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Black Huggable Hangers®

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Problem Solved!
5 out of 5

This may sound like a strange review for an unusual problem, but I don't care. Have you ever struggled to find a solution for a crazy problem you deal with every day? When you find a solution you just want to tell everyone. That's what this is about for me. I have circulation problems in one leg and have to wear expensive compression...

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Good space savers, hard to use
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These hangers are good for a closet makeover, and they do keep the clothes in place, but the velvety texture is difficult to work with as the clothes stick to it a bit and its hard to get them to hang right. Most of the time I end up putting the hanger up through the bottom of the shirt, but this is time consuming.

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Huggable Hangers The huggable hangers are the best on the market. You can find others in the marketplace that are similar but these quality hangers are stronger and made better than the other ones. I have two large closets and I switched over to these quite some time ago. They are sturdy and I hang my jeans to my dresses on these attractive black hangers. I love the slimness of the hangers and the way it looks good in my closet. I keep buying more hangers as I acquire new clothes May 5, 2014
Creates so much space in my closet! I absolutely love these hangers--they created so much space in my closet! Although, I really like how the shirt hangers look more than the suit hangers. In my opinion, the shirt hangers made my closet look as if it didn't actually have as much hangers in it as it actually did (I have about 80-90 hangers in there) compared to the suit hangers. Perhaps, that's due to not having the lower bars. Plus, the shirt hangers match with the heavy coat hangers I purchased! September 3, 2014
Wanted these for year! Finally had the opportunity to change out every hanger in my closet to the Huggables! They are the best hangers and are sturdy enough to hold the heaviest of suits. They make my closet look like a boutique. Just love the way it makes the room look a lot more organized. August 28, 2014
Huggable-It's in the name Clothes stick to these hangers and don't slide onto the hanger easily. I spent too much time adjusting the clothing on these hangers to make the space saving feature worth it. I have used the basic tubular hangers from The Container Store since 1993. I bought these Huggable hangers for my college bound son because closet space is at a premium. I thought I would love them but found the coating on these hangers to be problematic. Halfway through helping my son unpack I was kicking myself for trying something new. These hangers also hold moisture so they are not a good option if you hang dry clothing. August 26, 2014
Love these hangers! Reasonably priced. I like the 'clips' that allow several hangers to be linked together vertically, creating more space. I've used these before, so I bought the 'value size' box of hangers. Just be careful not to load too much onto the hanger....the metal hook will come out. August 4, 2014
WORK GREAT These work just like the description states they do. Very happy with my purchase. I went back and bought more. July 23, 2014
I Keep Buying More These hangers are fantastic because they keep clothes from sliding off and they allow more room in your closet. They fit nicely up against each other and are sturdy enough for multiple pieces on one hanger. One of the best purchases I have bought from the Container Store. June 22, 2014
huggable hangers Amazing design. The slim profile allows for many to be stacked and saves a lot of closet space. The ones with the full loop allows for skirts and pants to be hanged across the bar, and you can even hang more hangers at each corner or at the base of the metal hook, allowing for vertical stacking as well!!! Very sturdy. May 4, 2014
Best hangers ever! I love these hangers. They've made my closet so neat and organized. My clothes are never on the floor now! May 1, 2014
Best hangers ever!!!!! I love these hangers. I am so tired of always finding my clothing on the floor because it slips off the hangers. Since I purchased these hangers that has not happened. April 29, 2014
Best Closet Addition I love these hangers. I bought them to replace some round tubular hangers because my clothes kept falling off onto the floor. These are awesome about holding my clothes on and they take up less space in the closet. As I continue to go through my clothes, I plan on switching out all the hangers for these. I love them. Thanks!! April 27, 2014
Hangers Finally! My clothes no longer slip and slide off hangers. With these wonderful hangers, my clothes stay exactly where I place them How fabulous! And the fabric the hangers are made of are gentle on clothes, no snagging, no pulling, no shoulder marks, Fabulous! April 27, 2014
My favorite hangers! I have dozens of these hangers in multiple colors and they are wonderful! They are completely nonslip and the additional clips are great for skirts, etc. I use them for everything and I absolutely LOVE them! April 26, 2014
huggable hangars great for space saving room in closets. Keep clothes from sliding around. April 26, 2014
Great product These hangers are space savers as advertised. But their best feature is the way they keep straps and wide necked items from sliding off. And they do it without stretching the item or leaving any funny lumps like clips often do. Well worth the money. April 26, 2014
Replacing all of my old hangers with these I tried the huggable hangers from the Container Store last year and I like them so much that I am replacing all of my old hangers with them. I do not have the luxurious walk-in closet, but I do buy nice quality clothing that I want to preserve and keep nice. These hangers are what I need to prevent my clothes from snagging and falling off the hanger. Plus I have at least 1/3 more closet space by using huggable hangers. I love them and have told everyone who will listen. Over the past year I have almost replaced all of my old hangers with the huggable hangers and I will continue to purchase them until all of my old hangers have been replaced. I even purchased the kids huggable hangers for my two granddaughters ages 2 and 7. April 25, 2014
wonderful product These hangers are wonderful for T shirts, light sweaters and blouses. They maintain the shoulders of your garment without stretching out. April 25, 2014
So much more space in my closet! I love these hangers. I have way too many clothes, and as a result I had to get rid of my wooden hangers (which I loved) and restart my closet with these, which provide so much more space. I officially have too many clothes (bought 200 of these hangers and am already out), but making clothes fit in my closet is so much easier now! April 25, 2014
Working Girl Minus the Shoulder Pad Bumps These hangers are awesome. Finally I look like a professional not Melanie Griffith from the 80s! These hangars keep your shirts hanging nice with no shoulder bumps. Love them! April 25, 2014
Reduced my closet by about 2/3rds I was a bit skeptical when my husband bought these. I spent a long time convincing him to go from wire hangers to wooden hangers. I was worried about indents in my clothes and them just sliding off anyway (like they do with the birch ones) but I was shocked when they worked...perfectly. My smooth dresses stayed put, my slinky blouses didn't move and my clothes stayed ON the hangers. A complete success. AND I wound up saving so much space! I love these hangers and I am very glad he brought them home, now I have an excuse to by more clothing! ;) April 25, 2014
The value pack of the huggable hangers is a great deal. Great product - my closet has more space and is so much more organized! April 25, 2014
Love, Love these hangers I replaced all my metal hangers with the black nonslip hangers. My closet looks neater and my clothing stays on the hanger. April 25, 2014
Great Hangers I've been using these hangers for years. They are durable and sturdy. They hold slippery garments especially well, but are not overly "sticky." I rely on them to air-dry blouses, etc. Great product! April 15, 2014
My Pretty Closet My closet needed a makeover. First, I tried on all the clothes for proper fit and style. Then, all white tops were arranged from short to long sleeve on the top shelf. Then, black tops were arranged the same on the right side. On the shelf underneath, I placed pants, starting with black, white, then colors. Next, skirts were placed on the right side, black, white and colors. On the long bar to the right, all of my other tops were placed with like styles, colors and sleeve lengths. Colorful purses were placed on the top of the shelf. It was fun to see how pretty it turned out. My husband liked it so much, he wanted his side of the closet done. I used the same method with the blacks and whites and placed suits, pants and shirts, accordingly. On the top shelf, I folded jeans, shorts and topped off with his hat collection, for color. April 8, 2014
Great hangers... I purchased the "shirt" version of these hangers. The material on the hangers does a great job of holding on to my shirts - keeping them on the rod and not on the floor. I found the compact size the be helpful, too. April 2, 2014
Organized and beautiful! These hangers are wonderful! Aside from them being non-slip and velvety and attractive, they make your closet look so clean! It saves a lot of space, also. Each hanger lays next to the other hanger perfectly and neatly so your closet is not in chaos! I must say that these hangers are perfect plus, they are not too expensive. Great buy for sure. I will be replacing ALL of my other hangers with these. March 27, 2014
Perfect solution! These hangers are a great option for protecting my delicate fabric blouses, dresses and yet very sturdy in order to support slacks and wraps. March 26, 2014
Closet Transformation Love these! Replacing all my plastic hangers with these has transformed my closet in both look and function. I no longer have clothing slipping off the hangers and getting stuck on other hangers. I also like that my closet looks as if it had a mini make-over due to the extra space and uniform look the hangers give. March 24, 2014
I love these hangers! These hangers are perfect for wide necked items. They make sure your clothing stays put instead of sliding to the floor. I also like them to ensure that my husbands shirts do not get hanger marks in the shoulders of his work shirts. I can position the end of the hanger at the end of the shirt shoulders and it stays put - no more hanger bumps! I bought 3 packs of 10! March 24, 2014
Love these hangers! These hangers are great. I easily have over 100 of them. They fit great in my closest allowing for me to hang so many clothes. March 20, 2014
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