Tellfresh® Oblong Food Storage

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Tellfresh® Oblong Food Storage

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Great storage containers
5 out of 5

This is the only brand I purchase now. Easy to open, affordable, & large variety of perfect sizes for lunch box snacks or refrigerator leftovers.

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Great Shape but Not Durable
2 out of 5

I love the shapes ----but they are not durable...they crack and shatter within the first month or so of normal use. Sooooo Sad----if they were more durable, I'd give them a 5.

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Tellfresh® Oblong Food Storage 4.9 5 37 37
Great products I have had telefresh containers for a few years and just ordered more for my vacation home. They stack well for storage and the variety of sizes are great. Red sauces will stain if microwaved. July 17, 2014
Best Pantry Boxes Ever I decided to reorganize my pantry one day and started with these boxes. Before I knew it, they had taken over my entire pantry and I wouldn't have it any other way! Now nothing is allowed in the pantry without being in their appropriate (and labeled) box! :) May 4, 2014
Great for making and shaking salads in I needed a container I could prepare my salad in and then close it with a lid and shake it so the dressing gets all over the ingredients. This worked perfectly for that, and it was easy to clean and didn't retain the smell of the food too much afterward. I would highly recommend this product for that kind of purpose. April 18, 2014
Great food storage option The Tellfresh Food Storage containers are a very high-quality product. I especially like the consistent shapes of the containers, mainly rectangular or square, which optimizes storage space. A few options even have the same size lid making it easier to grab the right lid when you want it. Easy to clean, goes through the dishwasher (top shelf) just fine, seals well, nice-looking. April 14, 2014
So very stackable! I am a huge fan of the Tellfresh line. This size container is large enough to store bulk items and fit neatly on any shelf. Highly recommend! March 30, 2014
Perfect size I have a French door refrigerator with a deli drawer. It was always a mess and difficult to find what I was looking for. I bought these containers to corral the variety of items that I keep in there. They work perfectly! I can put deli meats in one, sliced cheeses in another, etc. When I want something, I just remove the container and there it is!. These containers are sturdy and I can easily fit 5 of them in the drawer. I highly recommend them. March 3, 2014
Great storage containers This is the only brand I purchase now. Easy to open, affordable, & large variety of perfect sizes for lunch box snacks or refrigerator leftovers. March 18, 2013
affordable & useful This has many sizes and is useful in both storage and transporting food safely. March 14, 2013
Best Food Storage I love all of my Tellfresh Food Storage! I use it to put pantry items in like flour and sugar, but mostly what I love it for is putting snacks together so that my teenager will eat more healthy foods and for leftovers that I can have handy so I can grab a meal to take to work with me without having to do too much planning ahead. February 26, 2013
Great Shape but Not Durable I love the shapes ----but they are not durable...they crack and shatter within the first month or so of normal use. Sooooo Sad----if they were more durable, I'd give them a 5. December 15, 2012
Tellfresh Oblong Food Storage I ordered on line and received my order in a remarkably short time. Thank you! We use the 7.5 quart bowl to feed feral cats at CSULB. The bowls are very sturdy and we use the same ones year after year. Half of the time, these bowls are sitting outside, and still they last. They clean very easily and you can be assured that a lid from an earlier purchase is going to fit on a recently ordered one. November 24, 2012
Nice Size! I marinate meat in this container and it is a nice size. I've had 9 sliced Ribeye steaks marinating in this container! It travels well and fits nicely without taking up the whole fridge. August 13, 2012
This container does food & a whole lot more! This 5x5x11" container is indeed very good for storing smaller but longer food items in the frig. And it's easy to clean for re-use. But this modest size shoebox is also WONDERFUL for storing all sorts of audio, video, and computer parts and short cables. Since the plastic boxes are easy to see inside, you can quickly set-up a dozen or so to create easy-to-find storage for those small, pesky SD cards, thumb drives, audio & digital cable adapters and the like. It's size is also convenient for use on most utility shelves where bigger, standard containers don't fit. It's the best container I've found for smaller parts in 20-years. June 9, 2012
Good purchase I use this container for celery. I use it asparagus. It is "just right" for tall or long veggies. May 26, 2012
Great quality plastic food containers Light weight, easy to open/close, high quality plastic containers. I have been using these for 2 years now, still in good shape! April 30, 2012
Favorite Storage Containers These uncomplicated, stylish storage containers are my favorite. They are good for anything that needs organization from food to desk top items. I save a special set to use for organizing food in our camping ice chest. Never suffer from wet cheese again when your ice melts! April 27, 2012
Nice and Fresh Love these containers. They have perfect and various size option for your need. Keep fresh fruit and vegetable fresh longer and easy to clean!! March 26, 2012
Great Product Perfect size for celery and carrots. Keeps produce fresh longer. Not too bulky and fits easily in fridge. March 19, 2012
best food storage containers These are the only storage containers that I use. I don't live near a container store, but every time I am near one I buy more containers or order then online. I have them in all sizes. March 19, 2012
best storage containers We've replaced our "name brand" food storage containers with these. They seal well and stack well. February 28, 2012
cozy kitchen These storage containers have a wide range of sizes & shapes. Can go into the freezer. Easy to open. Stays closed. Great all around help for your kitchen. February 20, 2012
Great add-on to Tellfresh containers Bought these tags to go with my Tellfresh containers. What a great idea :) They just slide in on the front or side of all the Tellfresh containers except the round ones. The little pencil and eraser are also handy and it wipes off clean. Great see-thru containers to keep anything organized. Also love the wide variety of sizes and shapes. August 23, 2011
Best Food Storage Containers Ever My husband and I found these by accident while just browsing through a store one day. We bought a couple to try a I loved having all one shape (rectangle/square) that nested and stacked. I also enjoyed the fact that they work in the microwave, fridge, and freezer and are dishwasher safe. All things important to me in food containers. We were absolutely delighted with these so much that I ordered 10 more in varying sizes. No more wasted space with using round containers, they stack, are easily labeled and keep my fridge neat and organized. Plus they are very light and easy to carry lunches to work in. July 8, 2011
Tellfresh Products are Fabulous I recently got a new Tellfresh Soup container - it is perfect to keep at work with cans of soup for those days when you forget your lunch. All the Tellfresh containers are high quality! February 13, 2011
Pantry Protection Love, love, love this product. . Great in the pantry. So many different sizes. I store rice, flour, pasta, dry beans. My pantry looks so organized and you can see everything that's stored. January 13, 2011
Great storage container Great variety of sizes, looks great too. Use in freezer. December 27, 2010
Love the Tellfresh collection I purchased 3 containers from the Tellfresh line. I love these containers so much I am waiting for my shipment of 6 more that I just ordered. They are great for packing lunches and freezing food in single portion sizes. I am very pleased with my experience with the container store. October 9, 2010
Tellfresh - My Favorite Food Storage Containers I love these products. They are clear, sturdy, stack nicely, and look very nice in any pantry. They are also dishwasher and microwave safe. One thing I don't like: there are a couple other sizes available at my local store that aren't available on line so I need to call the store to add those to my order. October 7, 2010
Great food storage option The oblong shape fits well in a small refrigerator and it holds a lot more food than it looks like from the compact shape. September 8, 2010
Sleek The sleek design of these containers really works for me. I tossed a bunch of bulkier containers, replaced them with the Tellfresh, and can now fit just as many in the cupboard. Best thing is the Tellfresh take less space as they all stack nicely. Also, these are BPA free which is important for a myriad of reasons. May 31, 2010
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