PEVA Closet Rod Cover

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PEVA Closet Rod Cover

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Lots and Lots
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You can cover a lot of clothes with this! In the picture it looks like you can only cover a few but i actually covered at least 7 hoodies, 5 caridgans, 10 Dresses, and 3 blazers! that's a lot of clothes! =]

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Great Solution These covers are great for keeping dust off clothing. I even cover current season items to keep everything clean. Great size, covers a good number of hangers under each, you can still access everything easily and the whole closet looks (and is) neat and clean. Love these! October 11, 2014
Keeps dust off of clothes and hangers I already had 3 of these and just bought two more. They keep dust off the hangers and clothing. You can still see everything underneath. My whole closet is now covered! June 16, 2014
Well made & PEVA a plus This item replaces one that was 5 years old. It's unbelievable how much dust ends up on this cover,luckily it.'s not on my clothes. May 26, 2014
Good item This is a great help to make sure no drips or dust hit the items on the garment rack that I also purchased. April 15, 2014
Covers the clothes Material is flexible and clear. The piping seems attached to seams and edges well. Who dusts their clothes? this does offer protection. I have it in a seldom used closet. I was in my first container store today. I saw lots of practical and useful things. I spent a ton on dry cleaning, cleaning clothes stored in that closet so I have hopes this saves me time and money next time. April 9, 2014
Great product Great for a coat closet. Easier to use than individual ones when grabbing for a coat. April 6, 2014
why 36", when elfa rods are 24" I have purchase these covers for my closet which is outfitted with the Elfa system. But how does one make a 36" cover fit a 24" Elfa rod. Surely The Container Store sells enough Elfa that you could get someone to make a 24" rod cover!!! February 9, 2014
Great! Excellent! They keep the dust off of my clothing and are easy to wipe off. February 3, 2014
kmoo Very nice to keep dust off extra off season clothes. Easy to keep clean too! October 14, 2013
Good Product I do like these covers. The design could use improvement. Lightweight zippers on the front and ends would be great! I am using clips on the front to keep the front pieces together. September 29, 2013
INEXPENSIVE & DOES THE JOB! Title says it all. Great product! I own 6 of them. June 13, 2013
Good We have an elfa closet system. Due to the spacing of the supports you can't fully stretch this cover out to its full length and that forces you to purchase more. East to install just drape over and tie to the rod. May 5, 2013
Ok for clothes not used much A bit flimsy though but good to keep the dust lines off of shoulders of items not worn much. But difficult to use with commonly worn items. But a great idea. April 5, 2013
Perfect Solution! This is the best solution on the market right now for keep clothes free from dust while making it easy to get the clothing in and out on a daily basis. I use it to cover my suits, and it is working perfectly. The only improvement I have noticed is that it could use a fastener of some sort or have more material that overlaps so that the flaps in the middle don't allow the huge gap to occur. March 17, 2013
No PVC! I had been looking for something like this for years. Does not contain harmful PVC. I was using individual shoulder covers but found that they made it a pain to put certain clothes, like turtlenecks, back on the hanger--I had to remove the shoulder cover to hang the item, then replace it. This product makes it faster to hang up clothes. Great product. February 21, 2013
Great item! I really like these covers for clothes that aren't worn often... keeps the shoulders from collecting dust. They are easy to put over the rod and the clothing. Only thing I would add is a way to fasten (or tie) the center front together to avoid a gap which can lead to some dust getting under the cover. August 6, 2012
great idea! I had several individual covers for clothing, but this is great to cover a lot of suits, dresses, etc. I am really pleased with this product. May 6, 2012
excellent product excellent product. a perfect fit for the intended application. February 19, 2012
Covered hanging This cover works great to keep the dust off the clothes we store in the basement. Covering the top portion of the clothes gives them full air circulation without a plastic smell. May 20, 2011
Love Love Love These!!!! My closet is off the bathroom and always had a problem with dust on our clothes until I bought these several years ago. It is much easier to wipe these off with a damp cloth or vacuum them then washing your clothes, or even worse, spending good money for dry cleaning unnecessarily. I always keep extras because sometimes we get careless and poke a hangar through them or I just want to refresh the closet. Highly recommend! March 12, 2011
Lots and Lots You can cover a lot of clothes with this! In the picture it looks like you can only cover a few but i actually covered at least 7 hoodies, 5 caridgans, 10 Dresses, and 3 blazers! that's a lot of clothes! =] March 3, 2010
Brilliant Product not just for "long term" or seasonal storage...I will keep this in my regular closet. It's frustrating to find dust/dog hair that settles on dark suits and sweaters...easy to maneuver clothes in and out February 18, 2010
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