20-Pocket Eco-Fabric Overdoor Shoe Bag

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20-Pocket Eco-Fabric Overdoor Shoe Bag

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I have low expectations for over-the-door shoe holders, but now I can proudly raise those standards because of The Container Store. First off, I was impressed with the care of packaging and nifty folder telling me about the company. I admire TCS for its commitment to taking care of its workers. Now for the product: it's very well-made and...

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Functional, Stylish, & Space Saving! This shoe holder was the perfect solution to my organizing quest and thinking about buying another one in the near future to place it on the other side of the door. Not only are the pockets big enough to hold a bulky sneaker, but each pocket can accomodate casing a pair if the shoe is a slimmer profile. October 25, 2013
Earth-friendly & family-friendly, too! Sturdy with roomy pockets big enough to store my teenage son's siz 13 shoes. The result was the transformation of floor clutter into a well-organized work of art! August 5, 2013
Perfect! I have low expectations for over-the-door shoe holders, but now I can proudly raise those standards because of The Container Store. First off, I was impressed with the care of packaging and nifty folder telling me about the company. I admire TCS for its commitment to taking care of its workers. Now for the product: it's very well-made and fits nicely on my standard closet door. The pockets, while advertised to hold one shoe for each pocket, can actually hold two flats or low-heeled shoes. This is a bonus because it actually holds more than advertised! I'm really happy to get all my shoes off my floor rack...but who am I kidding. Now I just have more room for more shoes! :) May 15, 2013
Great shoe storage Each pocket on this bag can store 1 pair of womens shoes so you can store 20 pairs of shoes instead of 10 pairs like most other overdoor shoe bags. It's made of nice linen-type fabric and comes with 3 overdoor hooks and has metal riveted holes for the hooks. Best overdoor shoe storage bag that I've had. April 18, 2013
great product Holds my large shoes and small ones perfectly. Great storage and awesome look. April 6, 2013
Great for small spaces I really liked this shoe organizer over the other ones because that pockets are larger. I do not have a lot of big bulky shoes so I like to put more than one pair in the pockets. I have a very small closet so this was perfect to put behind my bedroom door. April 4, 2013
Best overdoor shoe bag I've seen I really like the durable, attractive fabric, and the pockets are bigger than in most similar things I've seen. Really great for those of us with limited space! March 22, 2013
Great quality product I had purchased other hanging shoe racks and none were of this quality. Very durable. Was able to put heavy shoes and smaller sized boots in the pouches with no worries they would fall apart. So happy I bought this and have all my shoes organized in one place AND at a reasonable price. March 19, 2013
One for every door For years I looked for a shoe organizer that was durable enough to hold my large variety of shoes. This is perfect for heavy or thick shoes and sneakers. I also like the 24 pocket mesh overdoor for lightweight shoes and sandals. Added benefit is that if you hang it on a visible door, the thin metal hooks are not distracting. March 18, 2013
great purchase This is a wonderful product. It has a lot of room for each shoe and looks so smart and organized! I love it! March 18, 2013
Sturdy and roomy I really like this functional shoe organizer that also matches decor easily. The pockets are roomy and maintain their shape. I can fit two pairs of kids shoes or two pairs of flip flops/sandals in one pocket. Definitely easy to hang up as well - at our previous home, I couldn't fit the hangers and close the door so I used command hooks. In our new home, it fits just fine. March 18, 2013
Love it, getting another for my husband I bought this for my shoes and hung it on the door of the closet. I am going to get another one for my husbands shoes and hand it on the back wall of the closet. March 13, 2013
Great Product I purchased this for all my husband's shoes (he has more than me!) and it works great! Wish I had more doors now! February 21, 2013
Great for men's shoes We've been looking for a shoe organizer for my husband. Lots of them have small pockets and didn't seem like they'd work. This one handles all of his shoes - even bulky boots - with ease. The over the door clips are small and discreet. January 27, 2013
Love this shoe bag I recently purchased a new home and whilst unpacking my belongings, I've come to realize I must have a shoe fetish that I apparently didn't know I had. I say this because I keep finding boxes and boxes of shoes that are now becoming a problem for me since I've downsized my home. Seriously, what was I ever thinking when I purchased ALL these shoes - OMG?!? Thank goodness I stumbled upon this nifty little shoe bag because it allows me to store a pair of high heeled shoes in each pocket. Men's shoes and athletic shoes would probably not fit though. I hate to admit that I'll be needing to purchase another bag for the shoes that didn't fit in the bag I recently purchased (she whispers sheepishly). Any shoes left over after that WILL be donated, because I'm NOT allowing myself to buy a third bag - no matter how much I stand behind this product. I really like the quality feel of this shoe bag - it has nice detail and doesn't look cheap or tacky like most other shoe bags I considered buying. I will however agree with the others who commented that the weight of the shoes does pull on the hooks a bit and requires me to adjust the placement of the hooks on the top of the door from time-to-time - but that's something I'm willing to deal with at this point. I highly recommend this bag - or multiple bags for anyone else who has a shoe addiction like me! NOTE TO SELF: Refrain from buying ANYMORE shoes - or start seeking counseling for this addiction right away! January 24, 2013
Eco-fabric overdoor shoe bag I bought this shoe bag for my husband, love it. It is made of strong material & holds 1 shoe in each pocket. Three metal hooks go over door, fits perfect on the inside of his closet door. Also has a masculine look...... August 24, 2012
Great shoe holder I have this hanging on a door in my garage & put all my Crocs in it. The pockets are plenty big & it feels substantial so I feel like it will hold up nicely. July 7, 2012
Keeps Them Out Of The Way I like it very much. I have double doors on my closet, and put one on each door, I can get all my shoes off the floor and help keep them protected. I don't suggest that you put it over your door to your room, because it gets a little heavy and it bangs around a little. May 12, 2012
Trying to create room in my closet I bought this in order to create a little more room in my closet, which did indeed occur. Its a bonus that it is made of eco friendly materials - I love that the fabric has a little more substance than a lot of the materials that over the door shoe hangers are made of, and I think it looks nicer that other door shoe hangers as well. The only downside is that the weight of the shoes results in the hangers not laying totally flat against the top of the door so they rub against the frame when I am closing the door unless I lift up a little on the top of the shoe bag. April 27, 2012
Great Shoe Storage! This is a great, lightweight way to store shoes! I purchased this last week and am very happy with it. The compartments are even big enough to put 2 flat shoes per pouch. Also, the colors go with my furniture in the bedroom. March 19, 2012
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