Kingsford Charcoal Caddy Dispenser

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Kingsford Charcoal Caddy Dispenser

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Dog Food Bin
4 out of 5

Works perfectly for dog food. It is a little bulky, but it is reasonably priced.

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Permanent label
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I was going to use this for another purpose because it was the right size and shape, but the top has a kingsford label screened into it. I really don't want that in my kitchen. the others are removable stickers.

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Kingsford Charcoal Caddy Dispenser 4.6 5 33 33
Great product Works perfectly with the charcoal bag. It is very well insulated so now tha charcoal can stay outside. June 7, 2014
Works well The charcoal caddy works exactly as described. The lid snaps tight into place, with no worry of it coming off when pouring our charcoal. My only complaint is the fact that it cannot hold an entire bag of charcoal. I use natural lump charcoal sold in 25pound bags. April 19, 2014
So far, so good. Assembly wasn't cut and dry but I figured it out. The top requires force in order to snap everything on (I thought it would just easily fit together). January 17, 2014
Great Pretty big. Holds a bag of charcoal and is big enough for grill utensils. Good thick material, it won't break easily. October 5, 2013
Exactly what I needed I got 2 of these, one to keep charcoal dry, and the other to keep grilling tools and brushes together. July 12, 2013
Perfect for used cat litter! I tried one of the products made specifically for disposing of cat litter, great idea but a pain to use and the opening was so much smaller than my scooper there was constantly a disgusting mess around the rim. So one day I found a Kingsford Kaddy and a lightbulb went off over my head! I got a box of 13 gallon bags at the dollar store and inserted one - left a lot over the edge for tying and the lid holds the bag securely. The opening within the lid is large enough for even my large scooper to empty without making a mess, and when the lid is shut there is absolutely no odor whatsoever. With two cats, one very large who creates very large messes, I'll go a week then put the bag out each garbage pickup day. Could go longer but that's what I'm comfortable with. Thank you Kingsford for a great multi-use product! June 10, 2013
Not what I expected I thought that since it kept charcoal fresh and dry that it would have been air tight. But it is not. June 10, 2013
Kingsford Charcoal Caddy Dispenser This product is the BEST! I bought it specifically for charcoal and it is left outdoors all year long. It is neither too big nor too small. My husband thought it was an unnecessary purchase until after several rain storms and the charcoal was still dry. April 16, 2013
Great pet food container! We use this to store wild bird seed! It's a great sturdy container to keep outside to keep other critters out. The lid locks nice and tight to keep even raccoons out. We are able to open the one side and access the food to put in the bird feeders and when we need to refill it, we can remove the lid. It's also good for storing dog food. Eliminates bags of open food laying around. April 3, 2013
Great product Great item to keep your charcoal dry and organized!! March 19, 2013
Permanent label I was going to use this for another purpose because it was the right size and shape, but the top has a kingsford label screened into it. I really don't want that in my kitchen. the others are removable stickers. March 12, 2013
Keep that Charcoal Dry and Safe My puppy developed a bad habit of ripping open the bag of charcoal on our back porch and making a mess. This container solved that problem! An entire large bag of charcoal fits easily inside without a mess and it's easy to open the lid and get what you need. The handle makes it easy to carry out to the grill. I'd especially recommend this for people who live in apartments or are grilling on a deck. It would also be great for trips to the park or beach, or if you're going to grill somewhere away from home. It'll help keep the charcoal dust out of your pantry, garage, car or anywhere else you keep it. The container is durable and the bright blue lid makes it easy to spot in a dark space. March 6, 2013
keep it fresh I've owned one of these for years, it's outdoors and keeps our cat food dry and fresh. My Son showed up with a new puppy, we went and purchased 2 more this weekend, 1 for dog food and the other for dog bones and treats, the price is right and keeps the pet food safe from the elements and wild animals. March 5, 2013
Nice container! I can think of sooo many things I could do with this container that I may have to get several more. Think camping........kindling, garbage, aluminum cans, water jug, dog food etc. At home.........sidewalk salt, plant dirt, outside toys, sports equipment etc. etc. etc. Kingsford you may send my check for helping you sell these! Love it. March 2, 2013
Great caddy!! Perfect for what I was looking for. Always kept the charcoal outside and when it rained the bottom of the bag would tear. Problem solved with the caddy!! February 20, 2013
nice product This item works just like advertised and is good quality. January 12, 2013
Beware Unless you buy HUGE bags of regular Kingsford Charcoal, don't buy this product. It isn't compatible with match-light bags of charcoal and only fits the buk size charcoal bags.. It also comes with so many stickers on it, I spent 30 minutes Goo Goning all of the advertisements off the side. Lastly the box it comes in is so huge you will think you ordered a piece of furniture. I would send it back if it wouldn't cost as much as the product to mail back. Dissapointed. November 6, 2012
Great idea! No more messy charcoal all over I purchased this for my husbands grill needs. It will be a Father's day gift. It's a great storage option to avoid messes and make it easy to use the briquets. June 6, 2012
Awesome Product This is one of the best products ever! I have two at my lake place--one for charcoal and one for recycle. Watertight and dependable. Making another trip to the Container Store today to buy one more for pet food. May 17, 2012
Convenient Clear Container This Kingsford Charcoal Caddy Dispenser is the perfect airtight, clear container to hold charcoal. I have an 18 lb. bag of charcoal sitting inside the container and it fits fine. The container is convenient for storage and travel with my portable grill. The container arrived as pictured with a clear base and a blue top. The customer service was great at answering my questions. Delivery was fast and the item came in good condition. May 5, 2012
good for pet food too We were in the store and one of the associates suggested that we check out this container for pet food in addition to the pet food specific containers. We bought this for cat food and it works great. It was cheaper than the pet food containers, seals well to keep in freshness and is easy to pour from. We keep this bigger container in the garage and use it to refill a smaller similar container that we keep in the kitchen. April 27, 2012
great container at a good price We don't use this container for briquets, but it's perfect for Traeger pellets! Keeps the moisture out and the sturdy handle makes it easy to pour! March 29, 2012
KEEPS CHARCOAL DRY Excellent price on item. Sturdy plastic which protects charcoal even if outside. Looks much nicer than dirty charcoal bag sitting out. Also, keeps small children safe from open charcoal bag as lid is difficult for young child to open. Love it. March 19, 2012
Great Container I was looking for an airtight container fro dog food and found this one. It was thicker and more airtight than the actual dog food container were and less expensive. I love it! March 19, 2012
Other Uses We use ours to store our dog food. Weather seal help keep the food fresh. Works great! February 28, 2012
Not Just For Charcoal We found the Kingsford Charcoal Caddy Dispenser to be the best container around for storing bulk birdseed! We save money buying seed in bulk and since the container is weather-tight, we don't have to use up precious patio space to store it. It stays off but along side the patio and the seed is always dry. Great product! February 26, 2012
great for storage This has been a great addition to our grilling "materials". We like it because we can still store it in the detached garage (more likely to get wet) vs taking up room in our small historical house. March 7, 2011
Handy Dispenser A great tool to keep charcoal out of the weather and off our hands February 21, 2011
EXCELLENT PRODUCT! I have purchased several of these caddies over the years and really like them - makes it so much easier to cart around the charcoal bags. Great item! September 21, 2010
Still trying to figure it out! I bought this for my husband for Father's Day and it's great to hold the charcoal and lighter fluid, but I'm still trying to figure out how to get the bag so it will just pour out. It keep bunching up when I put the lid on so maybe I need to cut the bag a little more. Other than that I love it because I don't have to get my hands dirty anymore, and if it's left outside I don't have to worry about the charcoal getting wet if it rains!! June 28, 2010
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