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Spot-On!™ Magnetic Hook

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Strong Magnet
5 out of 5

This magnet is tough enough to hold the family calendar in the fridge.

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Good, but not as strong as advertised.
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The packaging indicated this magnet would hold up to 7 lbs. and pictured it hold a cast iron skillet. Well perfect! Our cast iron skillet needed a home not on top of our stove. I was so excited to try this bad boy out. I weighed my pan and it was about 5.5 lbs so there was plenty of weight limit to spare. I was so excited, until I tried to use it!...

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Somewhat strong The hook slides down the front of the dishwasher when it has a small dish towel on it. It would be good for very light things. September 6, 2014
Worked perfectly for what I needed I live in a tiny condo where storage space can be difficult. I have to maximize every opportunity. I used two of these magnets to attach a wire basket (about 12x6x6") to the front of my A/C in the utility closet so that I would have a place to store small rag-towels. Works great! Sorry the photos will not upload... April 26, 2014
Awesome Strength! I have several of them in my gym locker to hold all my clothes, Towel and shoes in a bag. I was very surprised that it held the weight and never dropped off the locker door! It stayed where I put them. The metal is sturdy, simply stylish and comes in two colors. I put them on the inside part of the gym locker so no one will dare take them! ;) If you like the large ones, there is also a smaller version that comes in a 4 pack that you will absolutely love! I use them for my keys, headphones, work lanyard, etc...while I work out in the gym/return to to locker room! They look organized every time I open the locker! It makes life so much easier when things are more organized, accessible and neat! April 5, 2014
Very strong We use them to hold up our keys and they work great. My keys are really heavy and I was skeptical it would support them; but once I stuck the magnetic hooks on the strip they didn't budge not even with my giant key ring weighing it down. They come 4 in a pack which is nice; but the price is a little high since they cost more than the magnetic strip. March 22, 2014
Works great! I bought these magnetic hooks for my refrigerator--specifically to hang keys on. It has served that purpose well. The magnet is strong and well-made. February 15, 2014
Seemed just the thing, but... I bought two of these to hang two brooms on the side of my refrigerator (one broom per hook). They look great and were a good price. I ran a zip tie through the handle of each broom and then hung the brooms by the loop that the zip tie created. It worked great - - for about a month. Then the metal front (including the hook itself) simply popped off the magnet back of one of the hooks and clanged to the floor while we were having dinner one night. These are just ordinary brooms, definitely below the stated weight limit, and were not used roughly or even daily. I'm disappointed because it seemed like a great solution at a good price. The second hook is still holding, but I can't recommend them. July 14, 2013
horrible glue I thought these were strong magnets and very cute. Then yesterday I heard a bang and my keys fell off the wall.. A few minutes later another set of keys fell (both much less than 5 pounds). the hook part had become unglued from the magnet! Barely sticky..worhtless now. July 6, 2013
Many different uses I bought these to put on my refrigerator. There is one for each person in the house to hang their car keys from. This way we each always know where our keys are. April 28, 2013
Strong Magnets Needed a magnetized hook to hand key and apron on the refrigerator. Other hooks keep sliding down because the magnets were too weak. This hook stays in place. I docked one star because I wish that the hook extended out more. You can easily hang a single cakebox string, for example, but can barely hang a key chain or apron strap. April 26, 2013
Mighty Magnet I tried various magnets on my front door and most of them just slid down, even if what it was holding was light. This one sticks great and can handle even heavier things. Would definitely buy this again. April 26, 2013
Next book title: "200 Things to do With a Spot-On" I have two of these on my Stainless Steel workbench and keep finding new uses for them. One handy use is stick the hook in a comfortable spot for easy access of a tool (eg. Dremel) during a project. I variously have all kinds of items on these hooks. In the laundry room, I have a white Spot-On on the out-of-sight side of the fridge, next to the dryer, with a small Container Store paper shopping bag with cord handles hanging on it as a lint trash bag, which can last a long time, and keep its structure. I used to have a small waste basket on the floor between the two, but, as Murphy's Law would have it, the lint ball would often land outside its mark. These are the 1st magnetic hooks I've seen that do their job. March 22, 2013
really great magnet this magnet is super strong. and works really well on the fridge to hold stuff. i bought it for a calendar, and the hook part is a little too wide for the hole, but it still works ok. April 27, 2012
Spot-On Magnetic Hook These hooks are a additions to the inside of my Golf Locker. Now I can hang extra hats, my golf umbrella inside my locker. I use the smaller hooks to hold golf cart keys on the inside of my locker door. April 5, 2012
Great Hook for the Fridge Calendar I have purchased several different things, trying to get my calendar to stay up on the fridge... and finally something that is strong enough! It doesn't slide down (so no scratches!) is the best part, keeping the calendar where I want it on the fridge. I love it so much I bought one for a friend who hangs her pot holders on the side of the fridge! March 20, 2012
Great Magnets I have five of these magnets on a magnetic strip and I hang oven mitts, dish towels and spatulas on it. They never slip. They are very strong! March 19, 2012
Great Hook! I use it to hang my monthly calender, and write all the family appointments. Therefore, when I am writing, there is some pressure on the calender. It has never fallen! It holds well and does not move :). March 2, 2012
Good, but not as strong as advertised. The packaging indicated this magnet would hold up to 7 lbs. and pictured it hold a cast iron skillet. Well perfect! Our cast iron skillet needed a home not on top of our stove. I was so excited to try this bad boy out. I weighed my pan and it was about 5.5 lbs so there was plenty of weight limit to spare. I was so excited, until I tried to use it! The magnet just slid right down my refrigerator. I was so sad & disappointed. I am using it for a small skillet and it works perfectly, but doesn't hold the 7lbs it indicates. March 1, 2012
Very strong magnets! I bought three of these magnets for the side of my washing machine to hold mesh bags and wet clothes that cannot go through the dryer (bathing suits, lingerie). They are fabulous! They are incredibly strong and don't budge. I gave all my other magnets away and will definitely order a few more! December 22, 2011
Great for quilting rulers I bought 10 of these magnetic hooks to use with The Container Store's 2-1/2 x 28 inch magnetic strips in my sewing room as a way to organize my expanding collection of quilting rulers. The magnets hold 5 pounds so more than one ruler can hang on each hook if you need to save space. The hooks are small enough to be easily bent a little bit to accommodate rulers so they hang down straight. The holes on several of my rulers needed to be expanded slightly so they'd hang down straight but my husband easily took care of this with his drill. The system works great and I can easily see all my rulers. The magnetic strips come with small, very strong magnets so you can hang notes to them also. June 16, 2011
Awesome!! If you are looking for a very strong quality magnetic hook, these are the best!!! I use them on the side of my fridge as I have a very small kitchen and it takes my keys, my Ipod and change purses off of the counter. Believe it or not, they are a great space saver. I highly recommend them!!!! February 16, 2011
makes holes in dish towels While I appreciate the magnet's strength in that it stays put on my fridge, I do not like that the tips of the hooks are so thin. When I go to grab a dish towel that is hanging on the hook, the tip of the hook goes right through the towel. My dishtowels are now full of small holes. The tips are very thin. I can't see someone hanging a heavy coat on it and not having some sort of damage done over time. Hard objects like brooms and such would be fine, but I bought them to hang my dish towels up so they'd be within easy reach. But the hooks have caused too much damage to my towels. I'd not recommend them if you are buying them for towels or clothes. November 22, 2010
Wonderful! I have a kitchen with no place for a broom closet, so I bought 2 to hang my broom and aprons. Didn't really expect the magnet to work for the broom since the hook barely sticks out at all; however, it works beautifully! Had it for 2weeks now - still stickin'! August 18, 2010
Strong Magnet This magnet is tough enough to hold the family calendar in the fridge. July 18, 2010
great magnet!! I have the stainless steel magnet and it not only looks great but it does the job of holding my broom.The description online say that it will hold up to five pounds,but the package says that it will hold up to seven,so go figure,anyway it worked and I would buy another if need be. May 1, 2010
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