Drop-Front Shoe Boxes

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Drop-Front Shoe Boxes

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Best Shoe Organizer and Best Value
5 out of 5

I looked at all of the shoe organizers offered by The Container Store and think these really are not only the best value, but the best organizer: 1. They aren't the acrylic ones, which customers have lamented scratch and break 2. They stack super well. 3. They are spacious. I can get two pairs of almost any type of my shoes (I wear a...

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so so
2 out of 5

This is a decent product, however none of my heels fit. I purchased the extra tall, but it was still not tall enough to fit my heels.

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Drop-Front Shoe Boxes 4.9 5 145 145
Perfect for my 4-5 inch heels I don't have to place them on the side or slightly askew when using the largest/tallest of the clear show boxes so these are perfect for my 4-5 inch heels. July 11, 2014
Clear and Useful Love the drop front lid, you don't have to pull the entire box out just to get your shoes out. They stack easily one on top of another. Just a handy shoe box all around. July 7, 2014
Great Addition I purchased these to add to my custom built Elfa closet. Each box holds one pair of my evening shoes and the matching purse. Perfect! June 30, 2014
Great product This are the best shoe boxes I have ever purchased, and I know about shoe boxes because I have bought a lot before for my beloved shoes. The drop front is ideal for taking out the shoes when you have the boxes stacked high,and as the boxes are clear, you can see what's inside. I would definitely recommend them. April 4, 2014
Keeps shoes clean and organized I wanted these shoe boxes to put in my new Elfa closet system. I was tired of dusting off my shoes for the season and wanted to see them quickly instead of using the shoe box they came in. I actually purchased the men's shoe box so that I could put more than one pair of shoes in each one. I still have quick access to them. My favorite part is the drop front door. I don't have to take the box down, take the top off, take my shoes out, then restack the box. I love these boxes and would recommend to anyone that wants to get their closet and shoes in order! April 4, 2014
Really Does the Job! My husband is extremely picky about how his shoes are treated. He actually likes these boxes! Finally his shoes are off the floor. He believes that his shoes should be able to breathe, and these boxes satisfy that need. He would like even larger boxes so he can put his ankle boots in them. March 30, 2014
Great product! Great shoe boxes! Stackable, open in front, and for all men's shoes!! Totally organized all my husbands and my shoes! March 7, 2014
Great for more than just shoes I bought 4 of these with the purpose of using them in my daughters closet, but they didn't fit on the shelves. I found a great use for them, though! I use them in my pantry on the bottom shelf to store my cupcake baking stuff. They are perfect and look great! March 3, 2014
Excellent! I have been looking for a great way to keep my shoes organized. This did the trick. Easy to open and very sturdy at the same time. Seems like a product that will last a long time. February 19, 2014
Best shoe/short boot box Great boxes, I do not why I did not do it earlier. Fit large size shoes (11 women) and shorter boots in the men's box without problems. Usually, I can not find a box that would fit my size 11 Dr Martens. This ones, no problmes. Got so excited about saving all this space and gettng rid of the mess, that i am now re-doing other closets, all with Container store products. February 12, 2014
Great Storage Boxes I used these boxes to store uniform shirts, shorts, etc. for our employees. I labeled the sizes that each box contained . . . folded them neatly and placed them on the top shelf in a closet. I was using cardboard boxes and I asked myself . . . "Why doesn't someone sell some storage boxes for this purpose?" Well, here they are . . . and they are GREAT! Now, at first I didn't realize that the top of each box was also removable . . . so I was having a difficult time placing the shirts inside each box. Duh. The storage process went a whole lot faster after I realized this. LOVE THESE STORAGE BOXES . . . AND THEY ARE NOT JUST FOR SHOES! February 2, 2014
Love it! Best shoe box. Stackable, fits most shoes. Love the durability and practicability of the box. December 31, 2013
Best ever shoe storage option! These are the most convenient, protective way to store ones shoes. They stack perfectly on top of each other and the drop down, clear door allows easy access and visibility. They are the only boxes I ever found that didn't have wasted space due to not having straight sides. The feature of the drop-down drawer is a great advantage over boxes that open from the top, as you don't have to remove each box from the stack to remove the shoes. I love these boxes and would recommend them to anyone. November 17, 2013
Seasonal Storage I use these mostly for easy transfer of seasonal shoes or high heels that very infrequently wear. Because of the drop-down door I can put these boxes on a high shelf and get the shoes out without taking the box down off the shelf. October 21, 2013
love it I love the boxes, they are a perfect size for the shoes, the front drops down and closes easily, they stack well, and you can see which shoes are in each box. Will definitely be purchasing more. October 8, 2013
great These are great, they wont fit the tallest of heels but easy to use July 31, 2013
A sturdy solution to shoe storage Replaced hanging shoe rack when it broke. This is much much better. July 27, 2013
Toiletry Bin This product worked wonderfully for a "crashpad" of flight attendants providing stackable bins in the bathroom. I added an office box to fit inside each bin so each roommate could leave a few personal things in the bath room - and the bins are enclosed! July 23, 2013
You need these!! Saw these online and went to store to check out. So much better than any other shoe storage available...they stack securely and you can see your shoes. Very affordable also. June 15, 2013
I very much liked these at first. I ordered 18 and paid quite a bit for shipping. They helped organize my closet well. However, one shoe box fell off a shelf, onto a carpeted floor, and broke. That is not well made. June 5, 2013
Convenient I was looking forward to purchasing these drop-front shoe boxes for the convenience. I purchased the Elfa design closet a couple of years ago and wanted these boxes to add to my closet. The shoe boxes are nice for the ease of picking out shoes, but, they seem a little lightweight for the price. I am not sure how sturdy the front clasps will remain after time. May 21, 2013
Building My Collection I started buying these a few at a time a few years ago. I love them! I put my shoes in with one toe pointed towards the front and the other towards the back so I can see the style and heel size at a glance. They keep the shoes you don't wear often free of dust. I buy the men's size boxes for my boots. They're the perfect size for them. May 5, 2013
LOVE THEM I purchased these in Atlanta for my husbands shoes. His shoes would not fit in the other shoe boxes because his shoe size is too big, but these fit perfectly. Now his shoes are not collecting dust and he is able to see what is in each container. May 5, 2013
Works and Looks Great I love that you can stack these but still access your shoes without moving anything. It's also easy to see all your shoes since the boxes are clear. They give my closet a very sleek and organized look. One thing though: the boxes are a bit too short to fit some of my higher heels. I suppose I could lay them in instead of standing them up in the box. Width is perfect. May 3, 2013
Worth Every Penny! Where have these been all my life?! These shoe boxes are perfect. They are high enough for heels and wide enough for booties and tennis shoes. I love them. I now wear all my shoes regardless if they are in a bottom box or top. The flap is easy to work and sturdy. The flap is also completely clear so I can scan the boxes quickly and find the best shoe for the outfit quickly. It saves so much time. They are worth the money. Stock up while they are on sale!!!! May 2, 2013
Maximize my space I purchased enough of these shoe boxes (in both sizes) to fill the entire top shelf of my closet, all the way to the ceiling. I stacked them upside down or sideways to maximize my shoe storage. I use them not as a drop front, but as a doggie door or as a side hinge door. I think they work better that way, at least for me since I access them from below. I have a small foot (size 6.5). The large shoe storage boxes easily hold 6 pairs of flats or 4 pairs of oxfords or pumps. Platforms obviously take up more room, but I can still get multiple pairs in one box. I love that my entire shoe collection is now organized, visible without labels, clean and dust free, and (most importantly) easily accessible! Previously if I pulled a box off the shelf the entire stack would fall on my head. I do not need to remove the entire box now. The doors work great for me. May 2, 2013
These are amazing!! I've been working on getting my bedroom organized for almost 3 months now, and I was so fustrated with nothing turning out right, espically with my shoes. I couldn't figure out what to do with them for them to still be visible and stay clean at the same time. I had been introduced to container store about 2 months ago and I thought since I was getting all my organization items from them anyway they should surely have something for my shoes, that's when I found the drop boxes. These things are amazing! I can see my shoes clearly and they stay clean. True the top is not clear, but I'm not worried about being able to see my shoes from the top as long as I can see them from the front! I love these shoe boxes! May 1, 2013
Cost savings I love heels, but have a dog that thinks they are meant to be chewed. I tried keeping them in the boxes, but then I could never find the pair I wanted. I've been wearing flats for months while trying to find a solution. These work wonderfully!!!!!! While my dog knows how to open the bifold closet doors, he can't get into the shoe containers. And I can see every pair I own. Much cheaper than replacing all my shoes. April 29, 2013
Excellent Storage (not just for shoes) These are great for storing shoes as well as any other items. The clear storage allows you to see what is inside. You can stack them and easily access the contents with the drop-front door. April 29, 2013
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