Linen Drop-Front Sweater Box

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Linen Drop-Front Sweater Box

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Yarn Storage!
5 out of 5

I love these boxes. I use them to manage my yarn stash. They are sturdy and look lovely. The thickness of the materials used keeps the sachet scent inside the box. The clear front allows me to see my yarn easily, and I love the pull down fronts - it is so easy to access.

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ideally it would work
2 out of 5

Ideally this would work. however you need many of them and if your sweaters are not the same size it is hard to store together. No color choices and the light color may fade/ get dirty easily. love how it is drop front, you can stack them and be organized. you will need many of them and they are expensive.

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Linen Drop-Front Sweater Box 4.8 5 66 66
Well Made Box four boxes, and plan to acquire more. Boxes are strong and well made. A quality product. September 11, 2014
Scarf Selection I used 3 of these "sweater" bins for storage of my winter scarves and pashminas. I have an armoire in the bedroom that was originally used for a television, but serves as extra storage for my bed linens on the top shelf, and where the TV was, is where I put these sweater boxes, and in the drawers are other winter accessories such as hats, gloves, ski wear, etc. It's a perfect place because I can easily see the color of wrap I wish to wear and I can keep them all very well protected with a couple moth sachets. September 3, 2014
Perfect These were a great addition to my closet. They hold just about anything and they look great doing it. August 15, 2014
Closet organization with style! I have a walk-in closet that you have to walk through to reach the bathroom. It has always bothered me that my clothes on the shelves were invariably slumped over stacks for all the world to see. Not anymore! Now my shelves are a clean presentation of stylish boxes with my clothes neatly folded to maximize the space within. I can fit 16 tshirts in 2 stacks in each box or 4-5 pairs of jeans. Now I have extra room for more boxes to house my shorts and miscellaneous garments. July 21, 2014
Very Convenient These boxes were exactly what I need to organize my closet. I might even buy more when I get my closet completely organized. May 27, 2014
ideally it would work Ideally this would work. however you need many of them and if your sweaters are not the same size it is hard to store together. No color choices and the light color may fade/ get dirty easily. love how it is drop front, you can stack them and be organized. you will need many of them and they are expensive. May 1, 2014
Great for storing smaller handbags I have used this size to store smaller handbags. You can get a lot of bags lying flat in this container. Love it! April 19, 2014
Not just for Sweaters! I purchased 8 of these drop lid boxes, not for sweaters, but for purses! Perfect! The boxes keep them visible, and dust free. This worked out great for my closet, because I did not want to give up any hanger space that most other purse storage requires. April 7, 2014
Purse storage I've purchased a couple of these and stacked them (tall) for purse storage. Very functional, but at $30 a pop, it will unfortunately be a bit before I purchase more. April 3, 2014
Beautiful and perfect! I am going through a major decluttering and my closet was the worst. The cats pass through my closet to my bathroom (where their litter boxes are), and I had litter dust over everything! I cleaned all the clothes and hangers and then got rid of clothes I didn't like or were too big ('lost a lot of weight). These sweater boxes are larger than I needed; I was so happy! I have one for long-sleeved sweaters and one for short-sleeved sweaters. The boxes stay closed, no dust gets in them, and they look mighty classy on the shelf in my HUGE walk-in closet. I wish I needed more; they're so pretty! March 7, 2014
Good Solid Purchase I am using them to organize table cloths and linens that don't fit in my kitchen drawer and must be stored elsewhere. They are of solid construction and hold quite a few items. I was worried that I would need a third, but I haven't filled the two of them yet. February 9, 2014
Perfect Just what you would imagine if you imagined the perfect sweater box. The box is sturdy, the drop front works effortlessly. The fabric is attached flawlessly. They stack without sagging. Best purchase I have made in years. February 8, 2014
Fantastic The boxes are very well made. You can see your sweaters and it held more sweaters than I thought. I am going to buy a few more and re do my entire closet. December 29, 2013
Good but could be better I have similar smaller drop front sweater storage boxes and I thought I would be getting the same but bigger. What's different here is that there is no inner block of cedar to enable you to keep sweaters in a mothproof environment. Listen up Container Store this is a simple change to your design. Other than that, they serve the purpose for which they were intended. December 29, 2013
Wonderful Addition I had originally bought this for my sweaters, but realized that it is also great for my Vera Bradley tote bags. This is a wonderful addition to my closet! December 27, 2013
Perfect Way to Store Sweaters Wonderful for storing sweaters, especially since I can actually see which sweaters are in each box. I have two closets -- one for clothes I'm wearing now and one for out-of-season clothes. With these boxes, I can easily move my sweaters from one closet to the other at the end of a season without having to refold and box them as I did when I simply stacked the sweaters on shelves in my in-season closet. The composition of the boxes is much better for the sweaters than the plastic boxes I used previously for storage. I'll be buying more! October 31, 2013
Elegant & Affordable! These are perfect for displaying and protecting my high end, shoulder bags. Bought one to try and as soon as it was delivered I ordered 4 more! October 24, 2013
The drop-front is great! Excellent, well constructed boxes. The drop-front feature is great, because I don't have to move the box to open it. A row of these boxes in my closet acts as a de facto shelf upon which I can place additional items. The sweater box is just right for storing my hats. All in all, these boxes make the most of limited closet space. October 18, 2013
Great Quality! What a great storage unit for my purses! Makes my closet look great - and easy to see. Received timely. August 18, 2013
FINALLY FOUND SOLUTION TO BOOT STORAGE I am thrilled that I found a solution to my boot problem!! I have several long pairs of boots that I have been tripping over (literally) I had a long wish list for the perfect boot storage: - visible, but not in the way - dust-free - access one pair without moving several other pairs - nice-looking I have been researching possible solutions for a long time and I finally found something that works!! Not only is it functional, but it also looks fantastic! I can fit 2 long boots in each (I used the largest box) I also am using this solution to store less frequently worn shoes. I can fit 4 of them in the largest size. The boxes are so deep I can place one shoe in the back and the other in front of it with a slight overlap so I can see one of each shoe clearly. August 11, 2013
I feel so organized These drop front boxes are not only a stylish way to organize the closet, but they are very well made and sturdy. They are big enough to hold 3-4 pairs of women's jeans. I have 10 and they hold everything from jeans to t-shirts. I love the way they look!! August 8, 2013
Great tool! I needed something for the master bedroom closet that looks nice and would help keep me and my husband organized. I also needed to be able to easily access my clothes. The sweater boxes and shirt boxes are fantastic and extremely functional. July 23, 2013
Versitile Storage I too am using these storage boxes to store handbags & handbag accessories. My closet is air conditioned and I prefer my items to be enclosed to eliminate dust. These boxes suit my purpose to a T. July 17, 2013
Great, but... I bought just one to see if it was truly functional as it appeared. I got it for my heels hoping to get a couple of pair in one container/box. It is great quality and very convenient, but.... I can not fit my higher heels in the box without laying them down which defeats the purpose!!!!!! Don't get me wrong for my shorter (4" and below) heels it works...but I have more 5" and above heels. It says 8" high, but high, stiletto heels don't work very well in box. Overall I say go for it. I'm very picky, so this review is for those who can relate! :) July 14, 2013
LOVE I purchased one of these to hold and protect my cardigans. I currently have 9 in there, folded into 2 stacks, and there is still room for more without stuffing them. It looks expensive and beautiful, and is very sturdy. I will be purchasing another for my other sweaters. July 10, 2013
Great Boxes! I ordered 3 of these for our closet shelf and they are excellent for storing sweaters! They are larger than I expected so read the dimensions carefully but they are nicely made. I also placed a cedar drawer liner in each one and am confident that our sweaters will be protected for the season. And they look so pretty in our closet! One of them arrived damaged and with a quick phone call to customer service, a new one was shipped out immediately - no questions asked - wonderful customer service! June 24, 2013
nice neutral color The side that's designed to be the "bottom" is felt. I stood my box on it's narrow side so the clear door is on top and use it as box to store/hide my sewing machine. I just put the felt side toward toward the wall and fortunately the door opens in the convenient direction. The machine is heavy so I use caution if I need to move the box, but overall it's a good box that looks nice. May 5, 2013
Just what I needed-- for shoes Even though these are supposed to be for sweaters, I bought these for storing my shoes. My tallest heels/wedges/ankle boots measure 8 inches high, but the shoe boxes I looked at were too short. I didn't want to have to store my shoes sideways to fit. I like to see them standing up. I can fit two pairs of shoes in each of these boxes, which is great. I face one shoe forward and one backwards to show the heel. These will keep dust off my shoes and keep them in good condition. Also we get scorpions where we live and now I don't have to worry about them getting into my shoes. Very happy. Now for the rest of my closet... May 1, 2013
Very smart purchase I bought these after finding one of my sweaters with holes all over it from moths. The only problem is I have bought more sweaters and need another one! Great product! April 28, 2013
Love these for purse storage I was reorganizing my closet and needed a new solution for my collection of handbags. I'd previously used several cloth-lined storage baskets. But they didn't have lids so if I went too long between switching out bags, the contents could get a little dusty. I want to protect my bags but at the same time needed them to be accessible, not hidden away. The drop-front sweater box has been a great solution for me. My purses stay clean, and I can still see them and easily reach up, open the clear front and grab the bag I want. April 26, 2013
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