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I was shopping for boot trees only because I didn't know this product existed; wish I'd thought of it. I had my doubts when I pulled the plastic object out of its bag, but snap one piece into another and you have got the perfect way to store your boots during season. I'll still keep my suede boots in their box to protect them from dust,...

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Great Purchase I was buying other things and saw this so I thought it might help add some organization to my boots. Currently, my boots are in a box, with shapers, to try to keep them "organized". I initially only bought one just to "try" but I am going back for more! I put my most cantankerous boots (the ones that always fall over even with the stuffing) in them, and they are perfect - holding the shape of them, while keeping them organized on a shelf. I'm so excited to go into fall actually being able to see my boots instead of storing them away to keep them organized, but forgetting I have them. September 11, 2014
GREAT These are stable and well worth the price! Had ordered other boot holders but they broke fast... August 27, 2014
Great Idea Love this keeps my boots off the floor, easier to find, love the air holes, to keep them nice and dry when I use them in the winter time. Will be buying more soon, with they made them in thigh high boot length. July 7, 2014
I was actually looking for the shapers that make the boot stand upright for my knee high boots, but saw these and decided to buy them. They're quite nice and work much better than the boot shapers I was planning to get. They are also adjustable in height and can be used to hold ankle boots. The base keeps the boots from falling over like they would if they stood alone on the floor of the closet, and it's not a solid tube holding the boots up. I am planning to put some baking soda balls in towels into the base of the boot stand to fight any odors. I just wish I bought 2 more for my ankle boots. June 11, 2014
Convenient and effective I had been dealing with the "shapers" that came with the boots, but this is less hassle. Love being able to slide them right off the boot forms and later simply zip my boots and slide them on the forms. Although the upright boots look more handsome in the closet, the sole-side-up design prevents the leather/material from slouching into creases. I ordered 3 (good price, too) and I'm glad I did. TIP: The sturdy, lightweight stand arrives with the top end of each form detached and slipped inside the bottom of each form. When you open the pkg, they could drop out when you lift the stand. Look for a little notch to line up and you'll know you've attached them securely when you push them into place. By the way, because Debbie Jones in TCS customer service gave me such stellar service this morning, I told her I would write a review of a product I was glad to buy (she did not ask me to), and here it is. :-) February 24, 2014
Works Well I wanted something to organize my boots while preventing them from loosing shape. I purchased one of these to test it out. This product works great. It prevents my boots from falling over and works with gravity to help them retain shape. No more inserting annoying boot shapers. The product is easy to assemble, pieces just snap into place. Will purchase more for my other pairs of boots. February 13, 2014
Simple design I like the simple design of this boot stand. While it isn't the prettiest thing to have sitting next to my front door, it serves it's purpose. It takes up a lot less space than other boot stands on the market. The fact that it uses gravity to keep the boot in shape is a no-brainer that I just love. November 15, 2013
Functional Boot Support This is a great way to store your boots and keep them in excellent shape! October 17, 2013
I Really Like this Boot Stand I have tried others, but I like this best for my boots because they stand up side by side and don't fall over. April 30, 2013
Lovelovelove! I did not think I could love my new boots any better, but now I do. This stand is well-designed, compact, efficient, and a space saver. It keeps boots IN shape and OUT of the way. What's not to love? A++ for this product. January 23, 2013
Great product! This is a wonderful boot stand. I bought 3 and you can put them anywhere. Unlike a large stand which requires more space, you buy what you need and place them to make use of a tight closet. And they are ideal- keeping the boot upside down and letting gravity help keep the boot's shape. Love them! January 11, 2013
Great for lazy people like me! These are so easy. I come home; I'm tired; I don't feel like taking off my boots and taking out the storage box to put them in and getting the boot shapers and putting them into the boots, etc.... I used to have all these things, but in the end I always ended up just throwing my boots somewhere into the corner of my room instead and kept telling myself I'd properly store them "soon". Soon never came of coarse. With these I can literally just take off my boots and throw them onto the stands and Boom. They are stored, they are able to air out/dry, and gravity keeps the shaft from flopping around and losing shape and I collapse on the bed and go to sleep. BEST BOOT STORAGE EVER. With my suede boots I do throw a canvas bag over the stand to protect the suede from dust, but that extra step takes less than a second. December 14, 2012
Best boot stands anywhere! I like an organized closet but my boots were falling all over each other and it made me crazy. My problem was solved with this boot stand. In fact, I bought 6 of them! They are a sturdy hard plastic with air holes for ventilation. They also come apart for shorter boots. I love, love, this product and would recommend them to anyone, especially those who like things in order! November 25, 2012
Good Purchase I don't need to worry about my boots getting out of shape. October 14, 2012
Boot Stand Finally a boot stand that keeps boots standing! So happy with this purchase. I have a bunch. October 13, 2012
Great Organizational Tool I generally keep my boots in bags over the warmer months. These stands are perfect for displaying my boots in the fall so I can see what I have. September 29, 2012
Boot Stand Love this boot stand! Used them on ALL my boots, even shared the stand with my 21 year old granddaughter who loved the stand as well! She too thought it was a great idea and she felt it would save the shape of her expensive boots! I bought six boot stands! August 27, 2012
Love it! Great find! For who don't wish to deal with the shaper inserts, just slip the boots on and voila! My boots now line up in a room on the floor of the closet without falling over. : ) The boot stand is able to store boots up to knee length, just slide on the extension that otherwise rests inside the primary shaper. The extension even has holes to permit air circulation. February 29, 2012
These Are Perfect These are exactly what I was looking for. When your boots are upside down, gravity works for you (instead of against you) to keep your boots from getting permanent wrinkles and creases. There is no risk that your boots will be stretched, as with boot forms. The only down side - these are not tall enough for boots with 17 inch shafts or taller. November 19, 2011
love them! These are great. I was a little worried about quality, from the construction of them, but they are great. They go together really well and are sturdy - no wobbling. Good use of space and no stretching out the shafts of my boots. April 2, 2011
Great product I was shopping for boot trees only because I didn't know this product existed; wish I'd thought of it. I had my doubts when I pulled the plastic object out of its bag, but snap one piece into another and you have got the perfect way to store your boots during season. I'll still keep my suede boots in their box to protect them from dust, but I view this as a far more convenient way to store boots so they're easily accessible in my closet and not in an unsightly pile. I'm ordered another boot stand for myself today. January 6, 2011
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