Linus™ Divided Cabinet Organizers

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Linus™ Divided Cabinet Organizers

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awesome neatness in a minute!!
5 out of 5

I wish I had these containers long ago! My cabinets look neater, are more organized, so I can find what I want faster, and with a glance I can see what I need at the store. I will be buying more. I suggest measuring your cabinet and counting your package sizes as you plan your order. I misjudged how much these can hold (more than I...

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Great! Love this organizers. I think I need to order some more in different sizes. January 28, 2014
Great! I am using these for my sprinkles, food coloring, seasoning packets, nuts etc. I have two stacked on top of each other. Perfect to access items from the front that I used often, and lift out the containers to access the items I seldom use. January 13, 2014
These bins help you help yourself I hated using my kitchen cabinets because things were always falling on my head from being poorly stacked (or shoved) inside. These bins helped me streamline all of my sauce and mix packets and my spice jars so that I can easily see what I have and I can find it quickly when making dinner. It's much nicer to open the cabinet and see these bins than the stacks and piles that preceded them. September 23, 2013
3 Section Baninet Organizer I really like the 3 section organizer for different mix packets & wish I had baught 2. August 31, 2013
Excellent Space Saver I bought this originally to store packets of spices and such. Since I got it home, I have found at least five different uses for it and I will be going back to buy four more! June 22, 2013
Pantry organization No more lost small packages, tipping-over small bottles or smushed small stuff. Several useful sizes, also organize the cupboards in our camper with no tip-overs. March 3, 2013
Love!!!! I use this to hold on my gravy, taco seasoning and other dry packets for cooking it takes up very little space and works perfectly. March 1, 2013
see it & store it These are solidly built, slide easily, and show you what you have. I use them for spices in a cupboard, and you can pull it out easily. Keeps them all nice and organized. February 23, 2013
worth the investment Great product to store those small items that can clutter a kitchen cabinet and sometimes cause a mini-avalanche if piled too high. I keep tea bags and coffee filters in it. Since those are used daily, it's very helpful to have them in the divided organizer and kept together without them spreading out all over the cabinet shelf. (Stacking small lighweight items between canned goods might be ok for a quick fix, until you need one of the cans and the stuff falls all over the place). This organizer keeps everything together and is very handy. May 6, 2012
Worth Your Money I thought of only using shelves but using clear containers is even better. May 4, 2012
Awesome I got both sizes of these and I really like them. Decided it was time to get rid of my ugly orange cheap plastic containers, and I can't believe how much nicer my cabinets look with the new organizers I bought. I like the divisions in these, as it's nice to separate things April 29, 2012
Sturdy and functional; annoying sticker I was a little hesitant to get something acrylic because they often look and feel cheap. These sectioned bins, however, are sturdy and about as attractive as an acrylic product can be. The section dividers are deeper than most organizers, which is very helpful as it helps to keep taller items upright. I am using mine to organize a half bath. My only complaint (and, thus, only 4 stars) is that the product sticker does not come off easily/cleanly. I am left with what looks like a smudge on the first divider. While it is not a deal breaker, it is annoying on a product that is designed to be see-through. April 28, 2012
Awesome Cabinet Organizer My New Year's Resolution was to get my kitchen and my closet organized and the first products I purchased were these clear cabinet organizers. They are wonderful for the medicine cabinet, and especially the top shelf. No more feeling around trying to find the small items. Just pull the shelf out with the built-in handle and it's right there! Keeps everything organized and neat, and they are clear so its easy to see which organizer you need to pull down. I will definitely be using more of these products before I finish organizing my home. April 27, 2012
Clean & Organized Love this divider/organizer. I put in in my panty and used it for both regular and decaf tea bags as well as for my sweetener packets. It's so much nicer than having three different boxes in the pantry. April 15, 2012
awesome neatness in a minute!! I wish I had these containers long ago! My cabinets look neater, are more organized, so I can find what I want faster, and with a glance I can see what I need at the store. I will be buying more. I suggest measuring your cabinet and counting your package sizes as you plan your order. I misjudged how much these can hold (more than I thought) and how much I would use them. I recommend placing a small order with several sizes and experimenting with them to decide what else to order. The acrylic stays clean and makes it easy to keep the cabinets neat. March 12, 2012
great organizers i love these little containers. they are sturdy and keep fridge super organized! March 9, 2012
Easy way to store packets! This is a great little storage unit for all those random gravy packets, taco seasonings, anything! It cleared up almost an entire basket of chaos! March 4, 2012
Easy organization!! I bought these bins to organize my new cupboards. The Linus bins I previously used (for other cupboards) were great, but now they didn't fit! So I was elated to find that they offered this size. Now I have clean, clear organization just as I had wanted. They are durable and easy to remove and replace. February 1, 2012
Excellent product I love this, It fits all kinds of packaged product. Fits in my cupboard great. October 26, 2011
Great Little Organizer I combined this organizer with the similar (3 compartment) Linus cabinet organizers. All three organizers fit neatly across one pantry shelf and corralled all the small items and loose stuff--packets of seasoning, small jello boxes, oatmeal and hot chocolate mixes, extra tea bags. Combining different sized organizers / compartments makes the solution flexible to hold whatever you need to store. May 21, 2010
Love it Really helped me organized my pantry.now it looks so clean! May 17, 2010
great organizers I bought several various sizes of these Linus organizers for my kitchen cupboards. They are great. I like the ribbed bottom and heavy plastic. The scoop down front makes it easy to pull out to access items in the back. Much easier than if items were just placed on the shelf. May 16, 2010
great little organizer This is perfect for organizing coffee stuff on the counter. Very sturdy and looks nice too. May 14, 2010
Great for the fridge Ordered these for my fridge to organize my Keurig coffee by flavor. They are great. April 29, 2010
Great for pantry or kitchen cabinet storage Here is a great item for your kitchen cabinet or pantry. I have one of these in my pantry to store my gravy packets, taco seasoning mix and hidden vally mix. Works great! April 24, 2010
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