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Modular Canisters

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Perfect size for upper cabinets
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I decided to move my flour and sugars out of the pantry and into my baking cabinet. The 3.9 qt square fits perfectly stacked in twos in my upper kitchen cabinet. Bags of powdered and brown sugar fit nicely within, while standard size bags of flour and sugar transfer beautifully.

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I feel so organized! I purchased several of these containers to organize my pantry. I put mixed nuts, quinua, pasta, and tea in them. I have noticed that I am saving money at the grocery store because I can actually see what I have left of the food and shop acccordingly. I have a small house with little storage space and these work perfect! March 20, 2012
Great for kitchen organization These are great for getting the most space out of your kitchen pantry. Love them! July 7, 2014
Great for pantry storage I have limited space in my pantry and have been using different storage jars for open grains, pasta etc. These modular containers allow me to stack and take advantage of vertical space. April 3, 2014
Very useful and practical. These canisters are very effective and have been very practical for the size of my cabinets. They are thin, holds enough and are easy to view. February 23, 2014
Bottom of Large Size Container Cracks Easily I purchased about $200 worth of these containers in a variety of sizes. At first I was in love with how my dog food and treat cabinet looked, all the chaos of many different size containers and packages traded in for a neat, tidy, and downright beautiful presentation that actually was much more efficient. What used to store in two cabinets now all fits in one. I was also impressed that these containers had absolutely no plastic smell and were made in the USA too. Unfortunately the large size container (3.9 qt. Modular Square) can't seem to stand up under the weight of it's own contents. The first set of 4 all split and were returned and now the first of the second batch of 4 also now has a big stress crack in the bottom. I'm very disappointed to have put so much money into trying to get my dog food and treat area organized to end up with a product that only lasts a few months. October 13, 2013
See Through Acrylic boxes I have these everywhere ! I use them for cosmetics, make-up brushes, sewing supplies. The Container Store stopped carrying these for a while and I was so excited to see they're back !!!!!! August 3, 2013
Fantastic Dry Storage Containers I have been accumulating these for various dry goods in my kitchen over the last year. I'd been through several different styles/types/brands, and had returned all of them for various reasons of not working the way I wanted them to. MY SEARCH IS OVER. These are the perfect solution. We love that we can see every item, I can tell how much is left in a glance, and the tops are secure. Also, they're just pretty all filled with the various grains/beans in my pantry! Will keep buying more, and have already recommended them to friends. Also the click/order/pickup was so helpful: I needed more than my store had in stock, and it would have been a frustrating trip to return home with only partially of what I needed. The online ordering system told me when they would ALL be in stock in the quantities I needed, and I picked them up that day. It took literally 5 minutes to pick up my order. Thanks! April 8, 2013
Tidied Up My Dry Goods! I keep coming back to buy more of these! I used to have a deep drawer in the kitchen filled with half-filled bags of flours, beans, and grains, and pastas -- it was a disaster. A dozen or so of these in various sizes completely fixed it...I can group like with like, see immediately what I have and what's running low, and keep everything airtight. The tops and sides easily hold stick-on labels, and the containers are clear for instant ID. Love them! March 25, 2013
Love these containers We got some of these containers for our wedding shower and I just purchased more! Love them!!! We put all of our crackers in them- keeps them fresh and helps keep the pantry organized. March 18, 2013
Love these! I love the way these let me see the contents, and they stack with all of the other Modulars. Gives a clean, inviting look to the pantry. February 10, 2013
Tops are not secure! I was really excited to purchase these as they were safe plastic that looked like glass. I was very unhappy to discover that the lids do not secure to the container, so if they are knocked over the contents will spill everywhere! very poor design! December 10, 2012
Love this product The feature I like best is that they are stack-able, taking up less space in the pantry. Seeing the contents quickly is a big plus. May 2, 2012
shelf strata Love how I can now see through my boxes in a row to what is behind them. Great for the kids to get their own goodies out and keep them fresh. April 28, 2012
Great Containers These are perfect for cupboard storage. I use them to organize all my daughter's snacks. Since they are perfectly clear, I can see exactly what is in them at a quick glance. They fit together quite nicely and I like how I can use different sizes and still have a great fit. I would definitely recommend them. April 27, 2012
great for my pantry.... I love this product, my husband is into organizing everything... and the minute I saw these I knew he would love this idea.... they are great, clear to see what is inside, and its simple, light, and fits great on the new elfa shelfs I purchased. April 16, 2012
Fabulous Storage Excellent storage for the kitchen, especially the fridge. I peel and slice my fresh veggies, including celery and carrots. They remain fresh for well over a week. They are crispy and I can see them right when I open the fridge. This saves me from reaching for the chips or other less healthier snacks. March 20, 2012
Attractive counter organizers I bbought the first one as a gift for my mother to use as a cookie canister and she loved it so much I purchased another for myself.I then bought more and have many stacked with various food items and candies. Everything stays fresh and you know what is in the container. More can be added as you need or remove a few when the container becomes empty. They can be used for other items in any room in the house. These are a good investment for the price. March 19, 2012
These are The Bomb! I got several of these to organize all the food in bags...flour, brown sugar, nuts, choc chips, etc. that keep falling out of my pantry! They are awesome and it's easy to see everything and know exactly what you have on hand. I'm going to purchase more to organize food in the fridge. I love the way they stack so well. I only wish they had a tighter seal. February 20, 2012
They work for me! I bought 2 of these to save counter space & hold fresh apples & utensils (1 each). I'm considering adding to them! They are space saving!!!! January 20, 2012
Modular Canisters I bought this to put brown sugar in to keep it fresh. When it arrived, I realized that it will probably be better served for Christmas cookies and snacks. The lid has a large rim to hold other containers of the same nature from slipping. If you are looking for clear containers that hold a fair amount of goodies, this is your ticket. I would buy more than 1 if you plan on organizing items. I bought the bigger square one. November 6, 2011
Great for Organizing! I used mine for small/partial bags of beans, rice and a large variety of other small items that were always getting lost. Now I know exactly where to look for those packages of gravy, or mixes. They are the perfect size for most jobs, fit nicely in the cabinet or refrigerator, let you see the contents easily and are stackable. What is not to like? November 4, 2011
Perfect size for upper cabinets I decided to move my flour and sugars out of the pantry and into my baking cabinet. The 3.9 qt square fits perfectly stacked in twos in my upper kitchen cabinet. Bags of powdered and brown sugar fit nicely within, while standard size bags of flour and sugar transfer beautifully. August 24, 2011
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