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PEVA Shoulder Covers

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Dusty Shoulders be gone!
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Received my new PEVA dust covers and installed them immediatley! They are flexible enough to put at least two ladies dresses under one cover. Men's suits are one each. Because of the infrequency of dress occassions these will keep our clothes fresh and clean for a very long time. A+++

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No more dust in your shoulders! If you live in a place where there is lot of dust, polen or something similar... this is the best thing you can buy to protect the shoulders of your jackets and suits... You spend a lot of money taking your clothes to the dry cleanind and after a week or two the shoulders of the suit you want to wear are dusty... if you cover them with this... it will be just ready to wear!. Highly recommend it! May 2, 2014
Will do the job... The covers will keep the dust off clothes. However, I purchased them for my husband's suits. He wears a men's medium and the covers are not broad enough; they wrinkle the sleeves even if they are folded over to lay in front of the suit. April 8, 2014
Dust-free Shoulders I started using these covers for suit jackets and have expanded to include clothing items that I what to keep dust-free along the hanger line. April 6, 2014
Good purchase Keeps the dust off clothes. Will be buying more in the future. March 4, 2014
Amazing Product Love these to keep shoulders clean on coats during the season February 25, 2014
Does the Job I have a walk-in closet and my white shirts were getting a little dusty on the shoulders. I was using the paper covers from the dry cleaners, but they're kind of tacky. With these plastic covers on sale, I bought a few sets to replace the paper, and also cover shirts that I don't wear often. I like that they're see thru. I can easily cover three tops using one cover. The only thing I'm concerned about is the slit at the top where the hangers pass through. It's kind of hard to get the hangers through, like threading a needle. And, with taking hangers in and out as I wear the clothes and then put them back, I wonder if the slit will hold up over time. I also wonder if the clear plastic will stay crispy clear or if it will dull and yellow over time. I will report back if they end up turning yucky. As for now, they're brand new and I'm happy with them. April 26, 2013
Good Product Tried to cover more than one my husband's coats / suit but that didn't work they ended up being squished together... so just keep in mind you will need one for each item. Good thing is the package comes with 3. Only con I would say is that it takes extra time to get the garment out - but shouldn't be a problem if you use it for clothes you don't wear very often. Good product I would highly recommend especially to control the dust on those items you don't regularly wear. April 14, 2013
Save a Bundle! These covers really shield your out of season or seldom worn clothes in your clothes. No more brushing shoulders at the last minute before you step out. Real protection but you can still see what you have in your wardrobe. March 25, 2013
Great quality I purchased the Shoulder Covers as replacements for old ones in my closet. The weight of the plastic, the assembly, etc, is top quality. These should last many, many years and I am very pleased with my purchase. March 18, 2013
Useful for men's suit jackets These are good for covering men's suit jackets, especially those worn frequently. They might be a bit large for women's clothing, especially if you are wearing petite sizes. February 7, 2013
Great for little-worn clothing! I'm using this on my husband's tux and suit and for some of my dressy clothing. We usually wear these only a few times a year so these help to keep the dust off. The clothing breathes better without the full dry cleaning plastic bags containing all of the chemicals. November 5, 2012
Fabulous Dust Cover These shoulder covers have made all the difference to my professional appearance. I have a large dressing closet/small room in which I hang all of my clothing. I was noticing that the shoulders were getting covered with dust on my suit jackets. Not a good thing! Now, with my shoulder covers, everything looks fresh and ready to go! I have a system of taking my jacket off the hanger, leaving the shoulder cover on the hanger. Later in the day, I place my jacket back on that same hanger and under the cover. I'm thrilled! May 6, 2012
keepts the dust off suits you rarely wear great way to keep those rarely worn items clean; eliminates line of dust on the shoulders when you pull out that suit that hasn't been worn in a year. April 20, 2012
Made to last An additional situation that is solved by these covers is abrasion caused by material rubbing against the closet walls. I found that several of my suede and corduroy jackets were starting to show marks at the shoulders from rubbing against the closet wall. My entire house is done in that "orange peel" finish, so the walls all have that texture. I'm sure it would do the same on other plush materials such as velvet or cashmere. I've bought cheaper brands of shoulder covers before but they tend to get brittle with age and are not as sturdy. I've had some of these for over 3 years and they've withstood attic temperatures. March 23, 2011
Keep the dust away! We've been doing a bit of renovation in the house and somehow dust has gotten into the deep inner recesses of our closets. We both have velvet jackets, cashmere jackets, tuxedo and other dress garments, and needed to protect them from the dust. We also wanted to protect ourselves from the costs of dry cleaning. We dusted everything off and put these shoulder covers on. So far, so good. February 14, 2011
Dusty Shoulders be gone! Received my new PEVA dust covers and installed them immediatley! They are flexible enough to put at least two ladies dresses under one cover. Men's suits are one each. Because of the infrequency of dress occassions these will keep our clothes fresh and clean for a very long time. A+++ December 8, 2010
Very Good Accessibility Very thick, supple plastic with no "out gassing". It hold 2 of my 2 piece suits. The slit for the hanger's neck is very close fitting to avoid dust collecting on my outfits. May 22, 2010
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