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Premium Stacking Shoe Bin

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Great space savers!!
5 out of 5

I ordered these shoe bins to help organize my closet and get rid of all the shoe boxes. It has turned out wonderfully! Not only is my closet more organized but it just looks 100% better!!!

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for small feet..............
2 out of 5

The thought behind this product was good; however the implementation fell short. If you wear ladies size shoes larger than 6/7. it is extremely difficult to get the shoes into the slots. First time ever I have had to return a product because I was dissatisfied.

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Premium Stacking Shoe Bin 4.5 5 50 50
Great space savers!! I ordered these shoe bins to help organize my closet and get rid of all the shoe boxes. It has turned out wonderfully! Not only is my closet more organized but it just looks 100% better!!! May 16, 2010
Wise purchase for my closet. Like most women, I love shoes. I don't have a lot of space for them in my closet. The top shelves were almost unused.(anytime you see the back of your closet wall, you are doing something wrong) This was a very good solution to the problem. I like being able to see what I have. May 31, 2014
Excellent Bins I own two of these going to buy more soon. These bins work well free standing and inside closets. These bins can be stand vertically and horizontally, but only be stack horizontally. Splendid way to organize you shoe especially in small spaces. I recommend this product for everyone. May 3, 2014
Good idea Really versatile and compact. I turned them on their sides and lined up nine bins on a shelf. They don't lock together, but do fit nicely. I saved lots of space versus the original shoe boxes. Some bins arrived cracked and several were scratched. Since the shelf hides the imperfections, it wasn't a big deal, but the condition was disappointing. April 18, 2014
Great way to organize shoes My wife has a lot of shoes - everyone needs a hobby, I suppose. So when we found these stackable shoe bins at the Container Store, they were the perfect size. She's thrilled with them as she can easily see what she wants. And the closet is a lot neater. April 13, 2014
Alright, But Not Big Enough I bought six of these, excited to use them in my closet, but most of my shoes were too tall to fit, even as an individual shoe. I like it for my flats and sandals, but it only solved 50% of my problem. They look fine, though I don't think the quality is outstanding. I like them well enough. April 11, 2014
Great for yarn I bought these shoe storage bins to organize my yarn, They are just the right size to put several skeins in each so they can be organized by color. It looks great!! February 20, 2014
Great shoe stacker (male review) Efficient, relatively cheap, durable, and the plastic mold offers effective stacking. Have owned them for several years and just bought more. A+ February 16, 2014
Outstanding Purchase Rather than stacking them as shown on the website, I turned them on their side. They fit perfectly into my closet shelving and really maximized my shoe storage. Plus, no lids needed! February 13, 2014
Pretty poor quality Poor quality plastic, I ordered 6x sets, 2 of which were cracked on arrival. Also, please note, each insert does NOT fit a pair, it only fits 1 heeled shoe. Does not stack well, I stacked 3 sets and the bottom set is buckling (bearing in mind each set only contains 2 shoes!) My purchase was a waste of money January 20, 2014
Convenient Way to Stack Shoes on a Shelf I like the fact that you can purchase a cover to keep dust off shoes also keeping shoes in a clear box let's you find them quickly. January 8, 2014
Good for small shoes Does not fit high heels - have to put 1 in each box, and even still they fit awkwardly. only buy for flats. November 13, 2013
Great purchase These boxes were just what I was looking for: affordable, but not cheap looking. I was able to put a large amount of shoes in a very small space. I have a lot of flip flops and was able to do 2 per section. October 14, 2013
Helps keep me organized I switched to this shoe bin after seeing that stacked shoe boxes weren't working for me. Frequently, several boxes would fall off the shelf as I was trying to get to a pair of shoes. I'd come home after a long day and didn't feel like wrestling with the stack of shoe boxes, so I left my shoes on the closet floor. So, I purchased a 9 bins for my most often used shoes, but I plan on getting more. No more pile of shoes on the floor! Excellent product!! October 9, 2013
Started with a few then ordered more Loved these see-through shoe organizers. Great for women's dress shoes, slippers, flipflops, flats etc... Too small for tennis shoes - only would fit one per slot. I didn't purchase the plastic top because of the wood shelf above. This was a real space saver and more economical then custom shelving. July 23, 2013
CANT SAY ENOUGH ABOUT THESE These stacking shoe bins are the best...I saw them on the website and didn't see anything else like them elsewhere....can't say enough about them....looks very nice, my shoes are organized, I can throw away all the shoe boxes...can get so many more shoes in the same amount of space (need I say more....) and I can find the shoes that I want easily.....recommend them highly. May 25, 2013
Grab and Go I love these bins. I use them for my most used shoes. I have two shelves above my clothes where I stack them. The height of the shelf accommodates a double stack each. Because the bins are open, I don't have to lift one box to get to the lid of the next box. When I am in a hurry, I can reach in and grab the shoes and go. How sweet! May 4, 2013
Perfect shoe organizer Small footprint, but stack them as high as you want! I have 10 of these stacked in the corner of the closet next to my Elfa drawers. An otherwise useless space is now useful. Very clear plastic, Each one holds 2 pairs of women's shoes (and 4 of my "fold up" flats). Love them! April 23, 2013
awesome shoe organization these keep shoes dust free. you can add as your shoe collection grows. they are a wonderful addition to your closet. April 4, 2013
Good Option These are a good option for storing shoes, but not all shoes will fit well. March 22, 2013
"bin" there done! Not just for shoes! Great for holding tubes of paint, colored pencils, brushes and most any small craft items. Makes locating the items easy.! March 18, 2013
Great solution for slim shoes I made ALOT of room with these bins!! However, I couldn't fit my sneakers. I was able to fit my low heel dress shoes and flat shoes. I easily doubled my space and it looks very clean. March 8, 2013
I wish I invented this! This shoe organizer is by far my absolute favorite!! What I love most is that it's clear, large enough to hold a pair in one cube, stacks nicely, and you can put a lid on the top unit! Having the organizer clear helps to allow light pass through and it makes it easier to see what shoe is in the cubby. March 2, 2013
Too Narrow ;-( I purchased these shoe bins with the intention of getting rid of all of the card board boxes; unfortunately they were too narrow to fit women's high heels. I wear heels 4 to 5" inches high. They are great for shorter heels and flat shoes. February 11, 2013
Great organizer I didn't use it for shoes but to organize my sweaters in my cedar closet. I can now see the sweaters and they are folded neatly! A bit expensive but has really heped organize. January 11, 2013
Just right Overall am very happy it was *just* the right solution for overflow of shoes from my existing shoe rack, allowing me to utilize a top shelf for easy access shoe storage. Debated between this and front open clear shoe boxes/drawers. Pros: -Multi-functional (beyond shoes...you can put gloves, rolled up scarves, small umbrellas, etc in them) -Fits into any size space. (you can stack up or lay across for a wide/short configuration) -No issue of shoes falling off rack -Can be used on a shelf (I have a shoe rack at the bottom of my closet, coats hanging on the rod, and this organizer on the shelf at the top of the closet) Cons: -It doesn't work well for platforms/high heels/boots (solution is to skip the lid and have those standing up, one shoe per slot -Not quite as easy to see as compared to having shoes on rack -Not as "pretty" as patterned or canvass shoe boxes -Not good for packing/transporting shoes May 31, 2012
Perfect for flats! These are wonderful - the plastic is very sturdy and thick, seem to be very good quality. Stack very easily and stay together as well as the lid. I stacked 3 rows x 3 high on a shelf and they work great - especially for flats (my shoe size is 7 and still plenty of room). I put 1 pair in each side so bin will hold 2 easily. I loved how they look more expensive than they are, and the clear bin "disappears" in my closet. I have been searching for something that isn't cheap or tacky looking for nice wood shelves and these worked great. I ordered online and everything was in perfect condition when it arrived. May 1, 2012
Really Handy I bought these for my mom so she could get her shoes out of the boxes they were in. They stack nicely on closet shelves, and aren't bulky so they don't take up valuable shelf space. If you have shoes with very big heels, or large platforms these probably won't work for you, but if you have regular shoes they will work just fine. April 30, 2012
Great product This organizes the many shoes in our closet neatly. They look great too. Once many of them are stacked together, it is not that easy to get the shoes in and out of the lower stacks, but it is much easier than searching through unorganized piles of shoes! April 27, 2012
Works well, not amazing I like these because they stack and save room, but because they stack tall shoes (e.g. boots) can only go on the top if you don't have the cover. Also as much as I try a pair of my sneakers cannot fit into one cubby I have to separate them into two spots. It's not like I have huge feet either (7.5 women's). And because they are clear any dirt from your shoes will show. April 27, 2012
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