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Commercial Garment Rack

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Sturdy and looks great!!
5 out of 5

I bought this rack because the house my husband and I just purchased doesn't have any closets and we needed a place to keep winter coats. Since we had quite a few we also needed a rack that was great quality. We needed a commerical grade rack. When I found this rack and saw the price I had to buy it. All the coats we needed to store fit...

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Nothing to write home about
3 out of 5

It is an okay rack, not exactly suitable for heavy duty coats and it has a very wide base. It would also be nice if the wheels locked.

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LOVE IT! No regrets. Great storage for extra clothes in the basement (perfect for swapping out seasonal clothes). May 23, 2014
Sturdy and looks great!! I bought this rack because the house my husband and I just purchased doesn't have any closets and we needed a place to keep winter coats. Since we had quite a few we also needed a rack that was great quality. We needed a commerical grade rack. When I found this rack and saw the price I had to buy it. All the coats we needed to store fit perfectly and since it is made from metal the bar isn't dipping or sagging and it is high enought so that nothing touches the ground. We will probably buy another!!LOVE THIS!! September 20, 2012
If you can use this rack, don't hesitate! This rack fit my need perfectly. It's sturdy, not too big, and folds nicely so that it can be stashed in the back of my closet. The sale price of $49 made it a great buy, compared to renting daily as I had investigated. Like so many things at Container Store it's a necessity you didn't know you needed! August 6, 2011
High Quality This rack is very sturdy and was easy to put together. I bought this together with some of the plastic garment covers/hangers. The only reason I'm not giving this 4 starts is because the garment hangers and this product don't really work together in harmony. Only two garment hangers can fit in the middle - leaving a gap on the bar. I really wanted to have my clothes stored AND covered. Outside of that, it's a great product! July 28, 2014
Just what I needed... Although I've only been using it for 2 weeks, I believe this rack is the answer to my problem. It's holding up well & I have it loaded with clothing! Unfortunately, my "made-for-apartments-only" closet collapsed (too many shoes on the shelf?) and I didn't want to spend a bunch of money on a custom installation since I rent & plan on moving soon. This rack has given me a simple, economical & functional way to organize my clothes, and it left plenty of room on the closet's floor for me to stack my shoe boxes. I'm glad I decided to to take advantage of the sale & purchase this garment rack. It saved me! July 27, 2014
Easy to assemble Very easy to assemble. Hardest part was opening the cardboard outer box. Sturdy when assembled July 24, 2014
This is perfect in my new coat closet. After remodeling our home, I couldn't figure out the best place to put a hanger in our new coat closet. This turned out to be the perfect solution because you can roll it out when a lot of people come over, eliminating congestion in the coat closet. July 23, 2014
The best garment rack ever I am happy that I purchased this sturdy well made garment rack. It's a nice price too being that it's on sale. If your in doubt how it looks is on sale. July 13, 2014
Great Winter Coat Storage I use this rack in my storage closet to store my winter coats now that I have moved to a warmer climate. It's working beautifully and has withstood the weight of the numerous coats of a family of 4! I am truly pleased with my purchase. June 16, 2014
sturdy rack After many garment racks, at different prices, this is the one. All the others, somehow manage to break, or fall apart when you hang too much on them. This rack is heavy-duty. Somehow, even with multiple closets, I manage to need a garment rack. This one is easily moved and holds a ton! The only drawback/mistake? the two clamps on the bottom rod....are facing the floor? I could not get it together in any other position in order for those clamps to be facing up. However, this doesn't affect the functionality of the item at all. May 30, 2014
great quality Sturdy, easy to assemble and convenient shopping! If this is what u need, get it! May 26, 2014
reliable metal construction I couldn't find in stores May 15, 2014
Best Sturdy Rack I bought the large one that was scalable to fit within the old plastic covered enclosure that used to have thin rods held by plastic piece sides. The plastic parts broke down by the heavy weight of many clothes so they all slumped down. The new chrom metal rod from Container was set up which could be inserted into the portable plastic covered frame perfectly and now holds all the clothes. I also like the foldable feature of the new rack which can be folded for future moving to another home. May 10, 2014
Great product This rack was so easy to put together my 14 year old did it by himself. It is sturdy and well worth the money. May 3, 2014
Sturdy, strong and dependable I tried getting by for a while there on less expensive garment racks but they always either collapsed or were so difficult to assemble, I was ready to give up. This one stands up to a lot of clothes and it is not hard to assemble at all. This is an excellent product. May 1, 2014
I went back for more -- twice I loved this garment rack so much I went back, TWICE so I now have three of them. It basically comes assembled right out of the box and can hold at least 55 garments with space between clothes for drying purposes. This product is worth the price! April 28, 2014
Filled the Bill It was just what I needed. Easy to put together and take apart. Held my 'ton' of clothes and yet, rolled well. April 28, 2014
Perfect Rack I love this rack. It holds a ton of clothes - I set it up when I clean out my closet in order to evaluate what says & what goes! April 26, 2014
So much better Had a cheap flimsy rack and it finally died on us. Bought this one and so much happier. Very sturdy and well made. Assembly is simple. April 26, 2014
Great item at a reasonable price I thought this is a good deal. The rack is actually sturdy unlike so many others. April 15, 2014
Good, sturdy rack. I bought this over a year ago. I had been watching it for a couple of months. I waited till it went on sale. It was easy to put together. It took my neighbor and me about 10 minutes. I wheel it down to the laundry room, take clothes out of the dryer and hang them up on the rack. The rack itself and the wheels are very sturdy and it rolls easily. My only complaint is that there is no top shelf. April 11, 2014
Versatile Commercial Garment Rack This is a great garment rack. I have had experience with different types and styles of racks before, but the Commercial Garment Rack is by far the best. It has the strength and versatility that my wardrobe demands. For example, I have been able to hang not only garments, but also a compartmentalized hanging shoe bag and several cloth bags for purse and accessory storage all on one rack. I live in a 400 sq-ft. studio without much closet space. To combat this problem, I paired two Commercial Garment Racks with two Metro Commercial Studio Shelves to give me ample storage space with a clean chrome design to match the space's modern look. These products were purchased in store with the help of a wonderful woman who had a lot of other good space-saving storage ideas, as she had also lived in a small city studio. I recommend this product highly. Additionally, I recommend the Metro Commercial Studio Shelves. March 28, 2014
Commercial Garment Rack Has MANY Uses! I LOVE the commercial garment rack - it is sturdy, large, expandable, transportable and most of all, can be used for MANY things! I keep it in storage when I don't need it and it doesn't take up much space, but when I do need it, it takes 3 seconds to put it together and it always maintains its durability and sturdiness. Most recently while we were having elfa installed in a condo unit, we used it to hold clothes while the closets were being emptied and then afterwards it served as a method for transporting our empty elfa boxes to the recycling room! Great Product to have around the house!!!! March 27, 2014
Commercial Garment Rack This product we have used with great success since available from Container Store. Thank you for continuing to add quality products to your inventory March 19, 2014
Great product! Easy to assemble and functional. Looks like I will have this for a very long time! February 28, 2014
Very Useful Excellent for sorting clothing on a temporary or permanent basis ... well built ... high quality ... folds up for easy storage. A must if you do your own laundry and need hanging space. February 26, 2014
Sturdy Rack - Perfect for Storage! I purchased this rack along with the PEVA storage bags. I use this for long time storage in my attic. No moths! No dust! Clothes always look fantastic. February 20, 2014
Just what we needed We recently purchased an elfa system for our closet and needed a place to store clothing during the teardown and installation. This commercial garment rack was exactly what was needed to hold enough of our wardrobe to take us through the work week while we sorted through and re-organized our closet. It was easy to assemble, very sturdy, and has held up as expected. We will be using it to help with laundry and for seasonal wardrobe change outs. January 28, 2014
I love this garment rack This was so easy to assemble. Just pull up the side bars and set the other bar on top and done!!! It took maybe 5 minutes. It's sturdy and rolls easily. I'm really glad I bought it. December 30, 2013
Fantastic Garment Rack Purchased this to store clothes during a remodel. Even though reviews were good, I was still skeptical because I've had other garment racks that fell apart under the weight of stuff on it. We loaded this up with trousers, shirts, suits and coats. It held up great and never seemed to have a problem supporting the weight. The extensions at the end were also helpful. Highly recommend it and am now looking for a cover to store stuff on it year round December 21, 2013
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