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a pantry must have
5 out of 5

my pantry has never been more organized. because of the tiered shelf, i can no easily see my pantry inventory. i would suggest the larger unit because it holds the larger cans and jars better than the smaller one.

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Pantry can shelf
3 out of 5

I like that this shelf is tiered and adjustable but I wish that there was a non-skid surface so that the cans didn't move as easily.

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Expand-A-Shelf® 4.8 5 112 112
Good idea This is a great product, unfortunately my cabinets are too shallow for it. May 27, 2014
Great - unless you have wire shelves! This expanding shelf unit makes it much easier to see/find all of my canned goods. And the fact that the shelf holds even my largest cans is a real plus. However, I have wire shelves in my pantry, and the unit kept falling through the spaces between the wires. So I had to put a piece of cardboard on the pantry shelf to keep the three-tiered shelf upright. May 4, 2014
durable I've taken this item with me through several moves; fits in my cabinets or pantry. Still in very good shape and still a great organizer. April 29, 2014
Perfect for Mason Jars Organized pantry a la Mason jars and cute labels (Pinterest). Only shelf I found with wide enough shelves. Sturdy. Adjustable and length is great. Really accomplished goal of space saving and could see labels well. April 28, 2014
It holds all my cans and it looks great in my pantry! April 26, 2014
Great Room-saver, Spice Storage I really like the smaller size for spices, it allows me to see all the labels instead of only the tops. Plus, when you go to grab a spice jar you don't knock other ones over. The larger size is great for cans and allows you to see labels in the back. It prevents things from getting lost in the back. Unfortunately, I recently moved into a very old building and the cabinets are 1/4" too small for the large size to fit :( I never had a size issue in more standard size cabinets in the past. April 25, 2014
Economical & Works Well This was a perfect solution to my canned food storage in my deep (but skinny) pantry. It is solid, and the width expansion helps make use of all available space. It's also by far the most economical solution I could find. Would buy again. April 25, 2014
Perfect Wasn't sure how much difference these would make, since the tiers aren't significant height, and neither are we. Wow, were we surprised. The spices stay on the shelves, and truly makes it much easier to see what you have, and snap up quickly. If your cabinets aren't very wide you may need to disassemble the shelves, as we did, but well worth the effort. PS - clear box on top shelf is the well priced container store shoe box, that can be bought by the case... April 25, 2014
Made in USA handy item This is great in the cupboard. The fact it is inexpensive but so useful is a bonus! Made in the USA is a great selling feature for me. April 21, 2014
Stopped doubling buying... This shelving system made it possible for me to see ALL of my canned goods, which then solved the problem of me double buying products...not to mention, it only takes a quick scan to figure out what additional items I need for recipes! April 15, 2014
Purposeful The product is good but I think the width of the shelves should be a little wider to accommodate bigger cans. April 2, 2014
Great Purchase! I purchased the Expand-A-Shelf. Few weeks ago, and it has been a great purchase! I expand it or shorten it according to the items I'm currently storing in my pantry. The shelf has allowed me to access my snack jars more easily without digging to the back to find what I'm looking for. The Expand-A-Shelf also allows my children, ages 2 and 5 to find what they're looking for without frustration. April 2, 2014
Love this shelf! I can find everything now! I used the Expand A Shelf in my pantry, before I was digging to items behind items - not being able to see anything. With the Expand A Shelf everything is in view and with the slide out it fit in snug and made for a custom look. March 19, 2014
Great product Fits well and right size for all those larger cans. Great way to see what you need before going shopping. March 19, 2014
Awesome! Absolutely love these! I reorganized our whole pantry and I have so much more room now and I can actually see what canned goods I have! For years, I would have to move all the cans just to find out that I didn't have something. Now I have them all where I can see them and organized by item on the shelf. So happy I bought these! March 17, 2014
Love This!!! This is the best pantry organizer ever, and I only regret I didn't get this sooner! Everything is now visible and easily accessible and it has created tons of extra room in my otherwise cluttered and messy pantry shelf. It slides out to perfectly fit inside my pantry, so the cans don't fall of the sides, as they would with ones that don't expand. The steps are so deep they will hold a large jar of peanut butter. Everyone needs one of these! March 17, 2014
Favorite Pantry Organizer I first purchased my Expand-a-Shelves more than 15 years ago when I moved into my house. They still work wonderfully and have not yellowed, cracked, or broken. I've used them in many clients' houses and they all agree -- these shelves are the most helpful pantry organizer ever! March 1, 2014
Perfect for deep pantry shelves This shelf made things accessible all the way to the back of the pantry. I love it! February 22, 2014
Great solution for lots of possible uses I am a collector of miniature liquor bottles. My challenge was... how to display my thousands of pieces on several shelves, so that the viewer can still see each bottle. I was considering commissioning staggered shelves to a carpenter, but that would have cost a fortune. Trying my luck, I went to The Container Store.... and TADAAA... I found exactly what I was looking for, at a fraction of the cost and looking great! Expand-a-shelf comes in 2 ideal sizes. Easy to install, easy to clean and very affordable. It fits almost all cabinet or shelf sizes. Great solution! February 18, 2014
A simple and perfect solution! I bought the large expand a shelf for my sister when we converted an old TV armoire into a pantry for her. It made all her canned items visible and neatly stored. She loved the shelf so much that I bought my mother four shelves for her pantry. My mother loves them so much she says she opens the pantry just to "gaze upon their beauty"! Seriously, you CANNOT go wrong with these shelves. Instead of viewing a sea of can-lids, you can see exactly what you're looking for - do NOT hesitate to purchase! February 14, 2014
Great product for pantry and shelves Nice wide shelves and it's expandable. Great product. January 9, 2014
Great product! I had been looking for a product like this for a long time. I already had the smaller type for smaller things but this is perfect for the larger regular size canned foods and many other things. I am glad I went ahead and bought 2 of them. December 18, 2013
A must have I love the expand a shelf, my cabinets are neat and tidy and I can see what I have in there. November 25, 2013
Best quality I have several of these, and bought these 2 shelves as a gift for a friend who asked for some like mine. You can find similar shelves at discount stores but not of this quality. You guys are great, and shipped quickly. I appreciate your service! October 11, 2013
Nice and tidy I love this product! I held off buying more to see if it would work in our pantry. It is above my expectations! I will be purchasing more of these to finish our pantry! September 10, 2013
wasted height This product with wider ledges had a lot of appeal for me because I had cans, jars and bottles that I wanted to store. However the depth (13 inches) was the same depth as my kitchen cabinets. This meant that I had no cabinet space in front of the shelf (Which would have made it possible to use the full height of the cabinet for tall bottles. Basically, the height of the first riser was wasted space. I would think carefully (and measure twice) before selecting this expanda shelf. August 15, 2013
Another great product! I am using this in my bathroom under-the-sink cabinet and I love it! May 6, 2013
Very practical and neat I am very pleased with this purchase, it really helped organize my spices. It is so much easier to find them now that they are on tiered shelves so that I can see them better. It is a little expensive for what it is, but having an organized, neat cabinet is worth it. My only complaint would be that some sizes and shapes of spice containers work on the tiers better than others--sometimes the shelves are too narrow for certain containers. May 5, 2013
Now I Can See What's in the Cabinet When I opened the box, the shelf I got was very scratched in two places and has a stain on it. Perhaps, someone returned it and it was put back on the shelves? I will be exchanging this item for an undamaged product on my next trip to the Container Store. So, minus one star for the inconvenience. The actually product, though seems to work well in that it allows me to see everything in my cabinet without moving bottles to see what's in the back. But, take into consideration that the unit rises. For instance where I put it, I barely have the height for medicine bottles on the back shelf. I don't mind as I put those I don't use often on the back shelf, however you do have to be careful not to knock items on the front shelves over as you reach for items in the back.Ideally, this would be best with a shelf that has lots of height. May 5, 2013
Helps me stay organized I purchased this expand-a-shelf for my pantry. I have installed it and placed some items on it however I need to actually re-organize my entire pantry to make it work more efficiently. The way I currently have it placed does not work as there's not enough height so my pantry items I can place on the shelf is limited. I am also not able to get to all my items without removing the front items... so it's not the ideal solution but it does give me more space so for that reason I gave it a 4 and not a 5. May 3, 2013
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