels are reuseable when I change the contents. December 27, 2011
Highly Recommended These containers are extremely durable, as well as stylish and practical at the same time. I love the fact that the tops don't overhang, so they take less space (every mm counts in a small apt!). They also have convenient reusable plastic labels which help identify the items inside. Highly recommended. June 16, 2011
Great for the kitchen I initially bought many of these containers 2 years ago when there was a moth outbreak in the condo complex I was living in. I was secretly happy because it gave me a reason to "contain" my kitchen! I LOVED these containers. After moving into a new house and new kitchen I needed to "contain" a new space and I came back to these. I still like them but I'm amazed at how flimsy they now are. The ones I bought 2 years ago are much more sturdy. I'd rather pay more for a heavier duty product. May 5, 2011
Great storage Great size, great look, wide range of sizes to fit anything, anywhere. December 27, 2010
Great food storage containers I bought alot of these containers in all sizes. The large one is great for the Goldfish crackers I buy in bulk, and the smaller ones I use for saltine or Ritz crackers for airtight storage, rather than keeping them in the plastic sleeves they come in once opened. The medium container is great for my baking mixes. September 29, 2010
Love these! One of the most space-efficient and streamlined containers ever, not to mention non-dorky looking, I've been using this system for almost 10 years now and still love it! May 20, 2010
Very sturdy and sleek food containers I bought these when they were on clearance sales, absolutely one of the best purchases I have ever made from Container Store!! They come in all different sizes, very sturdy and even microwavable. The wall is thin so it saves space and also looks great when stacked together. May 20, 2010
I have a zillion I have these in ALL different sizes. The thing I like best is that you can get different heights & use the same tops...makes it quicker to put things away. And there are SOOO many sizes to choose from. May 17, 2010
Great storage containers! Like most people, we have been trying to cut costs wherever we can. One solution we have found is buying food in bulk, both online and in warehouse stores. (Before you eliminate this as an option because you are single or one half of a pair, check it out. Our family is made up of a husband and a wife only.) An initial investment for this budget saving activity has been the purchase of containers for storing the food once the bulk packaging has been open. Our choice has been the Tellfresh Tall storage containers which we have purchased in three different sizes. They are the perfect solution. Obviously, it is important that the containers are food safe, which these are. The containers are stackable, allowing us to maximize our storage space. We like that they are clear so that we can easily identify the contents. Most importantly, the lids fit tightly keeping the contents fresh. We will be buying many more of these containers in the future. March 12, 2010
Great For Storing Dry Goods We re-modeled our kitchen, and I needed storaged containers for bulk dry goods (such as rice, lentils, barley, etc) for the pantry. I was looking for containers of differing sizes that I could stack easily and neatly in the space we had available. It was also important for me to be able to view the contents through the container without having to pull the container off the shelf. These containers have fit the bill magnificently! They stack easily, hold quite a bit (there are only 2 of us, so we don't need that much), and I love the fact that I can easily view the contents even when it is sitting up on the second shelf! I also like the feel of these containers: they feel sturdy for the price and strong enough for what I'm using them for. I know they are listed under "Food Storage," but I would think there could also be uses for them in other areas of the home. Love this product! February 18, 2010
Tellfrest Storage Containers The lids are not air tight as described. If you fill the container with liquid and tip it or lay it on it's side, it leaks, not a little, a lot. The reason I ordered these was for the size and air tight lids. January 7, 2010
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