Clear Shoe Drawers

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Clear Shoe Drawers

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Professional Organizer's favorite product
5 out of 5

I have been a professional organizer in NYC for 5+ years where space is always at a premium. I love, love, love these shoe drawers for a variety of uses because: 1. The shoe drawers slide out so you don't have to lift the ones on top to get to the pair you want on the bottom 2.They are completely clear acrylic (not translucent...

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Nice, but a little small
3 out of 5

These are a great concept. The drawer glides smoothly and they're stackable. But I'm a size 9, and they only hold flats and small wedges. None of my heels fit inside.

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Glides open smoothly, many other uses too! Since it's clear it makes it easy to find what you need. April 16, 2014
Great for Nail Polish storage/organization! I bought 9 of these drawers to use for organizing a massive nail polish collection. They all came in great condition and worked well for stacking. Some of the nail polish bottles are a bit too tall for the drawer so they have to lay down inside. This could be solved by using the "men's" size drawers. Also, it's great that you can remove the drawer completely as well. April 10, 2014
Use them in my pantry Love these! I stack them on the bottom of my pantry to hold children's snacks. Keeps everything organized and I know when we are low on something. Also makes it easy for them to grab their own raisins, crackers, etc. Wish they fit on every shelf in my house! March 30, 2014
Sliding drawer I bought these to use as sock drawers in my sons closet. I love that they are completely clear. They do slide out very easily and if they're not full, the drawers would slide right out (there's no "stopper"). Also after a few years, 2 of them broke in the front. I am not sure how that happened but they cracked on the front. March 30, 2014
So many options! These drawers are so useful and versatile. They lock into place and stack beautifully. Best of all, they are perfectly clear so you can see right inside of them and there is no need to label each drawer. I have a stack in my school supply closet for unwieldy pens, pencils and markers, tapes and glues. I have a stack of drawers for my wrapping supplies like ribbons, embellishments and glitters. I just added a stack to my bathroom closet for samples, soaps, bandaids/gauze pads and sanitary suuplies. March 26, 2014
great all purpose boxes We bought several of these to use all over the house. We recently started cleaning with only microfiber cloths, so I've got two boxes (one for clean, one for dirty) in our cleaning closet, under the kitchen sink, and in the bathroom. The drawers glide really well, and stack perfectly. After using these for a couple of weeks, we will definitely be buying more! March 25, 2014
A Visible Storage Drawer These drawers are big enough for even the highest heels with a clear translucent material. They do break if dropped so be careful with them but they are easily stackable, wonderfully finished and make a great addition to any closet or under sink in the bathroom. Because they are closed, they keep dust off of the contents. March 18, 2014
Clear shoe drawers for pantry snacks Sturdy, stackable, and makes everything organized. March 14, 2014
I want more! I love these drawers! They glide open and shut really easily and stack so well! I love that you can stack different size on each other and they lock into place so they won't slide around. I'm not using Mine for shoes, but I would have a drawer for each pair and a wall of drawers if I had the space and money! March 12, 2014
PERFECT AND NEAT I really like these clear shoe drawers. They don't appear to be very sturdy though, but make the closet look neat and organized. I like them because they take less space than shoe boxes, plus as I said look good and are stackable. I just order some more and will continue to improve the appearance of my closet. I only gave this four stars because as I said not too sturdy but do the job. January 25, 2014
clear shoe boxes love that they stack on top of each other nicely and of course that they are clear. It seems sturdy enough I bought a few and I have my designer shoes that I do not wear on an everyday basis in them. The sliding drawer seems to open easily enough. January 22, 2014
Came in Damaged These stackable lucite boxes are great for shoes or any storage needs. We live in NYC and dealing with the weather/elements, it's ideal to order on line. The problem with our order was that 4/7 of the boxes came in damaged.. It was a pain when my husband had to cab it down in the snow with a box of broken plastic boxes.... Hopefully you will have a better on line experience than we did. January 16, 2014
Functional and Attractive These drawers are great. I use them for holding my crafts. The plastic is actually clear like glass, rather than the cloudy plastic you so often find in cheap plastic drawers. The drawer slides very freely, and I appreciate the simplicity of the straight, rectangular design. January 9, 2014
good storage great for shoes - clear so you may easily see contents, drawers work well & mean no need to disturb the stack to open as they just slide out. Excellent storage solution for shoes, accessories, etc. December 27, 2013
Meh. First off, I did order these for a purpose different than what they're intended for. I bought them for my freezer. I have a side by side freezer and the open top bins just don't work. These work fabulous for that. 2 of the 4 I ordered came broken already however. The drawer casing is VERY flimsy. I was able to put some duct tape on them and they'll still function, but I can't say I was happy to receive them already broken. I absolutely LOVE the Container store's other shoebox products. This just wasn't up to par for me. December 1, 2013
Regular size not so great - Large OK I ordered 8 of the regular size drawers. I wear a 9 wide shoe. If you have small feet and lots of flats, go for it. If you wear a larger size or tall heels order the large size. I was disappointed that the regular size wouldn't work as I ordered the sweater drawers for boots and they all would have stacked together nicely. Now, not so much. But I still like the clear stackable storage for my shoes and plan to order more. As for other reviews saying they fall over, I put heavier items on the bottom, lighter on the top, and it helps. They aren't perfect but I haven't found anything better. November 30, 2013
Clear shoe drawers and sweater drawers These clear boxes are great. They're well made. I use the sweater box for boots as well as other accessories. October 26, 2013
Shoe drawers These are great! love the see through drawers so you remember what you have. (I have so many pairs of shoes sometimes I forget what I have) They also take up less space then a regular shoe box. September 14, 2013
LOVE THESE SO MUCH I have an awkwardly shaped linen closet inside my master closet and these fit perfectly to hold extra buttons (seems like all clothes come with extra buttons), Shoe accessories (to make shoes more comfortable) and extra hosiery. I chose to add labels because I like labels, but it is not required since you can see exactly what is inside. I use the dividers for the extra hosiery. I can separate items I wear with mules from items I wear with open-toed shoes. I am planning to use these with office accessories next. These could be used for SOOOO many different things- anything that needs to be visible, accessible and stackable. August 11, 2013
Best Clear Shoe Drawers I have replaced all my cardboard shoe boxes with these. Since I have little feet, I am able to put two pairs of shoes in one box. Love the ease of opening the drawers and that I can see what's inside. Now I am well organized. And they stack! I have also used them in the bathroom under the bathroom vanity to organize and store small items. Since I am a sewer, I have used them to store spools of thread. Works great. July 25, 2013
A clear winner These shoe boxes look great especially when grouped together. Not only do I use them for shoes but also for scarves. July 22, 2013
Shoe Drawer Bought them for my wife. She Loves them. Tallest heels a tight fit. June 5, 2013
Good Product I have been ordering the shoe storage drawers for a few years. I like the quality and vaule of this product. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to organize their shoe wardrobe and be able to locate their shoes easily. June 2, 2013
I have 6 of these so far! I actually used these for my craft room for organizing my supplies for gift baskets that I assemble (I sell Mary Kay) and sell tomy customers. They work perfectly as I have them stacked on a wire shelf. I like them because all my supplies are easily visable and I don't have to label anything. May 31, 2013
Awesome clear drawers! This is a great purchase, good for not only shoes, I use it for storage under the sink to maximize the space. Easy access and sleek looking...I have to get some more! May 5, 2013
Not worth it These are cheap and sharp plastic. They barely fit one pair of women's shoes. I wouldn't repurchase May 5, 2013
Like the clear drawers The drawers are good quality and slide nice and easy. They are very light though, and when you stack them, and pull out a drawer with ANY weight in it at all, the drawer falls out. You really need to glue these together, then put a heavy object on top of the stack to get them to actually work like drawers. April 30, 2013
So many uses! These "shoe" drawers are the best! I use them for everything (except, ironically, shoes). They are great for organizing makeup, hair products, nail polish, and skin care for the bathroom. I also use them to organize my office supplies, because you can see right in them and they pull out, which means they sit great on a shelf. I've also used them in my closet to organize bathing suits, lingerie, and socks. They're just so darn versatile! April 29, 2013
Love these! I've been using these drawers to protect shoes, scarves, sweaters, and accessories and just LOVE them! Bought my first 12 or so in 2001. Five cross-country moves later, only a couple of the frames have broken due to rough handling, but easy and affordable to replace. I love how I can see inside & my stuff stays clean & organized. I have them stacked from the floor to the ceiling in my closet and it's a pleasure to get dressed! Great alternative to built-in shoe storage (needs dusting anyway.) What's also great, is, if you move a lot, like I have, my storage goes with me. I really like that they are drawers and not boxes that have to be taken down, messing up my organization. They are clear acrylic, sturdy, stackable, come in multiple sizes. I highly recommend these! April 26, 2013
Easy to stay organized I am in the process of replacing my lidded opaque boxes with these nifty shoe drawers. What sets the drawers apart is 1) they are clear - you can easily see your shoes without having to search and open lidded boxes, and 2) you can remove your shoes without having to pull the actual box from the shelf - this makes it easy to keep your closet clean and organized! April 16, 2013
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