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Multipurpose Storage Option
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We move frequently, and these are great for for condensing initial weeks of housekeeping essentials (towels, linens, pillows, clothing variety) into an already stuffed SUV. If storing bags on a closet shelf you may want to invest in Solid Shelf Dividers (Item # 461090) and place the bags vertically to take advantage of unused...

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I was anxious to purchase these to store pillows and a comforter that we are not using. I used the recommendations to determine how many things would fit in each bag and vacuumed out the air. At first, it seemed to work well, but when I went in the basement a few days later, all of the air had returned to one of the bags. I'm just disappointed.

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I must be the only one... who has issues with the bags doing what is promised by Ziplock: 1. are reusable 2. save space I've yet to find any of the bags which are usable beyond a single season because when reused (if they work at all) (1) they will not remain compressed which (2) does not save you space after air infiltrates . Only the hanging space bags are usable beyond 1 season. It's frustrating and expensive bc when you factor in shopping and costs associated with time and driving (gas & traffic & parking), waiting in line to pay, return or exchange *if* you successfully locate the exact receipts used to pay and within 90 days of purchase. If I cannot find the receipts from different orders and/or are outside the return date I have not choice but to throw them out- not great for the environment. I've contacted Ziplock numerous times and yes, the graciously apologize and send a coupon for a % off the next purchase which still adds to the cost of the purchases. I'd rather they make a reliable product. July 6, 2014
Needs stronger zipper tabs The bag itself works great, but the zipper tab keeps falling off. It will be easy to lose the clip in the closet. June 3, 2014
Packing made easy We bought the space bags to pack and store our winter coats. They are very easy to use and the big one can fit 2/3 coats. We don't have a lot of space for storage, so reducing their volume with the space bags was really helpful. April 29, 2014
Great product! This is my 4th set to purchase and use. They truly do save a lot of space and keep everything inside clean and dry. Works especially well with extra pillows as they take up a lot of space unless stored in these bags. Highly recommend... April 29, 2014
Some Work, Some Don't I was very excited to use these bags, mostly to store quilts and blankets. While some of the bags worked for me, others did not. The ones that didn't work had slow leaks - some that I could hear and others that were not noticeable until a few minutes later when the bags filled back up with air. Needless to say, I ended up making several trips back to the store to exchange the bags that didn't work for ones that did work. The sales people were all very helpful, but I would have been much happier if the original bags I purchased worked correctly. April 29, 2014
Does exactly what you expect it to. It's a good buy April 26, 2014
Save space and preserve your goods How have I lived my life this long without these?!?!? April 21, 2014
Best Organization Tool I love these bags so much! They are so helpful with everything. I use them to pack away blankets and sweater in the summer, to pack into a smaller suitcase when I travel, to move my clothes when going to and from college, and so much more! I have so many of them because I use them for everything! I would definitely recommend these to anyone. Just give them a try, you might fall in love with them! April 16, 2014
A True Space Saver I bought these to help pack up clothing while our house was being painted. They were easy to use and let me pack a significant amount of sweaters into each bag. Vacuuming out the air was easy too, though the bags did seem to lose suction over time, but that could be because they had been moved a few times and the vent cap may have come loose. I look forward to experimenting with them more but they definitely saved space, which was great! April 11, 2014
Space Bags® Awesome for packing for college. Fit twice as much, leave less behind. April 7, 2014
Space Bags Work!!! I used the XL-cube to get my comforters and shames under control. This product worked and I was able to save space in my linen closet for more towels!!! March 4, 2014
Skeptical No More I purchased a set of space bags with a little skepticism as to whether they would actually work. I had a several pillows that needed to be stored and was amazed at how compact they became when stored in the space bag. They were easy to use and sealed extremely well. I would highly recommend them to anyone that is needing to increase storage space in their home. March 2, 2014
lo these bags I loved that I could buy just the XL without having to buy all the sizes I don't need March 2, 2014
Impressive storage; would buy again This was exactly as awesome as expected! I have much more room in my closet now and would absolutely buy these again or give as a gift. I haven't yet reopened one to get something out of storage, so I can't comment on how well pillows fluff up or they repackage, but I'm optimistic. February 21, 2014
Love it!! I love using this space bags they are great for bedding and items that need to be stored. And they fit under the bed great. January 22, 2014
Real Space Saver Shrunk two pillows and comforter, and a quilt down to half size. Jumbo bags are awesome! November 5, 2013
Easier than I thought How easy was this! Consolidated my feather duvet, 5 blankets, pillow cases, and baby blankets in 3 bags. Put my vaccuum hose on it and it was done! Great purchase! We have a small house, so I need all the help I can to find extra ways to find storage space. July 6, 2013
Not great for long-term storage They work really well for a while, but the seal isn't 100% airtight, so they do expand a bit over time. The Space Bags with the canvas outer layer are a little better, because they have straps to keep the size from expanding too much. April 26, 2013
These are great for storing a lot of clothes in a small space. April 24, 2013
Great space saver! I used these bags to get all my son's clothes in one suitcase when he was going to college. It is easy to pack and use and really works in saving space! April 4, 2013
Great Space Bags These bags are terrific! I put a full-size bed down comforter into one, and it's now small enough to fit in the linen closet. I managed to get two large blankets into only one space bag, and have used them for other large quilts and comforters. I haven't had any problem with air leaking as long as they are completely sealed. They are the perfect answer for storing bulky things. March 18, 2013
Disappointed I was anxious to purchase these to store pillows and a comforter that we are not using. I used the recommendations to determine how many things would fit in each bag and vacuumed out the air. At first, it seemed to work well, but when I went in the basement a few days later, all of the air had returned to one of the bags. I'm just disappointed. July 20, 2012
They really work!! Was doubtful when I bought some space bags. Was pleasantly surprised to see that they actually work. I was able to reduce my king sized comforter to a compact package, it's now so easy to store!!! Loving it!! April 27, 2012
Good storage solution We use space bags to store children's clothes in the attic, between children. After trying a few different things, these have been a good solution for us. They're easier for my husband to carry up and down the pull-down stairs, and we haven't had any problems with moths eating the clothes or clothes coming down smelling funny. I also like that I can place labels in the clear bags, making it easy for my husband to find all the "3-6 month boy clothes", for instance, since he's the one up there looking for them! The attics here in Texas get really hot, and we haven't had any problems. I will say that air gets into the bags, at some point (even in cool weather), so the vacuum-sealing aspect doesn't "hold water" after a short period of time. But we don't mind that. The vacuum sealing makes it easier for my husband to carry all the bags up to the attic, I think, but he doesn't seem to mind carrying them down when they're not rock-solid.... By the way, when The Container Store puts them on sale, the price is fantastic; stock up! April 27, 2012
Love Space Bags I just love Space Bags. My sister came down to TX and went to the Container Store to get some for herself when she saw what I had packed in mine. They are such space savers. April 25, 2012
The wife was right! We bought these and my wife said that they would be great. I was a bit skeptical. Dont tell her but they are awesome. Great space saver and easy to use. We have went back and got more for our daughters clothes that she no longer wears. Great buy at a great price. April 17, 2012
So far so good I bought several of these to put away seasonal clothing. My only fear is storing them away in my garage because of the summer heat. Not sure that they would last through any heat. The clips that help seal the bag closed can and do pop off although they're not needed to actually seal the bag. The bags are like big zip lock bags. I've noticed that the clips only seal one of the two strips that seal the bag close and I had to press the other one down by hand. That's probably what caused a lot of other people's bags to fail causing air to get in after a short while. Another small issue I had was the nozzle of my vacuum not fitting so well on the bag's vacuum hole. I have a Dyson and I feel the vacuum nozzle is standard size. It did suction the air out but it easily slid around while I vacuumed. I wish they made it so the nozzle could fit better. I can say that the XL bags definitely hold a lot. Just be aware that when you fill the XL bag and suction the air out, it can be pretty heavy. It becomes a big block. My clothing has been sealed away inside my house for a few weeks now with no issues. I plan to move them so if things change I'll be sure to post an update. March 28, 2012
Great buy for what I needed!!! I am very pleased with this purchase...I have several &/I mean alot of blankets that were just piling up in closets etc and taking up lots of room. I purchased these bags and woo hoo more room!!! March 27, 2012
So So The premise behind the space bags is great, however the construction of the bags are so so. I purchased a set in various sizes and can say you can actually get a lot in them. However, my word of advice is to be careful storing the bags. If at all possible avoid placing them on wooden floors or shelves as my bags tore. I don't see storing them on carpet as being a problem though. Just make sure the are you store them in is nice and clean with not even the smallest amount of debries under them. March 23, 2012
Such a Space Saver!!!! I looked at the underbed storage but before I purchased it, I saw these space bags and I LOVE THESE. I do children's consignment twice a year, and we always have about 4-5 huge totes of children's clothes and toys in our attic, but with these bags we will save so much room! They are also so easy to store off season clothes, you can just store them under your bed. Great idea! March 19, 2012
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