Vertical Gift Wrap Organizer

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Vertical Gift Wrap Organizer

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4 out of 5

This organizer has its ups and downs. I like that it doesn't take up very much space in the closet, but I don't like that it only holds the short rolls of wrapping paper, the long rolls are too tall.

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Not tall enough for large rolls
3 out of 5

I bought this to store holiday gift wrap, but I was really surprised when it didn't accommodate the longer rolls--which is what much of the holiday wrap comes on these days. (I know, I should have paid attention to the dimensions.) To its credit, however, the container is sturdy, well constructed, and holds A LOT of shorter rolls....

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Vertical Gift Wrap Organizer 4.6 5 85 85
I wanted one so bad! I have so much wrapping paper, and it always get ruined. I have wanted one of these containers for a while. It was more expensive than I thought it should be, but it is exactly what I wanted. I love that it is clear so I can see what is inside and I love that it is vertical so it takes up less space. May 30, 2014
A Great Purchase. This gift wrap organizer is outstanding. It has great capacity to store large gift wrap paper rolls. My gift wrap rolls had far outgrown storage space available. This organizer stored all the wraps I have with lots of space left over. Organizer stands sturdily on the floor and can be stored in plain site. The pretty colored wraps show through the organizer making a nice decoration. May 9, 2014
Works very well! This is definitely a great product and the main use is what its made for! April 25, 2014
Does the job! Finally getting organized and this container has my gift wrap in one easy to use container. Not sure why it's got a tapered design. Isn't a big issue, but would prefer straight sides. The lid goes on and off easily, but stays secure. I'm going to order another one so I have one for Christmas and one for other occasions, just like the Container Store recommends! April 13, 2014
Awesome Bird Seed Storage Great for 40 lb bag of bird seed. I shopped around for bird seed storage containers at nurseries and the large hardware stores. None were narrow or tall enough; and the prices were a bit higher than what I could afford. I also need to keep it in the garage, against the wall along side my parked car. Space is very limited. This container works perfectly! It's wonderfully made and allows me to easily see how much seed is left. April 11, 2014
Great Item Tidied up all our wrapping paper supplies in the office perfectly! April 10, 2014
Awesome Purchase!! I absolutely love my new gift wrap organizer!! It was just what I needed to get all those crazy rolls of gift wrap and paper stored away as we are getting ready to move into our first new home. Thanks so much!!! April 3, 2014
Good product It holds just the right amount of wrapping paper and is the perfect height. It fits nicely in a closet. March 22, 2014
Good container, but doesn't fit longer rolls I wish I would have measured the wrapping paper rolls I had before ordering this. Nowadays, you rarely see smaller or the shorter length wrapping paper. I would recommend this to a friend, but would warn them what size rolls fit in here! January 8, 2014
Great organizer I have no complaints about the product itself, only that when my package arrived the lids for the units were cracked. I tried finding a number to call, however I could not find one with my packing slip. Also, make sure that your wrapping paper is not the industrial sized rolls, I didn't realize that there were two types of wrapping paper roll sizes haha. Overall, it has helped de-clutter my gift wrapping area, November 27, 2013
Great for storage This solved my problem of leaving rolls stacked under bed or crammed in card board boxes. Keeps rolls upright and easy to reach and out of the way November 25, 2013
good for rolled paper products I was seeking a container to use instead of the under the bed storage and this product does the trick. long boxes under our bed seem to collect way too many dust creatures (we skip the bunnies, we have the herd! :-)) So a solution to the wrapping paper problem was to find a container that would be suitable for rolls of wrapping paper that would not take much space in the closet - this works for all the rolls except for one exceptionally wide roll. I would have probably given it 5 stars if it was narrower- I needed to put it in a tight space- but solved the problem by putting it in a different closet July 19, 2013
Great product Sturdy, well constructed, durable. As all Container Store products are. Dependably good products all the time. June 15, 2013
A product that made my closet! This gift wrap organizer is the best purchase I made. Bought two and now you can actually see the floor and back wall of the closet. I do not mind showing prospective house buyers this very neat and organized closet. A place for everything and everything in it's place .My Mother would be proud. April 28, 2013
Simply great! My husband got tired of all the rolls of paper stacked on top of a bookshelf in our office and this has solved the problem. I have two of these and no more clutter! April 26, 2013
Great storage I have one of these containers for the Christmas papers and wanted one for the daily use wrappings. I looked all over and The Container Store was my only answer. They arrived in a large box, safely wrapped and now house my many wraps of paper. Love them, April 21, 2013
Great wrapping paper organizer While it's not tall enough to fit those massive extra long rolls, I can't believe how many rolls this will fit. It's huge. I intend on cutting off the top of my large wrapping paper tubes so I can fit them in here, too, and will make sure to only buy the normal sized tubes from now on. It's nice that they aren't falling all over my garage anymore. I have maybe a half a dozen rolls, and it seems empty. It's like Tardis - it's freaking huge on the inside. I swear my rolls of wrapping paper took up twice as much space when they were just tied with ribbon & left to fall over the garage. It's MAGIC! April 3, 2013
Thought it'd be taller This fits great in the corner of our laundry room. Rolls fit in easily, and even the shorter rolls are easy to fish out. But we do seem to be getting a lot of taller (wider) rolls lately, so check that the container height will work for you. April 3, 2013
Amazing product, amazing idea These gift wrap storage containers are a fabulous organizational tool. Not only do they hold a ton of rolls, it's so much easier to see what you have when they're standing up. These bins cleaned up my and my mom's wrapping areas. Couldn't be happier. March 20, 2013
sturdy love that it's clear & it's sturdy enough to be packed with rolls and not tip over! it's not tall enough for the long rolls but a great product nonetheless March 18, 2013
Great Organizer This product was great for all my wrapping paper rolls that were lying in a corner getting wrinkly and dusty. The gift wrap organizer was an almost perfect solution for this. Some of the rolls were too tall to fit into the container and therefore had to be stored elsewhere. Otherwise, great product! You can even fit gift bags, tissue paper, and gift tags in there if you have some space unfilled. March 18, 2013
Great Purchase I love my 3 Vertical Gift Wrap Organizers! I must admit I am something of a wrapping paper hoarder and I was very unorganized. I bought 3 of these organizers and another container to store ribbon, etc., and made myself go through my wrapping paper supplies. I had over 40 rolls of wrapping paper, but at least now they are organized and all in one place! Love the Container Store! March 18, 2013
Smart Purchase For a few years now I have been looking for something to store my artificial flowers without bending them or taking to much space. As Christmas was getting rid of a lot of decorations so I needed new storage bins. Went into the Container Store and purchased a couple of the gift wrap containers to actually store my gift wrap rolls. As I"m moving things around by accident I placed my artificial flowers in the gift wrap container. And realized that that was the perfect container to store flowers. Now I have a total of 4 containers and each has my different season flowers. I love how they are stored and do not take too much space. Smart Purchase Ever! March 11, 2013
Great buy The bin held A LOT of wrapping paper...more than I expected. Some of our rolls were too tall for the bin so we left the lid off...This will make accessing them easier anyway. I love that they don't take up a lot of space and they look very nice. March 4, 2013
saves space This was a great solution to my over flowing pile of wrapping paper. it's all in one place and now I can actually see what I have. February 22, 2013
Multiple uses We have a saltwater tank and needed something sturdy to put water in to replenish water with the tank got low. We were told about this wrapping paper organizer we gave it a try and it works like magic! February 17, 2013
Better than expected. This is great...It holds a ton of the regular size rolls and also some of the large core rolls. It holds more than it looks. Such a space saver. It would be great if a taller size was offered for the longer rolls too. February 14, 2013
Another great container I was originally looking for storage for gift wrap but when I read one of the reviews of this container someone had mentioned using it for pet food. What a great idea! I have to buy bulk prescription food for my cats and this is the perfect container for it. Much appreciate the great option. January 17, 2013
Worth it Chasing gift wrap rolls as they ran this way and that getting torn up along the way was getting tiresome. And tney were taking up precious space. What a bargain to corral the buggers in a small corner of the closet and at less than $15! I also must mention how super convenient it was to fetch this puppy. I ordered online, drove up to the front of the store, and some nice gent ran it out to me. All done! November 29, 2012
Perfect to Store Dog Food in Small Space The tall and thin dimensions of this container make it perfect to fit in a small kitchen or closet space to hold a 35 lb. bag of dog food. June 27, 2012
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