Deluxe Bamboo Knife Dock™

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Deluxe Bamboo Knife Dock™

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My knife drawer was a mess (and dangerous) and this solved my problems! I had it cleaned out and organized in about 5 minutes. The knifes don't slip around at all in this dock and accomodates all sizes.

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Most useful drawer storage I love that this tray holds all of my knives safely. As I acquired additional knives, I was no longer able to store them in the trays that came with the knives. Storing the knives loose in my drawer proved hazardous when I cut myself reaching for another tool. This bamboo tray holds each knife securely with the blade side facing down which prevents accidental cuts or dulling of the knives. April 27, 2012
Great knife solution I was looking for a knife storage solution that would work in a drawer and free up valuable counter space. This product works beautifully. I love the size -- it fits all of my expensive knives comfortably. Love the bamboo material, and the cork protects the knife blades nicely. Great product, great purchase! May 5, 2014
Bamboo knife storage Super way to keep knives organized. I love it. A little pricey but seems to be good quality. April 29, 2014
Excellent Solution for my knives! This is just the product I was looking for! We recently just bought a set of Shun knives, and with them a knife block. These blades are so thin at the top, that each time we insert them into the knife block, they were getting banged on the block and bent at the tip. Not cool! I went out and purchased the Bamboo Knife Dock and it solved all our problems. No more bent blades here and I can store it in a drawer with a safety lock on it. Keeps my knives safe & clears counter space...win win. My only downside to the knife dock is the bamboo stick running through the cork slots. I have to be careful not to put the knife in too far or else it hits that stick. Otherwise its excellent! April 27, 2014
bamboo knife dock this is a great product. Works really well in my new kitchen. It fits perfectly in one of my drawers.Highly recommend it. April 26, 2014
Exactly what I was looking for My son bought this for his knife storage, and I liked it so much that when we remodeled our kitchen I bought a Bamboo Knife Dock for us too ! It is exactly as pictured and fits perfectly in our drawer space. All of the knives that were previously in our knife block are now housed snugly in a drawer creating lots more counter space. April 6, 2014
Good Purchase When we moved into a new home I wanted to keep what we had on the countertops minimal. This fits perfectly into our drawers and all of our knives fit (I do have to double stack some, but the height of the bamboo gives plenty of space) so I can keep valuable countertop space. And, I don't have to worry about having a toddler who likes to sit on the counter while I'm cooking! March 25, 2014
Love the innovative design. I've always wanted a knife block without the "blocky" design or a magnet that I needed to install on my wall. I love that this design is flexible and can hold multiple knives of varying sizes!! Flexible, durable. Have gotten many compliments on it. March 6, 2014
Great storage for knives I hate knife block sets. They are big and clunky and take up valuable counter space. Most of the time you only really need and use 3 knives from the whole set. I got the smaller version of this to put inside my drawer. The bigger one is really a better value and more useful to fit all the knives I have, plus anything with a blade. I put my scissor and pizza cutter all in one place so I know where they all are. I love it. December 3, 2013
Drawer organizers The knife organizer is fantastic. All the knives I have (24) fit into the organizer and make it so easy to store knives. The drawer organizer is also very nice with cubicles for odds and ends. Keeps me organized and tidy. October 31, 2013
Great Product Great service. I just ordered two more of these for my winter home in SC because I liked the ones I have so much. They keep the knives neat and in good shape. I highly recommend them. May 17, 2013
efficient and safe storage for knives This knife dock efficiently and safely stores knives in a drawer. I was concerned the dock would be too tall for my drawer and that it wouldn't hold all my knives. I was pleasantly surprised on both counts. It fits perfectly in my 2-3/4" deep drawer. I am currently storing 5 long-handled and 10 short-handled knives. It holds them easily with room to spare. I'm glad to have the knives off my counter. Well worth the money! April 15, 2013
Very Sharp Looking Pardon the pun. LOL This looks great in my drawer and it is wonderful to not have the knife block sitting on the counters. I've have others comment on how nice it is. The only improvement I could see is to make some room for the steel. April 5, 2013
Great Knife Storage I've been storing my knives in a drawer for years. I wish I had known about this a long time ago. I just received it and my knives are already happily ensconced in this safe, well-made bed. What's more - ALL of my knives fit! I will probably have to sharpen my knives a lot less now. Fantastic product, very high quality. February 28, 2013
Handy and Safe This product does a good job of keeping sharp knives off counters and handy at the same time. I purchased the large one and it provides enough storage for all my cooking knives plus 6 steak knives. The "cork" leaves are quite tight and I've taken the corners off a couple of them trying to slide knives in between them. Overall, I'm quite pleased with the idea and the function of this product and recommend it to those who want to free up counter space, get rid of the dirty, dust-gathering knife block, and want safer storage for their knives. February 16, 2013
Deluxe Bamboo Knife Dock Receved your product in excellent condition. Just what I have been looking for, to keep my knives organized and together. The knives spacing can be separated evenly in the knife dock. May 14, 2012
Perfect for Knife Storage I have only just purchased this product but already I am impressed with the number of knives it can fit, as well as the varying sizes it accommodates. Even if my knife collection changes in the future, it will still fit my needs. Best of all, it gets them off my counter and leaves room for what I actually like to do - cook! May 6, 2012
great knife dock first the price was wayyy cheaper than any place i've seen. the store is great, the product was easy to find and it is simply made, nothing complex. i went home and slid in 14 knives and it still had space, so i am please, i will now get rid of my knife block on top of my counter and slide this baby into my drawer for more counter space. great product. April 30, 2012
Finally! A way to store whatever knives I have... I love to cook, so I love knives. I don't want to store them on the countertop in a block (to scary-looking when you have young kids around) so I keep them in a drawer with child-safety lock. But most in-drawer knife storage systems have set number of slots, so unless I have exactly the same configuration of big and small knives to match the big and small slots, it's not going to work. So I LOVE this new holder, because it fits my particular knife collection, and it will also fit whatever selection of knives I have in five years, too. The picture shows the longer knives extending out past the bamboo frame, but only my very long 10" slicer needs to extend past. My 8" chef's knives fit fully inside. The knives feel very secure and even though I have a lot in there, I can easily reach into my drawer and get the one I need. I've only had it for a week, so I don't know how well the "cork-like material" will hold up over time. At the store I noticed sand-like debris on the display shelf that was obviously coming from the "cork" but I figured I'd try it anyway. I am finding little specks of the material on my knives when I take them out of the holder (they immediately wipe off) but seem to be finding less specks after a week. April 30, 2012
Very very nice This holds ALL of our knives, including the set of steak knives! It works very well to reduce clutter in our small kitchen. A definite yes! April 29, 2012
Best purchase - Love it Store your knifes safety and keep them sharp longer! I use this and now I feel like my knife investment will pay off. The knifes stay organized and sharp. No more trying to fit them in a wood block. I recommend this to all cooks! April 27, 2012
Love it! Holds any and all knives, couldn't be more pleased! April 27, 2012
no more knife sticks! now all my knives are stored in a safe, easily accessible manner! this was my son's idea....great job boy! April 2, 2012
function without the clutter I wanted to get the bulky butcher block of knives off my countertop. This was a perfect solution. It fits nicely in a drawer. You are not stuck with certain sizes of slots for your knives it fits multiple sizes and holds more than you would think. I love this item I also bought the smaller size for a smaller drawer. March 29, 2012
Great product This is a great, flexible storage solution because you can store any sized knives in an organized way. March 22, 2012
Love it! We love it. Its super efficient in storing all of our knives. March 19, 2012
great for the knives Wonderful way to store knives securely and out of sight. The cork "pages" are easy to slide the knives into and works quite well. September 22, 2011
LUV LUV LUV IT!!! i labored over this product just because i was concerned about spending that much money without "touch and feel" first. i took the plunge & ordered it and am so glad i did! couldn't be happier with it unless i'd caught it on sale, which i am never lucky enough do! September 6, 2011
Wonderful, meets all our needs! Having a knife block out in the open on the counter top where anyone can see and have access to it, makes me uneasy. This in-drawer knife dock is perfect. It organzies everything perfectly and gives us that built-in customized feel to our newly renovated kitchen. It fits in our drawer nicely and saves space in the kitchen. Everyone who sees it, is impressed. August 28, 2011
Clean, easily accesible This design has turned my most disorganized and dangerous drawer into a perfect haven for knives. I can see which knife to choose in a simple glance. Guests helping in the kitchen also comment on the ease and neatness of this drawer tray. August 24, 2011
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