Grey Storage Bags

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Grey Storage Bags

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FANTASTIC! Look great and they hold a lot!
5 out of 5

I first bought the smallest of these storage bags when I was moving to warmer climates and I used it to store a few of my winter clothes. I could fit two pairs of boots, three sweaters, five scarves, for hats and even a few toiletries (you know how things get when you run out of boxes.) I couldn't believe I was able to fit so...

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floppy sac bag
3 out of 5

This bag is not as shown. It has no support along the walls. It is entirely floppy and without structure. It will only look like the picture if it is completely filled. Quality of seaming fine but beware it is monstrous in size and hard to manipulate because of the lack of structure.

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Grey Storage Bags 4.2 5 85 85
Storage Solution I have all my winter clothing's like sweaters or Christmas sweaters and I use the vacuum bags that reduce the size but then you have all of these bags that have to be stored usually on a shelf so I bought this bag and everything fit in there perfect and have it stored out of the way on the bottom of the closet and then it leaves my shelves free for other things. I am going to buy some different sizes for different thing to store in them out of the way. June 15, 2014
Good size but be careful lifting from handles I bought these to store winter clothes. The sizes are good and the materiel holds a bit of its shape, which I like. But when I lifted by one handle it tore where the stitching was. So be careful lifting them. May 18, 2014
Good Value This storage item meets all expectations. It would be great for any non-structured item...pillows, blankets, linens, towels. However, I am currently using it to store a small hard plastic studio for photography. Although I could use a little more structure on the sides, it is great for keeping the 24 x 20 x 15 hard surface piece dust free. May 13, 2014
floppy sac bag This bag is not as shown. It has no support along the walls. It is entirely floppy and without structure. It will only look like the picture if it is completely filled. Quality of seaming fine but beware it is monstrous in size and hard to manipulate because of the lack of structure. May 6, 2014
Nice storage bag The picture of the product makes it look like more of a storage box that has some structure to it. In reality though this is a storage bag with no structure. It will take the shape of what you put in it. It worked well for me and will work well to store towels, clothes or blankets. It will also fold down nicely to an easily to manage size when you are not using it. May 3, 2014
A very good buy A very good storage bag and very large. And take punishment. April 28, 2014
Awesome! The bags are sturdy and the material is very durable. Love the neutral color and the useful handles. When not in use they can fold up flat until next time they are needed. April 25, 2014
Excellent Storage Bags. I'm not big on letting others know what I have. So the grey color bags were everything I was looking for. They hold well and seem durable . I bought them in every size. The only reason I'm not giving it a 5 star is because as I was taking one of the under the bed ones out the zipper broke. Lesson learn Do Not Over Packed them leave a little room for the under the bed ones. Besides that, the bags are pretty awesome and the price is just right. April 19, 2014
Good but... Had a hard time deciding on 3 or 4 stars for this bag. Ultimately picking 4 because this is a well constructed bag. My but is because it will not hold it's shape and is cumbersome to move because it collasps' in on itself. I have a similar bag from another source that has a sort of frame built into it's construction which I like better but can't remember where I got it. April 19, 2014
Blanket Bag! I have the extra large bag for blankets! I love it. It's machine washable and soft so you could fold it up if desired when not in use. April 15, 2014
Perfect I was looking for someplace to store my boots for the summer. As I keep them in the boxes, this was a perfect solution. Now they will stay clean and organized. April 15, 2014
Great Storage I purchased these bags to store off-season clothing in. I stack them on the top shelves of my clothes. I like the handle and the flexibility of the bags (sides and top are not stiff) so that I can squeeze them into a tight space. April 13, 2014
Works nicely I bought two of these store Christmas candles and other seasonal candles. And like someone else mentioned they are not hard sided but I was able to put a piece of cardboard in the bottom and the sides are sturdy enough to hold the candles and they're nice enough looking to be out on top of the cabinets in my laundry room. I also love the size they're big enough to hold things but not so huge that you can't manipulate them. April 10, 2014
Best Baby Clothes Organizer I have a small circle of friends who rotate baby's clothes amongst each other as all of our daughters are pretty evenly spaced out in 3 month intervals. While everyone else is digging through heavy boxes or transferring from drawer to bag, I have each stage of the girls clothes perfectly labeled and stacked in the girls' room. I can over fill and squish the clothes down to fit - no problem. As long as the bag is somewhat full it retains its shape. I have read reviews of weak handles or zippers and I don't know what those people are putting in these bags because even over-filled, these bags zip well and the handles hold strong. The only down side is that if it is less than 3/4 full it will not retain its shape, but I have compensated for that by using unsharpened pencils as support rods in the corners and the center when stacking. But do not put anything too heavy on top of that because the pencils will fall. April 10, 2014
Versatile Storage I bought this to store my daughter's artwork. I did not realize before my purchase that the sides are not stiff, so the box doesn't keep it's shape. However, it's still efficient storage with quality material that should last. March 10, 2014
Great I am packing to move cross-country and these bags are GREAT for clothes. You can fit SO much into each bag, even the smaller one. I was able to fit my entire work wardrobe into the large size and it is still light and easy to carry. I wish I had known about these bags before I bought some of the other packing materials...these are ten times better! February 26, 2014
Good but I bought these to organize my closet. I like them bit they tend to lose shape if they are not filled up. Having side and bottom supports would have been nice. But on the plus side my closet looks amazing and they are not expensive. February 15, 2014
Love it but..... I purchased a soft sided storage bag for Camper travel and storage. I did not use it yet but I did zip and unzip 3-4 times and the black zipper pulls broke right off! I still think this is a great item for flexible storage in tight spaces like an RV or camper. So I returned it and got a replacement and bought 2 more! I plan on purchasing larger ones as well! I made new zipper pulls out of black grosgrain ribbon. I am hoping that the Container Store fixes this problem. Other than that issue I LOVE these! December 24, 2013
BEWARE-Handles Break Purchased these to sort and store my off-season clothes. One of the cube bags was half full with sundresses-nothing heavy-and when lifted, the handle ripped off at the seam. Very disappointing. October 28, 2013
Storage I bought this storage bag to keep my quilts and sheets. It does just that. What I don't like is that the bag doesn't keep its cube shape. Also the handles don't look to sturdy either, so I won't try to put anything even slightly heavy in them. September 20, 2013
What happened to the durability? I have several of these storage bags and they work well. I recently purchased several more for packing linens for college dorms. One cube, the handle detached from the zipper. We had to add a paperclip to the zipper so we can open/close the zipper. The other one, the handle complete tore off when I lifted the cube off of the ground. The cube wasn't overly heavy and I certainly expect the handles to be durable. Too bad - these look nice but the durability is questionable. August 24, 2013
Does the job! Bought these to store sheets, towels, and bed blankets and they work just fine! Everything fits beautifully, and now my linen closet looks alot neater, ( I think I even have a little more space)! Zippers are sturdy so far..... July 30, 2013
A must for for my camper!! This storage bag didn't cost much and I didn't expect it to be so great!! It isn't a suitcase! It is a light weight, great size organizing tool. I have all my extra sheets, beach towels, wash cloths, etc. for my camper in one bag. It works so much better than a basket that can spill over! Stays neat and tidy and doesn't let the dust and dampness in! I can move it around easily with the great handles when I need the spare bunk. It is plenty strong and will last! The big size will work perfectly for seasonal clothing storage too! May 19, 2013
Excellent Storage Love the material and they hold lots. Need frame to hold walls up! May 6, 2013
Flimsy These look really great in the picture. But they are nothing more than glorified grocery bags with a zipper. They will not retain the nice box shape when you put things in it. There is nothing to bolster them. They are just grocery bag material with a zipper. May 6, 2013
Best purchase ever!!! It's the perfect size and it makes the room look organized, I'm going to get a lot more of these :) May 5, 2013
Nice for clothes storage I bought this for storing clothes in my camper van. This is the perfect size. The cube does not stand on its own, but once filled with clothes is fine. It is the perfect size. The handles are a nice addition. May 5, 2013
These are great. They are very cute, and add a nice decorative touch to any room. They make it really easy to keep organized and easily access the items inside of them. I love organizing my stuff, and I really like being able to label the storage bags. April 28, 2013
Great Storage Containers I have used these bags for my Christmas China. They are wonderful. They keep the dust out and at the same time keep everything in one place. April 27, 2013
They work I was expecting these bags to stand on their own, but they don't. Therefore, it would be difficult to make them look perfect like in the pictures. The bags are also very thin, and I thought they looked more heavy duty in the pictures. We kept them, though! They store baby clothes, blankets, etc. April 24, 2013
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