2-Shelf Shoe Stacker

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2-Shelf Shoe Stacker

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Perfect for our small walk-in
5 out of 5

We previously had adjustable metal shoe racks in our NYC walk-in closet. The shoes never stayed on (especially my husband's) and slid to the floor, making the racks worthless and causing our closet to appear very messy. I purchased four of these shelves (and had them delivered the same day!) and put them together during my...

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Solid product but problems for anything but shoes
3 out of 5

OK - first the positives: I looked everywhere to find shelves for my daughter's closet exactly this size, the price is very right and the CS rep took a great deal of time with me figuring out options. And they are solidly built and can take some weight. But there are a lot of negatives: 1) if you're going to use this for anything but...

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2-Shelf Shoe Stacker 4.2 5 71 71
Always a good standard. I have used these type of shoe storage stackers for years, and I am so happy they are still available. Needed a few more, and they are great for not using up a lot of space in your closet. September 29, 2014
heels dont fit I was planning to stack these, but heels don't fit if you do. Would be perfect if there was an inch more in between the shelves. disappointed. September 10, 2014
Stacked against you One of the worst examples of cheap manufacturing I've ever seen, but I guess at $13 on sale I should have seen it coming a mile away. The pre-drilled screw holes didn't line up, the particle board is of poor quality, and even if I did re-drill it on my own, the new holes would be too close together and weakened enough to make the unit reliable. Definitely not a quality item by any stretch of the imagination. Red flag this one to be taken off the inventory list! September 8, 2014
It's a Shoe Rack So, it's a shoe rack, and it works as a shoe rack should. It holds shoes. It's sturdy, but I don't see it taking a lot of strain, so I think they'll hold up for at least a few years. Holds about 3 pairs of men's shoes per shelf. I bought 3 shelves, so I get about 7 rows (including the floor), so it holds about 21 pairs of shoes. If you set them out end to end, instead of stacking, you could hold 27 pairs of shoes, because you gain 2 floor "shelves" by doing so, but stacking them makes them more compact, so I'd go with that. And if you have more than 21 pairs of shoes, either you need a bigger closet, or you should buy more of these. All in all, a good product for holding shoes. May 29, 2014
Shoes Off the Floor The 2-shelf Shoe Stacker brought order to my shoes and closet! Easy assembly and fits nicely against wall. Almost disappears into the room so shoes are prominent but shelving is not obvious. Love it. May 21, 2014
Heels don't fit My 3 inch heels didn't fit in the shelf! This would only be good for flats and sneakers. May 19, 2014
Great Shoe Keeper I finally found a shoe organizer that keeps my shoes organized and I don't have to worry about them falling all over the place if I bump into it. My old one was taller and less sturdy. The shoes sat on uneven rods so if you bumped it, you could trigger an avalanche of shoes. This one with its flat surface dividers keeps your shoes safe and sound and in view. I love it and it fits perfectly in my walk-in closet. April 29, 2014
Mission accomplished! Great purchase! Inexpensive and served the purpose. I put it in my closet. I don't think I put it next to my door or somewhere else because it is not the best quality. First level (botton) are my flats and the second and in the top are the high heels. I am not an expert to assemble furniture. This took me a while but I did it! April 29, 2014
Meets our needs This is the perfect shoe rack for our coat closet, and is very easy to put together. I plan to buy more to use in our garage. April 25, 2014
1/2 and 1/2 I ordered 2 of these. One arrived in perfect condition but was missing pieces of hardware. The second had a crack on the top shelf, decided not to return it to avoid the hassle. Not sure if I would buy it again. April 24, 2014
So glad I bought this I have very little space and lots of shoes that did not fit in my closet and strewn around my room. The shoe stacker was easy to assemple. Looks neat and now my shoes are all in one place - out of the way. My only con is that it mainly fits flats and athletic shoes in the actual rack and not any of my pumps, but they can go on top. On the top part, I managed to squeeze an extra pair (more than the packaging indicated it could hold) by facing one shoe forward and one back of each pair, so they take up less space. April 23, 2014
Good I liked this shoe shelf,works well for the amount of space I have in my closet.If you plan on purchasing this in store,it's heavier than it looks. April 21, 2014
Inferior Quality I realize that this item is inexpensive when compared to other shoe holders, but that is no excuse for the poor quality and workmanship. My wife bought three of these to put in the closet to put her shoes on. None of the edges lined up on any of them and the screw holes were not drilled all of the way through the fiberboard. The screw holes were either drilled with a dull bit or with too much pressure because the back side of the material was cracked around the holes instead of being smoothly drilled all of the way through. If these items were not going to be hidden in a closet I would have returned them. I don't care how inexpensive an article is that is no excuse for poor workmanship or quality. Having said that, they will do the job and are inexpensive as long as you will accept something that to me looks awful and amateurish. April 16, 2014
Many uses I used this in a closet to store kitchen items that wouldn't fit in my cabinets. It is perfect size to hold an electric griddle on the bottom slot and other items on the other 2 rows. Expand your mind..it's not just a shoe rack! April 15, 2014
Shoe rack I have had a couple other shoe racks, ones that have a tilt to it, and this one is the BEST! It went together easily and there is plenty of room for several pairs of shoe. What I like the most about it is that it is flat. The shoes aren't sliding down, they are staying put. Wish I hadn't wasted my time on the other two shoe racks. April 12, 2014
Great little shoe rack! I didn't have a lot of space for a shoe rack, but this fits perfectly! I love it! March 6, 2014
Perfect pair with Container Store Shoe Boxes I like having my shoes enclosed to avoid dust, but didn't want to spend an arm and a leg on some of the other shoe storage solutions that CS offers. Instead, I paired these shelves with the Container Store shoe boxes (you can get a box of 20 for less than $40). 4 shoe boxes fit perfectly on each shelf. That way, I avoid dust, everything looks nice & neat, AND I can use these shelves for heels on any shelf. November 24, 2013
Great way to expand closet shelf storage Overall the 2 shelf organizer is a good product as well as the other similar components. It can be assembled quickly and used for various storage needs - not just shoes. I have purchased 3 of the 2 shelf, 3 of the 8 slot, and 1 of the 6 slot units over the past 9 months. I would give the products a 5 star rating if the hardware packages consistently contained all of the required items for assembly. The Container Store charges top dollar for these units so they need to improve their quality control on the hardware as missing items is not acceptable. November 16, 2013
Perfect for my shoes The Shoe Stacker was easy to put together in 10 minutes. I bought two to place side by side and can easily store 26 pairs of shoes. Only limitation is shoes with 3" + heel must be stored on top shelf or layed sideways. November 7, 2013
Too short for heels! I was SO excited to get this home and get my shoes in order. Once assembled, however, it's too short for heels. I mean ANY heels. If you have any high heels over 2 inches, don't bother with this one. The gap between the shelves is only 5" - a key measurement missing from the website. Had this been included, I would not have ordered it. Also, for some reason the underside of the top shelf is laminated, but not the underside of the bottom shelf. Why?? They are meant to be stackable, so the "bottom" shelf might become the third shelf up, and you would be able to see the unfinished mdf. October 29, 2013
Poor workmanship The holes for the screws were very poorly prepared, so assembly was much more difficult than it should have been. Even with an electric drill/screwdriver, I wasn't able to get the screws flush. Also, one surface was scratched, but it was the underside so I am using it anyway (along with the protruding screws) until something better comes along because, after all, it's for the closet! It was inexpensive and also on sale so I shouldn't complain, but it was disappointing all the same. It does meet the purpose in a 4-star way; would be more helpful with an edge at each end to keep shoes on the upper shelf from sliding off. September 21, 2013
Not very durable I bought the item on clearance only to bring it home and find out it was damaged beyond what the label stated. September 17, 2013
Cheap Very bad quality . Very cheap looking and flimsy . September 10, 2013
Now I can see my closet floor! Excellent shoe rack. I owned the metal kind before and this is much better. September 4, 2013
Good Low Cost Shoe Organizer It's a functional low cost shoe organizer. Multiple units may be stacked as a single unit. It's not beautiful, but how attractive does a closet shoe organizer have to be? May 14, 2013
Great shoe rack I love these shoe racks. I stacked 2 racks and they fit perfectly under my hanging clothes. The top is great for boots. They are well made, sturdy and easy to assemble. I plan to buy more. May 4, 2013
Great Organizer This really is a good shoe organizer for the price. Makes the closet look so nice with the shoes all in area. Holds a good amount of shoes and is very reasonable in price compare to others products. We purchsaed several and saved a lot of room in our closet. April 30, 2013
Perfect for our small walk-in We previously had adjustable metal shoe racks in our NYC walk-in closet. The shoes never stayed on (especially my husband's) and slid to the floor, making the racks worthless and causing our closet to appear very messy. I purchased four of these shelves (and had them delivered the same day!) and put them together during my daughter's nap. They were really easy to assemble. They Look nice and are really sturdy. The only issue is that some of my very high heels do not fit on the bottom or middle shelf, so they have to go on top. No big deal, but be aware if you want to use them for all 4"+ heels. These shelves made my closet look beautiful and organized. April 17, 2013
Simple and Clean This shelving unit was easy to put together, and looks nice and polished in my closet. All I had to do was screw the pieces together and put in the screw covers. I did it while watching Downton Abbey on a Sunday night, and at the end of the show, I had something useful! I would suggest using a phillips bit on a drill to make things go faster, as the holes are quite tight. April 16, 2013
Loved it! Simple enough to assemble (and I'm a girly girl, NOT good at this kind of thing) and shelves look clean/simple/nice in my closet. Love them! April 7, 2013
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