Nickel 4-Tier Shoe Tree

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Nickel 4-Tier Shoe Tree

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Wonderful Shoe Solution
5 out of 5

After my previous shoe rack bit the dust, I had shoes strewn every where for months while I went back and forth between my ideal closet organization, which would be an Elfa system, and what I could afford to do now. Finally, at the beginning of this year, I had had enough of the shoe situation and looked for a "floor" solution that would...

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Not the best
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While the design is space saving, and looks a heck of a lot better than those terrible "behind the door" shoe racks, I don't love that all the shoe soles face out. It's a 4 foot tall tree of dirty shoe bottoms. I like having all my shoes off the ground, but I wish they would have changed the design to have the tops of the shoes...

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Nickel 4-Tier Shoe Tree 4.4 5 44 44
can't see shoes the 4-tier rack seems like a good idea but all you see are the soles of the shoes and they rub against the clothes in my closet. October 8, 2014
Tree for Shoes Assuming the usual in Container Store durability, this is a neat and inexpensive way to store shoes. As advertised, it was easy to put together and assembled without tools except the included hex wrench. July 4, 2014
Perfect shoe rack This rack took only moments to put together and has lasted for months already. The shoes are easily accessible. I really like its ability to.hold so many.pairs of shoes and it doesn't take up a lot of room! April 25, 2014
Brilliant Storage Design! I am very happy I purchased shoe tree. It was easy to assemble and by forcing myself to actually USE it and hang all my shoes on it, well, it cleared a TON of space from my closet floor. Bonus: Having this in my line-of-sight has allowed me to discover forgotten favorites and I feel like it's helping me rotate what shoes I wear instead of just defaulting to two or three pairs. I like that you can space out the placings of each tier rack. It holds flats, sneakers, pumps and even short boots really well. April 24, 2014
Love it! Love this shoe tree, it keeps everything tidy and leaves more space in our closet for other things, like the bins we bought from the container store to keep everything neat, tidy and organized. I love the fact that the shoe tree tiers spin so you're able to get the pair you want easily. It's very sturdy, unlike the ones we've previously purchased from other places and have had to throw out. I definitely recommend purchasing this show tree for easy, accessibility to your shoes! It's also great because it holds a ton of shoes! April 22, 2014
Compact, if not Pretty We purchased the shoe rack and the vertical wooden shoe rack as well. The shoes look better in the wooden divider boxes although more shoes are stored on the spinning rack. April 13, 2014
Great Product This is the best product I have bought in a long time. It was very easy to assemble, very study, and a nice design. I like how you can adjust the height of each shoe rack. I cannot think of a con for this product. February 16, 2014
Great Purchase! I have a ton of shoes and not a lot of closet space. This shoe tree is perfect for my apartment because it doesn't take up a lot of space, is really sturdy, and keeps my shoes organized and off the floor. I would definitely recommend this to anyone! April 26, 2013
I love this shoe rack Works well with all size and styles of shoes. Easy to put together and very sturdy. So happy to have my shoes off my closet floor. April 22, 2013
Awesome purchase I have tons and tons and tons of shoes and this really helped me clean up my closet space. It's nice because it doesn't take up a ton of room, but nicely sits in a corner of our closet and keeps everything much more organized. If I could talk my hubby into it would definitely purchase another! April 7, 2013
Shoe storage The bigger the shoe, the less pairs it fits. You can't really see the shoe very well because you are looking at the soles when they are hung up. It was easy to assemble and makes the entry in the garage look much more tidy. April 6, 2013
4-Tier Shoe Tree We purchased the Nickel 4-Tier Shoe Tree and love it! It's vertical design means it takes up little space while maximizing the number of shoes it can hold. It works great right inside our basement mud room door as dirty or wet shoes can be directly placed on the shoe tree. Also, the convenient rack design allows gloves or balls to be stored inside the tiers and also allows dog leashes to hang from the tiers for easy retrieval. Great function and design. We highly recommend this product! March 18, 2013
Great price, excellent construction. I would highly recommend this product. I purchased one at the store and had it shipped directly to my home since I was on vacation. I was amazed when it almost beat me home. Some assembly is required but is very simple. As soon as I used it for a couple days, I ended up ordering 2 more. Just love it. The shoes fit snugly on the rack. Each level spins 360 degrees to make it easier to get to the pair you want. This would be a great item for kids in college that don't have much floor space. November 24, 2012
Not worth the money This seems like a great way to maximize floor space, however, it fails to deliver. First, I couldn't use the entire bottom row of storage. I tried to adjust the height of the tiers, and they just kept slipping down. Second, it keeps tipping over. I have shoes on the top 3 tiers, and never leave it half full. However every time I go to take something it starts to tip. Would be perfect if it worked. November 1, 2012
I like this a lot; seems sturdy and takes up a lot less space than the shoe boxes I had everything stored in before. Only problem is, my feet are big... well, big for a woman, anyway - 9 1/2 - so I can't use every slot available; I have to leave one free in between in each pair, or they rub together. Still, I have plenty of shoes on there. I would definitely recommend this. September 22, 2012
This shoe tree was not as it appeared. The shoes are so close together and some shoes did not fit. The rack does not turn easy because of this. I would have returned this item but I thew the box out and I do not live close to the store. Also because the shoes are so tight you can't really see the pair you are looking for. I would not reccomend this rack. I was looking for a shoe rack that did not take up much space in the closet. It doesn't take much space but is too tight with all 24 pairs of shoes are on. In a large walk in closet this might work better. September 5, 2012
Good Purchase The product was very easy to put together and not too heavy to move around. Shoes fit nicely on it - they're no longer covering the bottom of my closet! The only drawback is that the shoe tree is slightly wobblier than I had anticipated. May 9, 2012
Nickel 4-Tier Shoe Tree, a must-buy The 4-tier shoe tree is great if you want to save some space, especially if you have more than ten pairs of shoes. The product is quick to assemble and is organized. I didn't realize each tier actually spins so you have even easier access to your shoes. Would definitely recommend!! April 30, 2012
Just I needed! This product is great! It got my shoes off the closet floor, and it hid in the corner of the closet. It is also easy to put together. April 29, 2012
Could not live without! This shoe tree is awesome! All of the tiers spin, which make getting to all of your shoes super easy. My entrance area looks so much better now that shoes are not all over the place. I would buy again. April 27, 2012
Perfect for a child with many pairs of sneakers My son was thrilled to receive this shoe tree and was able to put it together himself at the age of 11 (shoe size 8). March 30, 2012
Solid and well-designed This rack is solidly built and is well designed. I am used to cheaply built and pliable racks. This is not one of those. March 24, 2012
Great! Own multiple I own a few of these, and the only downfall I've found is that the first one I bought, no matter how tightened I have it, it won't stand up all the way straight. There are heavier shoes on it, though. Didn't stop me from buying a second, and that one I have no problems whatsoever with. I'd buy another (and probably will need to!) March 19, 2012
shoe tree this is a very sturdy shoe rack and it was very easy to assemble; no tools needed everything is included in the box for assembly. also, it does not consume much space. i would recommend to others. March 19, 2012
great buy I love my shoe tree it holds a ton of shoes and keeps my shoes organized and of the floor. It was easy to put together. March 19, 2012
great product! This shoe rack is far better than the shelf style rack I replaced. It uses less space, is sturdier, and can be easily moved. Each tier can be adjusted for height, allowing for different shoe types, and the tiers can be rotated for easy access. I could not be happier with this product. March 9, 2012
Love Shoes I bought this because I needed something to organize my many pairs of shoes. This works great and it is very sturdy. I ended up buying 2 and it is a great price for them. I like that it rotates and it doesn't take up a great amount of space in my closet. February 15, 2012
Wonderful Shoe Solution After my previous shoe rack bit the dust, I had shoes strewn every where for months while I went back and forth between my ideal closet organization, which would be an Elfa system, and what I could afford to do now. Finally, at the beginning of this year, I had had enough of the shoe situation and looked for a "floor" solution that would handle the bulk of my shoes without taking up lots of space in my small walk-in closet. This shoe tree was the perfect solution. I was able to fit two into the same area where the previous shoe tree stood. They are definitely a lot sturdier that what I had previously. I also like the fact that my shoes are easily accessible as each basket spins. No cons as of yet and I've had them for about a month. February 15, 2012
Love it! Its perfect for my small closet and the many shoes I have. Very pleased with my purchase. January 18, 2012
Should have bought this sooner I wanted to get rid of the many boxes in my closet. It finally dawned on me that this would be a great solution. Assembly was around 20 minutes and very easy to do. I have gotten rid of over 15 shoe boxes and gotten all flats off the floor. The only issue is the fact that the soles are on the outside but since I keep the tree in my closet it doesn't bother me at all. December 28, 2011
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