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Shoe Space Saver

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I'm a bit of a shoe fanatic, so any way I can store more shoes is a great product for me! I think it's a trip that the packaging is all in Japanese - luckily, they have pictures and it's mostly common sense. The only downside I found was it was limited to shorter heeled shoes. I have a lot of high/stacked heels, and I can't use...

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Shoe Space Saver 4.9 5 32 32
Great way to maximize space What a wonderful way to double up shoe space! There is more than enough space now for all my shoes. September 4, 2014
fantastic Doubled my shoe options. You can see what you are looking for and keep fresheners in the shoes. I purchased a single package of two to start with, then another 5 and now I need another 5. They look good too. July 8, 2014
Very Practical Use of Space I have a nice custom closet with built-in cubbies for shoes but have grown out of space. These double my space for flat sandals, Mary Janes, ballet slippers, houseshoes. They keep straps, toes and shape tidy without squishing them. I stock up when they're on sale. They don't seem to need dusting. I highly recommend these. June 10, 2014
BEST spacesaver ever!!! LOVE these shoe spacesavers!!! I FINALLY have an answer to shoe storage and to keeping pairs of shoes together. A VERY small investment for a great big return!!! April 18, 2014
Where have these been all my life? These space savers are fantastic! They are great at keeping shoes organized and allow one to maximize a small space. I have cube shelves built into my closet that allow for 4 shoes wide, which used to mean 2 pair. Not any more! Now I have 4 pair on each shelf. Whoopie! I highly recommend these as an inexpensive way to maximize that precious space in your closet. March 31, 2014
AWESOME PRODUCT All I can say is that I use to only be able to get three pairs of shoes on that shelf and now I can get 6 or 7! It's amazing. I tell everyone about them. Completely economical and it's a great way to show my cute TOMS collection since those shoes are so fun and colorful. I think they're the best kept secret! It's time to spread the word!! March 20, 2014
I like the idea, but did not exceed expectation I bought one pair to test it out. It didn't come with this end piece that was clearly stated on the packaging to stop the heel of your shoe from sliding downwards. Perhaps I just got a defective one? It can hold flats, but heels higher than 2.5 inches is a no no. I returned it because of the missing piece, and wished that it wasn't white in color as well. March 7, 2014
A true space saver!!! This product is a fantastic spacer saver for your shoes!!! I can finally get all my shoes onto my shoe rack. Before I could only get 3 pairs of shoes on one shelf, but with these space savers, I get 5 pairs on a shelf. No more shoes on the floor!!! I plan to purchase more of them for our summer home. February 23, 2014
Great for expanding closet I bought 15 pairs to expand shoe storage in our custom-designed closet. By stacking shoes, we doubled the capacity. Now, if they came in more than one color, the shoes would better blend into the cherry shelves. February 6, 2014
A why-didn't-someone-think-of-this-earlier product An essential product for anyone with limited closet space (or loads shoes!) The Shoe Space Saver really only work for flats, of which I have several pairs. They have effectively cleared a lot of closet space so I can go and buy more shoes. This is a why-didn't-someone-think-of-this-earlier product. My closet will never be without them again. January 28, 2014
Terrific! These absolutely worked beautifully. Will purchase more. January 21, 2014
great space saver I have a couple of pairs of heeled ankle boots that just don't fit in my standard shoe box organization system, and I was sick of them taking up space on the floor of my closet. I got a couple of these and now the shoes are out of the way in my walking space. Great purchase. January 20, 2014
Wish I'd bought more I bought 10 packages which is enough for 20 pairs of shoes. I could use a few more so next time I'm near a container store I'll buy about 5 more packages. I don't have a large closet but it does have some shelves. My shoes where just piled on these shelves and all over the floor to the point that I could hardly get to my clothes. Now all of the shoes are on the shelves with room to spare. It's amazing how much room I have recovered sense I've been using these. They are perfect for any style of shoe except boots. It's so nice to be able to find the shoes I want without plowing through a pile. December 30, 2013
Fabulous Shoe Storage Solution Not only do they keep shoes neat and organized in less space, the shoes are visible and they are easier to move around when needed. I saw these in the store and immediately knew I needed them. You do need to consider the vertical space usage, particularly with high heels, but that isn't a "con", just a factor. My teenage daughter and I have dozens of pairs of shoes and very little space. These work with every type of shoe we have. I can tell they work so well because I no longer need to think about solutions to our shoe situation. November 1, 2013
Shoe space savers - Best Idea Ever! I can't buy enough of these! What a simple yet genius idea. I discovered them one day in the store and bought several. I fell in love and went back for tons more. Where have they been hiding all of these years? August 20, 2013
Awesome Shoe Space Saver I like the other reviewer bought two, and now want more! I was wondering if they really worked! THey do!!! I will have to order them off of website, as I am over an hour away from a store! Need to come to my area or find out who else sells them. May 19, 2013
Shoes/Shoes/Shoes I bought 2 sets of these on a whim, figuring i could just take them back if they didn't work out. oh, i went back alright, but it was to buy 6 more sets. I would definitely reccomend to friends. April 25, 2013
Great Idea! This is such a great way to store shoes in a fraction of the space. I bought some for my side of the closet as well as some for my husband's shoes. Now we can see what shoes we have and it keeps them neat and not laying in piles on the floor getting squished. If you have a really large shoe size, you may need to try a set just to make sure they fit. They work fine with a size 11 men's shoe. I'd like to see these offered in some colors other than the taupe. Great idea--I wish I had thought of it! April 9, 2013
Finally all my shoes are organized Wow... I have so much more space with these shoe space savers. At first I bought 5 and then returned to the store the same night to buy more. I can see all my shoes and the space looks great. April 7, 2013
Love the Shoe Space Saver My shoes were looking messy on the bottoms of my closet, and the shoe space saver does a great job of keeping my shoes looking neat and in order. I can't wait to order more! March 29, 2013
A savior for my closet I really wanted to organize my closet and still be able to see my shoes. The shoe space saver was better than I expected. I am now able to put 4 pairs of shoes on a shelf where I was only able to put 4 shoes. Now it is easy to see what I have and wear all of my shoes because now I know what I have. March 19, 2013
Great Product. Just returned two over the door shoe storage units because they were too wide for the back of my doors. There were few of these sitting on the shelf so I figured why not. I am a guy wearing a size 10 m shoe. Most of these bags and racks are for women. Much to my amazement these work and are also terrific. Highly recommend purchasing them. February 17, 2013
Love this simple, space saving design! I have a ton of shoes and keeping them in the boxes was making it impossible to find what I wanted in my large closet. Came across these and bought everyone I could get my hands on and then ordered more from the website. These are soooo ingeneous. As others have stated they are best for shoes with shorter heels but I have 4 inch heels in mine as well. The top tier is flexible enough to accomodate the bottom shoe and the plastic "bumper" on the downslope of the upper tier holds the shoe on top just fine. You can put the shoe either as shown on the stock photo or I store it toe down so I can see which shoe it is a little easier and refresh my memory re: whether it's a peeptoe or not. December 28, 2012
Love It! What a wonderfully simple idea for shoe storage! I turned an old unused bookcase into a cool shoe rack with the shoe space savers. Going back to buy a few more. September 16, 2012
Great Product I'm a bit of a shoe fanatic, so any way I can store more shoes is a great product for me! I think it's a trip that the packaging is all in Japanese - luckily, they have pictures and it's mostly common sense. The only downside I found was it was limited to shorter heeled shoes. I have a lot of high/stacked heels, and I can't use these to store them. But any flats, sneakers, casual shoes work great! April 27, 2012
best thing since sliced bread these are unbelievable. My shoe space was double by using them. March 7, 2012
Fantastic These fit my shoes and my spouse's shoes. I prefer to use them for off-season shoe storage. They work like a charm. LOVE them. March 6, 2012
Doubles shelf capacity Doubles number of pairs to be stored on normally spaced shelves February 13, 2012
Stackables Easy to use. These really works for Higher Shoe Cabinets. Stack all the Shoes for a more Organize Look and have room for other shoes. January 14, 2012
Ingenious Wish I had thought of this myself. Looks kind of goofy in the box, but it does what it says. December 24, 2011
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