Expand-a-Drawer® Cutlery Tray

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Expand-a-Drawer® Cutlery Tray

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Great organizer
5 out of 5

The Expand-a-drawer cutlery tray is a great way to organize drawers. Since it is adjustable it works for more than just kitchen drawers. Desk drawers, work bench drawers, etc. can be accommodated.

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not as good as it could / should have been
2 out of 5

I have to say I am surprised at the overwhelmingly positive reviews. I thought, when I was buying this, that it would be one expandable piece. Instead it's three separate pieces that do not in any way attach to each other. (You become aware of that fact the moment you open the packaging and the contents comes all flying apart.) The...

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Expand-a-Drawer® Cutlery Tray 4.5 5 41 41
Great organizer The Expand-a-drawer cutlery tray is a great way to organize drawers. Since it is adjustable it works for more than just kitchen drawers. Desk drawers, work bench drawers, etc. can be accommodated. July 7, 2010
Amazing! Honestly, amazing! Fit my drawer perfectly and the ability to expand both sides of the tray allow me to make more small divided spaces. My utensil drawer went from disorganized to super easy to use. LOVE IT! June 24, 2014
Perfect We used to have two silverware trays because we couldn't fit all of ours into just one tray. Seriously. We did that for MORE THAN FIVE YEARS! So weird. Well, one day I decided it was time for a change. So we bought one of these, and we've never looked back. It EASILY fits all of our flatware, knives, and other serving utensils. Seriously, I think we actually have room for another complete set of flatware! Not that we need more...or do we? April 26, 2014
Awesome Product I really wanted to squeeze a little more storage out of my kitchen utensil drawer and my two bathroom drawers, and this product did the trick. I wasn't able to use the expanding part in my bathroom drawers, b/c they're too narrow. But the drawers are deep, and the insert, which is 16-1/2", goes all the way to the back, so it still holds a ton. In the utensil drawer, it also goes all the way to the back AND I was able to use one expanding side piece, so I gained 3 extra compartments. It's awesome, I love it, and I may buy another 1-2 for other kitchen drawers. April 5, 2014
Organizing is Not Always A Simple Thing This was EXACTLY what I needed. You cannot go wrong with this as a purchase March 2, 2014
Wonderful product I liked this so much I went back and bought more. The first product that filled the drawer with useful space. July 16, 2013
A Little Disappointing Great concept but a bit lacking on execution. The shrink wrap conceals two big shortcomings of this tray. For the price I find the weight of the plastic somewhat flimsy. I could overlook that except for the bigger issue that there is nothing to keep the expanding end sections from coming off the center section if your drawer is wider than the maximum width. I was willing to spend $17.99 to get a super organized drawer but this really isn't much of an improvement over what I started with. I gave this two stars instead of one as I appreciate the fact that this is made in the USA option and that the plastic has no ambient smells or odors, a big problem with a lot of plastic items on the market today. June 27, 2013
The Perfect Drawer Organizer I got this today to replace the old cutlery tray that I was using. The expandability made it a perfect fit for my drawer! I now have more usable space in my drawer. May 5, 2013
Simple yet useful This is not only adjustable to fit different size drawers, the expand-a-drawer cutlery tray has the couple extra areas for storage of additional utensils or other items which is really nice to reduce clutter. May 3, 2013
Would work even better in a larger drawer! Got this to replace my current utensil organizer. Only really utilized the expansion side enough to hold some straws (my fault for not really realizing the measurements on this one.) But I love the extra space above (or below depending on how you put it in the drawer) for miseallaneous spoons or whatnot. Maybe separate organizers would have worked better this time, but it's working and it's sturdy construction. I'll keep it! :) April 30, 2013
Good for the drawers we have Good inexpensive buy for the drawers we have. Fits perfectly, the build does not feel sturdy, but does the job. April 29, 2013
Large drawer organizer Love this utensil organizer. It is very true to the size listed, so be sure it will fit your drawers prior to ordering. I organized all my knives and other utensils, and the slide-out side allowed me to customize it to fit. April 26, 2013
Makes drawer organization easier We are a military family and move frequently. It used to be aggravating having to buy a new silverware organizer every time we moved because our old one didn't fit. This makes everything so much easier. I also don't have to guess if it will fit. April 26, 2013
Best cutlery tray Best cutlery tray ever. Keeps draw more organized then any other cutlery tray. April 4, 2013
Perfect for large drawers I had bought a product from another store and had to return it. The expandable feature on this product make it ideal for large drawers. I even made an additional purchase for the utensil organizer one. I would highly recommend. April 3, 2013
Really convenient! I bought 3 of these and am thrilled with how my drawers look now - I can find everything so easily. The trays are simple and fit really well. They do not shift around in the drawer at all when it's opened and closed. I'll be back for more! March 18, 2013
Pretty good for my junk drawer I have a narrow junk drawer that wouldn't fit my preferred draw organizers (linus narrow). This works pretty well. Not as customizable, but it does keep my junk in separate sections! The expandable part moves a bit after the drawer is pushed in and out several times, but I just straighten it back out. March 18, 2013
Functional This Expandable Tray is amazing. Cooking and baking is my life so I have every possible utensil out there. This try holds all of my stuff and keeps everything organized how I like it. March 18, 2013
Best Cutlery Tray I've Ever Used I purchased this tray when we were remodeling our kitchen and LOVE it! It expands for a custom fit, is easy to assemble, clean and now my drawer is organized with plenty of room for all of my utensils. It is a lifesaver. March 18, 2013
Great Organizer! Such a great product to simply organize flatware and it expands to fit perfectly in my drawer! Love it! February 28, 2013
Great for all your utensil needs in one drawer Wonderful purchase. I especially like the availability to take out and to be able to wash the tray. I did read other reviews and some said it moved, but my drawer is 23" and it extends perfectly to the sides and only has about one inch in front/or back. Perfect size and I am totally pleased with the purchase from the Container Store. Arrived in 3 days! July 4, 2012
Cutlery Tray This is so handy. I bought 3 for different drawers. Great for organizing & for gifts. April 28, 2012
Nice Little Tray This is a great product, holds our numerous cutlery and serving items as well as knives and other odds and ends. The only thing I don't love about it is the two sides that expand do not stay in place very well. They have grooves that the sides sit in when expanded but the groves don't hold the sides tight. Not a big deal once the unit is full of heavy cutlery but I do notice that the sides shift a bit now and then. I'd still buy this again. It's a great product and it keeps our drawer clean and neat and it's sturdy. April 12, 2012
Looked flimsy, but I bought it because it was the only such product that would fit my odd sized cutlery drawer. That said, it has held up well for nine years. Easy to clean, too. Only complaint is original price, a bit high. Sale price is perfect. March 28, 2012
LOVE THAT THEY EXPAND! Where was I in life before I had these in my kitchen?!?! They fit any drawer adn accomodate to ALL of your cutlery needs. March 27, 2012
Wonderfully versitile product! I have been a professional organizer for over ten years and this is hands-down my favorite product! It's versitility and flexibility of size are just the best. I don't think I have ever purchased it for a client that it didn't work in their kitchen, bathroom, laundryroom--any room that has a drawer that needs organization! So happy it's made in America too! March 26, 2012
great organizer This really helped my kitchen drawer look neat and organized. There was enough space for all my silverware and space to add miscellaneous utensils. I can find things easily. March 19, 2012
Doesnt Lock - Great for Price This is great for the price, but the product is not as good as the Bamboo expandables. This is worked just fine and was able to get this and another one for just a bit more than buying one Bamboo. This is flimsy and doesnt lock in place whereas the Bamboo doesnt shift and matches the inside of the drawer. March 5, 2012
Great Catch All Organizer I actually use this for my "catch all" drawer instead of utensils. It is great for holding all those odds and ends like paperclips and even batteries. February 29, 2012
Not what I expected I was disappointed in the quality. Cheaply made. It'll cost more than it's worth to return. May 2, 2011
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