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Linus™ Shallow Drawer Organizers

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Linus Drawer Organizers
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I absolutely LOVE these drawer organizers! This was my very first purchase at the Container Store and my first visit too. I have a new favorite store now. I organized a dresser drawer, a kitchen junk drawer and a desk drawer in an office. It is so nice to have the different sizes to place according to your needs. They are easy to clean as well...

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Linusâ¿¢ Shallow Drawer Organizers 4.9 5 106 106
Linus Drawer Organizers I absolutely LOVE these drawer organizers! This was my very first purchase at the Container Store and my first visit too. I have a new favorite store now. I organized a dresser drawer, a kitchen junk drawer and a desk drawer in an office. It is so nice to have the different sizes to place according to your needs. They are easy to clean as well which is important to me. I am slowly working my way throughout my home to reorganize room by room. It has been fun and easy with all the options available at The Container Store. GREAT PRODUCTS!! April 24, 2012
Best drawer organizers! I have used these in many areas of my home. I have them in my bathroom and kitchen but would work well in an office drawer or craft room and garage . I can easily see what I need and get to it quickly. It creates daily efficiencies. They come in many sizes and they are durable. April 10, 2014
Works Great for Bathroom Drawer These are a cheap fix for a messy bathroom drawer. I've been struggling to find a replacement for my white mesh organizers. There are plenty of size options and so far, I've had no issues April 9, 2014
Great products I use these inside the drawers of my China cabinet and buffet. I'm able to mix-and-match all the sizes so the drawers are totally organized. Napkins rings, place cardholders and other small table items are neatly organized and easy to find. Try it and you'll be pleased and organized. April 7, 2014
Easy organization These containers are easy to utilize every inch available in the drawer. They can be placed in many different configurations, to see what works best for you. The quality of materials is the best. Will purchase more for other rooms of my home. April 7, 2014
Low Cost, Easy Fix!!! Best way to start organizing your home, especially if you are on a budget. These containers divide any drawers and are great for every room! April 3, 2014
Good Investment! Looks great :-) I love these, because they help me to organize my make-up and they look great. Definitely great quality and you can't beat the prices. March 27, 2014
Love these Organizers! I bought four of these organizers in varying sizes to organize a utensil drawer in my kitchen. I love that they are clear and the sizes fit perfectly in my drawer, where I can rearrange as I see fit. Love the Container Store and always get great ideas when shopping there! March 26, 2014
Great for desktop display too! This clear organizer works great as a desktop display for stylus/ pens that needed to lay flat because they have a soft tip for use with Smart Phones. March 23, 2014
Great for makeup! My makeup vanity has never been this organized! I love that there are varying lengths and widths in the collection, so you can completely customize your storage. Everything is so tidy and looks professional in these containers. Definitely put in another order for more! March 3, 2014
I love these These are my favorite drawer organizers ever. They come in a variety of sizes which is nice if you have a strange sized drawer like in my kitchen. I no longer have a "junk drawer"! March 2, 2014
Excellent I just recently painted my kitchen cart so that the inside of the drawers would have a nice pop of color but I still wanted some organizers to help keep the drawers tidy. The clear organizers still allow the pop of color to show and they are nice and sturdy. Love that they also have little feet to prevent scratches February 28, 2014
These are great for organizing shallow drawers. I also have the deeper versions for my deeper drawers. I have replaced all of my previous drawer organizing bits and pieces with these. My drawers are so organized and streamlined. Love these!!! February 20, 2014
Best shallow drawer organizers I use the Linus shallow drawer organizers all over my house. They work beautifully wherever you put them! February 20, 2014
User friendly I just organized five drawers with these in a snap. Be sure to buy enough extra to have choices of arrangement and return what you don't need . . . or find another place to use them! February 14, 2014
Great organizers!!! I absolutely LOVE the Linus Shallow Drawer Organizers!! They come in so many different sizes and give you so many different ways to use them or arrange them. I bought my first order to get my living room table drawers straightened up, and they look great now!! I also like that they are clear. While they are arranged throughout the drawer, keeping everything nice and neat, it doesn't look like a bunch of boxes stuffed in a drawer. Being clear, it just makes everything look like it stays in it's own place, and looks more roomy! In short I love them and can't wait to purchase more for the rest of the house!! February 13, 2014
Organized My Cosmetics!!! Purchased several of these to organize my cosmetics after recent bathroom remodel. Had a shallow vanity drawer and lots of makeup. Made several templates of the different size organizers, and put them in the drawer with the makeup on top. Worked perfect. Ordered the organizers and then picked them. Now everything is easy to find and stays in place. Builder had said it would cost $180 for a similar organizer made of wood. This was much, much less, and the bonus is that the trays can be removed for cleaning. They don't slip and look very nice. Would work very well anywhere you have smaller items that need organizing. February 13, 2014
various sized drawer containers work well I started clearing out the kitchen drawers with utensils strewn in them, unsticking the ladle which is just too big for the drawer, almost cutting myself on the vegetable peeler, etc. I noticed that some of the utensils are ... longer than the others. I tried out a few different sizes, and was amazed at how I could arrange long handled things together, and how much roomier the drawer became! I can actually see what tools are there. I put shorter items together, and now I *know* where the can opener is -- I'm not rummaging around, fearing for an unseen peeler or other sharp tool to be hiding in wait. I love these organizers! January 28, 2014
Perfect fit! I was searching for a way to organize my vanity drawer full of various makeup and makeup brushes. Found these Shallow Drawer Organizers, and realized the variety of sizes let me fill the shallow drawer with many different shapes and sizes to accommodate all the items in the drawer. Everything fit perfectly, and now I can be keep everything organized, in it's own space time after time. No more scrambling to find what I need! December 9, 2013
Great indrawer organizers I highly recommend these various sized trays for kitchen drawers. I use them in my drawers with the spice rack I bought recently. November 16, 2013
Durable and useful We use these for vaccinations in our vaccine refrigerator because they stack so nicely and securely. We pull out everything the night before and label the tray with patient's name put right back in refrigerator in these organizers, then cap with needles once the parent gives the green light. Perfect size for everything to fit in one tray and great use of valuable vaccine refrigerator space. October 8, 2013
Great for Scrapbook Supplies I use the small trays to store my original Sizzix Dies, the small ones, and the Sizlits dies. You can get 2 Sizlits alphabets in 1 of the long trays. They will fit in the plastic drawers September 16, 2013
Simple and helpful Bought one of the 3" x 9" size simply for storage of 2 combs, hair shears, emery boards and a makeup brush in my bathroom drawer. This goes along with my theme of trying to not have things roaming around a drawer getting dirty, and with this plus the clear hinged boxes my needs are met. It's just an open plastic container but it also features non skid feet, keeping it in one place with all the opening and closing of my drawer which I GREATLY appreciate. These would also be great for craft items, kitchen utensils and helping to organize the junk drawer. September 1, 2013
Nice and Tidy! I bought the Linus bins in various sizes to organize my and my daughter's hair accessories in one of my bathroom drawers. These bins were the perfect solution and they were a right fit in the drawer. There was room for the elastics, bobby pins, hair clips, combs & brushes, etc. I also like that they aren't too thick but sturdy enough and are clear. August 22, 2013
great adapability was looking for organizers to fit some office boxes will use in place of cubes in a closet. There were many sizes to experiment with and I selected one that fit and met my needs. Plus these have small rubber disks on the bottom which helps them from sliding if you had them outside on a table etc. Very sturdy and love how they have organized the box! Will be back for more! August 21, 2013
Great Purchase I'm doing some minor remodeling and these drawer organizers make such a difference. Everything matches and looks soooo "professional." Thank you so much. June 8, 2013
Organizing office desk drawer My office necessities just don't seem to fit any of the drawer-sized dividers. This time I emptied the drawer into a cardboard box and refilled my drawer as I used an item. The dividers that I could obtain locally didn't fit my items (paper clips, staples, rubber bands, post-its) so I combed the Container Store site and found exactly what I needed. So far, everything is staying neat and it is easy to return things to their 'home'. May 24, 2013
Great product - amazing results!! I used these liners to "tame" my kitchen junk drawer. Now, not only am I not afraid to let people open the drawer, I willingly open it to show it off! May 19, 2013
Great Drawer Organizer These come in a variety of sizes to accomodate any drawer. But the best thing about them is the non-skid base on the bottom of the organizers. The non-skid feature keeps the organizer in place and helps prevent accidentally tipping over in the drawer. For years, I've kept twist ties in a small bowl inside a kitchen drawer, but occasionally another utensil in the drawer bumps into the bowl, knocking it over and spilling out all the twist ties. The 3" x 6" x 2" organizer is the perfect solution. May 2, 2013
Great for organizing odd size kitchen gadgets I have multiple sizes of these drawer organizers in a large kitchen drawer. You can mix and match the shapes to fit to whatever your needs are. I have small ones for wine gadgets, as well as small ones for those tiny whisks and spatulas! Larger ones are great for kitchen utensils. LOVE LOVE Love! May 2, 2013
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