30-Pair Shoe Rack

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30-Pair Shoe Rack

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great product
5 out of 5

I purchased two of these to replace a larger rack that was falling apart (under my excessive collection of shoes) and taking up way too much space in my closet. My intention was to stand these side by side. However, I found I could connect them together by eliminating one side of the second rack and connecting the bars to the side of the...

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falling apart
2 out of 5

after 3 days, my shoe rack is bending and leaning, and it's not even holding 30 shoes. the little metal bars don't really fit into the plastic holes, and they can easily pop out. i'm not sure what to do, except take it apart and put it back together. the concept is great but the execution is lacking.

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30-Pair Shoe Rack 3.1 5 59 59
I wish I could give 0 stars. This shoe rack has fallen apart a dozen and a half times. The rack is constantly tilting to one side or the other. It's like the leaning tower of Pisa. It looks terrible after all of the attempts to reassemble. And now, I just have it taking up space because every time I attempt to remove shoes from this device it's like a terrible game of Jenga - one wrong move and the whole thing collapses into rubble. So my solution has been to have my shoes all over the floor which is the opposite of why I spent so much on a shoe rack in the first place. It was a TOTAL WASTE of money. So bummed out. I usually have an AMAZING experience with Container Store Products. I would march in the Container Store parade. :) But this product was simply not up to the standards I've come to know and expect. August 1, 2014
30 Pair Shoe Rack Love the rack. All my shoes in one - easy-to-find location. Fairly easy to put together. Well worth the $30 May 26, 2014
very useful easy to put together, fits in small area and is sturdy. ideal space saver for the shoe lover. i will be purchasing another soon April 24, 2014
Collapsed I had a hard time putting this together - the rods don't 'snap' into place or anything, they just shove in and are only a just long enough to fit through to both sides, so within an hour of putting my shoes in the rods started to fall out. They are just not long enough. After 3 days the whole thing was pretty much collapsed. Will be returning this and do not recommend. April 20, 2014
Perfect Fit!!!! I have an awkward space in my closet and entirely too many shoes. I searched high and low for a shoe rack that would fit the space to no avail. That is until I went to the Container Store and found this one. It is small and light weight and fits just right! I am so excited and my closet is so much more organized! April 8, 2014
Best Shoe Rack I have been utilizing shoe racks for ages and always struggle to find a sturdy rack that also holds a lot of shoes. I now have to look no further. The rack was relatively easy to put together. It is loaded with my shoes and has given me no problems. I am thinking of adding another one to complete my "walk-in shoe closet" March 28, 2014
It's okay, could be better but not bad. While it is kind of wobbly and you really do need to have it up against the wall to stabilize it a bit, it has never fallen over in the years I've owned it and I've gotten used to the wobble knowing that it's not going to fall. It's served it's purpose just fine but I would be surprised to find anyone who could fit 30 pairs of shoes on it. I can fit two pairs plus one single shoe on each shelf (women's shoes). February 3, 2014
Simple, sleek & stylish This was super easy to put together and works great in my closet. I've moved several times, had closets of all sizes and used just about every type of shoe storage there is on the market. This rack is by far my favorite. As a matter of fact, I went back and bought two more racks. I can see all my shoes, access them easily and don't have to worry about them being damaged or scuffed from rubbing against each other--like in those cubbies I've used before. I was hesitant that the racks wouldn't hold my wedges properly and securely, but they do. Also, this rack doesn't take up as much space as you would expect. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for easy, convenient shoe display & storage. January 24, 2014
Really good buy This shoe rack is great,yes it is plastic and not super sturdy but it is only 30.00.It is high in a closet and takes very little space ,works just great for us.It would not hold 30 pair of men's shoes ,but would women's shoes and most men wouldn't have 30 pair of shoes.If you are looking for a rack for shoes in the closet ,it is the best,and easy to clean under it. January 9, 2014
Now worth much It Doesn't hold the Number of shoes it states. Very unsteady. Needs to be on corner wall to add stability. Very poor quality. October 31, 2013
Ok, but not for the price The shoe rack is very wobbly even with shoes on it, it will have to be secured to a wall. I bought this shoe rack for my husband's shoes, and it does not fit 30 pairs of men's shoes on it, more like 18. If I had to buy it again, I would not have paid $30 for it, maybe more like $15. October 15, 2013
inferior product i boght this shoe racklast year, assembly was a little tricky but no big deal, was gone for several months and returned to find it had collapsed, the plastic rods were bent out of shape, was able to salvage 3/4 of it with crazy glue. hope it holds May 20, 2013
Flexible storage I like this product because of it's flexibility. When I moved I didn't have the height in my new closet to fit it, but no problem- just take out a few and voila- it fit. While it's plastic, I've found it to be very durable and to last a long time (I've now had mine for years). The only time I have had trouble with the rack not staying together is when I"m physically moving it from one location to another. Otherwise it holds together fine. April 26, 2013
shoe rack Great idea....horrible product. No amount of hammering, with their special mallet or not, will make the metal tubes fit into the plastic holes. I have assembled and reassembled this rack three times after it fell apart each time. The metal tubes will just fall out when no one is near it. I have to lean things up against the sides to keep it from leaning. Shoes have to be removed very tenderly and carefully, and even then, the whole thing starts to fall over. It is a great size, and I wish it were a better product. I also with I had saved the receipt. April 20, 2013
Ok but doesn't last long This rack is not the best if you are looking for something that will last a few years. I bought this rack about a year and a half ago and it broke last night. All through the time I had it one bar or another would fall out. I tried to insert the bars the best I could but I guess it wasn't tight enough. Finally last night it was tilting so badly that it just caved. Next time I plan on purchasing something a little higher quality. March 29, 2013
Flimsy and cheap This shoe rack was difficult to put together, and once I did finally get it together, it seems flimsy and cheap. It is doing its job as of now, but I will not be surprised when I find my shoes in a pile on the floor. It is also really tilted because the bars don't fit in nicely. March 28, 2013
Best value It's not too fancy but it does it's job. Easy to assemble and for being made of plastic parts it is very sturdy. Worth the money considering it was in the lower end of the spectrum. February 25, 2013
Nice fit into small closet Easy build. Sturdy. Nice small footprint on floor (pardon the pun). February 24, 2013
lots of shoes in a small space If you assemble using a hammer to insert all pieces securely, the rack is stable and stays together great. It holds a ton of shoes in a small space, I have a reach in closet and have it perpendicular at the end, spanning the depth of the closet so it holds all of my shoes in just 10" of closet length. I bought a second unit and stacked them up to the ceiling, used the higher rungs for hats and handbags. So perfect January 12, 2013
Excellent Product Just what the doctor ordered. Standard shelving units were too big and this one fit the bill and held all the shoes for the season. October 25, 2012
Flimsy This shoe rack is very flimsy and was difficult to assemble. No matter what I do, one of the bars keeps slipping out of its holder, making that shelf unusable. Also, I don't think my shoes are especially wide, but I can only fit two pairs per shelf and therefore I can only fit 18 shoes on this rack. September 10, 2012
Great shoe rack for storage This was so easy to put together and holds the amount of shoes it notes. My husband was skeptical when we putting it together, thinking it was going to be flimsy and fall apart or topple over once it was full of shoes, but he was pleasantly surprised when the project was done. It would not hold 30 pairs of men shoes though, being that men shoes are bigger. Just something to keep in mind. August 6, 2012
terrible product If I could give zero stars, I would. This product was ridiculous to put together and fell apart immediately. My shoes are now in a pile on the floor. This product is made of flimsy plastic and is not worth the price. This item is going straight in the trash. July 31, 2012
impossible to assemble the shoe rack was impossible to assemble, the materials were cheap and ill designed -- in the end, it was easier to throw the 9 zillion poortly made pieces in the garbage then to try to wrestle them into the shoe rack they supposedly added up to. July 30, 2012
Sturdy, highly recommend This rack was easy to put together and it holds up very well. It's my second rack and I'll buy more in the future. Works great for high heels, even 6in. July 29, 2012
Terrible, cheap construction, overall miserable This shoe rack was exactly what I needed, unfortunately the design is impressively poor and the rack has completely disintegrated days after I spent two hours hammering (yes hammering, the design is to wedge 20 metal polls into plastic slots and pray) this item together. Definitely would not recommend. July 18, 2012
Fits small space, Tall I love this shoe rack. It only takes up the space of two shoe boxes but it's as tall as I can reach. It's important during assembly to make sure the poles are all the way in the plastic connectors. I used a rubber mallet. Always put your heavy shoes on the bottom. It lasted several years until we moved to another apartment, (broke when disassembled) but at this price, we can afford to replace it if that happens again. July 11, 2012
30 Pair shoe rack...not a good choice. I just bought this shoe rack today...it is the cheapest, worst made product I have EVER bought. Very flimsy, difficult to put together. It was awful. I'll be returning it tomorrow. A waste of money. June 20, 2012
LOVE it Hi, I bought this product went home and assembled and then went back to the store the next day to buy another one. I thought I would be flimsy, but it wasn't. I love it. All our shoes are now organized and now I can actually find the shoes I need. Would definitely recommend this product. May 1, 2012
Good product... strong and strudy This products keeps your shoes very organized and off the floor while giving up shelf space for something else. It works best if you have it against a wall. I also used super glue to enhance when I was assembling this product. I have had this product for about a year now and it hasn't fallen apart on me. I place shoe and shoe boxes with a pair of shoe inside on this shoe rack. April 19, 2012
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