4-Tier Slim Cart

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4-Tier Slim Cart

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4-Tier Slim Cart
5 out of 5

Cart is nice quality and sturdier than it looks. As other reviewers have stated, it does not come with directions for assembling but it is easy enough to figure out by looking at the photo on the front of the box. It went together quickly and easily. I use it in the laundry room in the wasted space next to my washer and dryer. It holds large...

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Slim and Flimsy
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I thought this would have more stability to it...but it is slim!

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4-Tier Slim Cart 4.8 5 131 131
Excellent organization I have a small kitchen, and have it on the side of my washer. If you don't have a good organization system for your cans, this is perfect. Two cans will fit width wise, so you can fit a lot of them. Cart is sturdy, easy to put together, and well worth the money. July 15, 2014
Slim Cart This was perfect to fit in the space between a kitchen wall and my fridge. I put paper towels, can opener, and even my smoothie juicer on it (among other things). It was simple to assemble. No tools needed, everything pops in place. June 24, 2014
tiny wheels While this cart seems fairly sturdy the wheels are a ridiculous size. This size wheel makes it very difficult to wheel cart without it tipping June 17, 2014
Very good quality I purchased two of them. The quality is very good, as is the appearance. It is wider than those which are placed between washers and dryers. I use one for soaps. The sections are tall enough to accommodate tall bottles. I use the other for holiday decorations. May 31, 2014
Great item, priced right! I bought 2 and set them up in my coat/linen closet (live in small apt) to hold toiletries and bathroom cleaning supplies, Tpaper and the like. They are simple to snap together, lightweight but strong enough for what they are intended and best part, on wheels for easy handling and access. May 29, 2014
No instructions This cart comes in 14 pieces. There are no instructions included. That said, it is pretty self-evident how it snaps together (No screws or bolts, no tools required) I'm pretty handy and I had a difficult time getting the pieces to fit inside one another. A flat screwdriver helps hold sections open to slide in connecting pieces. Mom is happy with it. May 27, 2014
Perfect for that wasted space next to my dryer This cart is slim and fits easily in the otherwise wasted space next to my dryer, but it holds a lot! I was pleasantly surprised that it even held a large bottle of detergent easily. It was so easy to put together (no tools needed), and seems very sturdy. The wheels roll nicely. I love the moveable dividers on each shelf, too. I read the good reviews on here which convinced me to try it, and I'm even more happy with this purchase that I thought I would be. May 27, 2014
Great sturdy cart I am using this cart in-between my washing machine and dryer. It is sturdy and holds everything nicely. Only wish it was a bit wider, but would definitely recommend this cart. May 13, 2014
Not just a 4 tier! This cart is amazing! You can choose how tall you want it can be. It can be 3, 2, or 1 tier if you really wanted it to be. Putting it together is really simple and easy. I use this as what I call my "pampering/beauty station". All my beauty products, make-up, nail care, and everything else fits so nicely in this cart. Plus, I really love the dividers that come with it! May 12, 2014
Great, slim design! It was very easy to put together. May 1, 2014
Love! This cart has been a fantastic space saver. It is worth the price. Its easy to maneuver and holds quite a bit. March 31, 2014
Slim and Simple This cart fits perfectly between the wall and the dryer, there is minimal space there but I needed some additional storage so this holds all my day to day, easy to get to stuff, laundry soap, softener, dryer sheets, stain spray, etc. pulling it out is not real easy on my tile floor due to the spaces between them, so i have to use 2 hands, but not a problem March 15, 2014
Perfect cart for limited space I purchased this cart to fill a very tight space in our very small kitchen breakfast nook and it fits perfectly! It is very difficult to find a cart this narrow. Despite the narrow design it holds a lot of stuff. The cart is perfect for our vitamins, cereal boxes, drink mixes and other kitchen items we need at the handy. It was a breeze to assemble and the clear plastic design makes it very unobtrusive. The only negative is the tiny wheels on the bottom are very low to floor and not very substantial I do not plan on moving the cart but if one wanted to this MIGHT be an issue. Apart from that possible negative the cart is perfect! March 14, 2014
Handy, and alot of uses. My kitchen cabinets are deep, so I was having difficulty reaching & finding groceries, pantry foods like boxed mashed potatoes was pushed back in cabinet , so I bought this cart to help minimize the clutter and make it easier to see my grocery items, it fits nicely between my fridge & wall, it rolls out easy and holds alot, it has many uses, it can hold washing powder, bleach etc.. next to your washer, it can hold toys in a child's room, shampoos and cosmetics in a bathroom, because it rolls it can roll in and out of closets, I will be buying more, the only downfall is you can't put many heavy items on it, only so much lbs per shelf, but it's great for lighter weight items, and I seem to have alot of them. It's also a good price compared to other stores. March 14, 2014
Fits the Space The cart fits perfectly between the washer and dryer and holds all the laundry stuff as well as some cleaning supplies. It was easy to assemble and it rolls easily for access. And I now have extra space in the cabinet above the washer. March 11, 2014
Perfect Great for the laundry room. Fitting perfectly between the washer and dryer, I no longer have to stretch to reach the shelf for my detergent. March 8, 2014
Just what I needed I have a small laundry closet with stacked washer dryer. This cart fits perfectly in small area on side, tall enough for laundry soap to be washer height and other aids stored securely. Great solution! March 6, 2014
Love, Love, Love it!!! Great for organizing my makeup! Everything is all in one place and it rolls for convience! March 2, 2014
Sturdy, Holds a lot I looked & looked, I should remember to start at the Container Store. This was a cinch to put together. Even though it's slim, it holds so much. Best of all, it's really well made and sturdy. I may be getting a second one. February 10, 2014
SLIM cart truly slim Was looking for a slim cart to fit in a small space. This one works and with four shelves I will have storage for everything I need in the laundry. December 31, 2013
Love this cart! I use this cart for all of my makeup, hair products & accessories. It is great to have all of this in one place and it can be rolled where I get ready in the morning and then rolled back into the closet where I keep it out of sight. December 27, 2013
works well This cart works just great. Perfect size .You cannot place real heavy objects on it but boxes and spray bottles are no problem. November 8, 2013
4-Tier Slim Cart Cart is nice quality and sturdier than it looks. As other reviewers have stated, it does not come with directions for assembling but it is easy enough to figure out by looking at the photo on the front of the box. It went together quickly and easily. I use it in the laundry room in the wasted space next to my washer and dryer. It holds large warehouse store size jugs of detergent. I was able to fit 2 very large jugs on each shelf. It rolls easily, even with the extra weight from the jugs. I was able to store all the bottles and jugs that had been cluttering up my laundry floor. It was too tall to fit under the counter with the top shelf on but because of the way it is designed, I was able to leave off the top shelf to make it fit in the available space. I am very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend it. October 27, 2013
Good purchase I ordered this to use for dog supplies in a laundry room--I have a small space to the side of a second refrigerator. It has met my needs perfectly. I think the box that the container store mails the cart in is ridiculously big, and I was initially not impressed with the pieces that the cart comes in. However, it was easily assembled by my 9 year old and it rolls perfectly in and out. I like the dividers that come with each shelf. It was exactly what I needed. October 19, 2013
Works well! Our new washer was not as wide as the one we needed to replace. The slim cart was a good choice to fill the gap, very easy to assemble, moves in and out easily, provides handy storage. September 25, 2013
Love it Size was perfect for kitchen and laundry room. Easy assembly and versatile. September 10, 2013
Ideal purchase I love how condense it is and still holds all I need it to. I would most definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for space savings solutions! I purchased this online and had it shipped, Heaven help me when I actually get to the closest store! ;) July 24, 2013
Very Surprised I have to admit .. when I first opened the box and saw this item and all of it's pieces (which you have to assemble, without instructions but, it was very easy to figure out!), I was very skeptical and thought that once I assembled it I was going to be very disappointment but, to my surprise .. it was the complete opposite!! ;) This item is a gem and such a little powerhouse! Even though it has a slim profile it actually holds a lot of full size bottles of laundry detergents, fabric softeners and bleaches. I've opted to use my cart up against a wall rather than between my washer and dryer just because I found it much more convenient rather than pulling the cart out every time I wanted to use my supplies. For me, it was exactly what I was looking for. I was pleasantly surprised and very pleased with this item! July 5, 2013
Totally worth the money! This narrow cart fits perfectly between the wall and my washer. It was as sturdy as I would have expected for the price. It holds my two bigger detergents on the top shelf with out it any problems and I love the moveable dividers for customizable storage. I was very happy with this purchase for my very small laundry area May 30, 2013
This cart has made my life so much easier. We have combined two large households into one home so space is premium. I have to measure in inches to see if an organizer will fit. We buy large containers of cleaning and laundry products to save money. The cart is sturdy and has enough shelf room to hold all our products. Now I don't have to trip over them on the floor or move all the gallon jugs to open the storage door. Thank you container store for sending out catalogs!! I would not have known about this cart without the catalog. I made an hour drive to our one container store the very next day to purchase the cart. I am also measuring to fit more of your wonderful products in our home. Being organized makes life so much easier. May 4, 2013
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